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Project WOOZ

An oldie, but goodie :) One of my first pics used to experiment with photoshop coloring! Created for my Concept Art Club at the Art Institute.

Hand-drawn, inked, then photoshop

Time: 9hrs
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I love her outfit.
Interesting... I like the train engine motiff of the Tinman's design, as well as the Greco-Roman adventuress costume of Dorothy -- ruby slippers/silver shoes as Mercury's sandals is certainly different.

Two questions: what was your thought pattern re: Scarecrow's redesign, and what does WOOZ stand for?
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For the Scarecrow, I was going for a sophisticated butler motif, but I may have gotten a little carried away with the hay/facial hair look. I wanted to make him look just a bit intimidating, yet refined. "WOOZ" is just "Wizard of OZ", but employing the whole word OZ instead of just the "O". Thinking back on it, "WoOZ" might have made it a bit clearer.
Scarecrow-as-butler sounds interesting. Recently found out online that Jon Pertwee, one of the actors who played DR. WHO, later did a TV adaptation of some old English children's story series about a living scarecrow. Gives one an intresting idea -- the one who wants a brain as a brilliant-but-befuddled absent-minded professor type, eh?
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Nice twist on the world of Oz.
Wow, for once I love the Scarecrow in a reimage of the Core Four of Oz.

Tin Man's design is good too!
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^^ still one of my favorites
I can see why!

Any back story to how this came to be, or why the characters are how they appear?
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it was a project at school to redesign the WoOZ cast into a steampunk theme.
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Always interesting to see alternative takes on well-established characters, this is a dam fine job sir.
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my first pic i ever colored using photoshop too :)
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This is one of the greatest pictures i've seen!
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by the way what art institute do you attend?

i go to the art institute of santa monica=)
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san diego here
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I've got to say, that Scarecrow really catches my eye
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I've been having the biggest bit of WoO for like, three weeks here, and then you go and post something like this!
Albeit, in my version, it's not a scarecrow, but a SCARED CROW, a brainless anthro lioness, a heartless anthro wolf, and a war droid in an existential crisis…
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Oh, let's not forget the Tigris, an nearly extinct tiger people, and the Ursuso, a thought to be extinct bear people…
…a a realm of existence where 100 years could pass and only a day would go by in our reality…
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