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HI all. Just a brief update on everything health-related. For the past 4 weeks now, I have been seeing a chiropractor, and working out the "kinks". The process is slow, and it requires a lot of life-style changes if I am to ever get close to "normal". There's so much damage I'll never get back to stage one (normal, healthy spine), but I'm teetering so close to stage 3 that I can only hope to get back to the beginnings of stage 2 :/ Here's where some bad news comes in: even if I can somehow manage to change enough of my lifestyle now to correct my spine, going back to how I used to work will only land me BACK in therapy. The accident was the catalyst, but my crazy work schedule ensured/ensures the continued degradation. So while I'm recovering, I'm going to have to find a way to re-orient my schedule so I can do the least amount of damage when I'm ready to get back into a "full" week. Because unfortunately, I do still need to work. If I'm not doing art, I'll be degrading my back
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So, the update thus far: I've been seeing a chiropractor regarding my back issues. My x-rays show that my spine (all the way up to my neck) is really damaged from a car accident over a decade ago that my body has been trying to "fix" since. My 40-70 hour work weeks over the last 9 or so years didn't seem to help the situation, either, and in many ways only aggravated it. I will be continuing treatments every week for the next few months and see how this recovery is going, and won't know about the future of the site until then. Beginning next week the update slowdown begins, and updates will be Tuesday/Thursday/Saturday (Expanse) for a minimum of 2 months, but the official end date is not currently set. My personal goal right now is just heal. The Pin-Up Gallery will be on hold until further notice, and we apologize to those who wanted that rotation to continue. If you are thinking about signing up for a sub during this time, please be aware of the changed schedule and reduced
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...problems. I'm having some back problems :/ Last week I was working in the garage, bringing down boxes of clothing (or what I thought was clothing) to change out the sizes of our growing baby's clothes. Short story short, I twisted something wrong, and had to lay down...for like a week. Work on the site was suspended last week. I saw a chiropractor, and I'm seeing one again next monday (15th) for a follow-up session. The pain is manageable now, and I'm getting back to work. These next two weeks will be themed weeks celebrating characters of color, and thankfully the pin-ups-only posts will give me further opportunities to heal. My wife and I are discussing what this could mean for the future of the site. AT the moment, after the themed weeks, we are looking into an alternate posting schedule. There's a vote going on the site right now to help us determine what that will look like. That being said, if you are thinking about signing up, just know that the current posting schedule
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Happy Easter! 🥚🥚🥚

Just wondering if you have a few points you could donate, please.

Is the Banana Galactic site working? It's saying that the site can't be reached and took too long to respond.

it's active now. I think it was down for maintenance today.

Hi i am having trouble with the expanda website tried to check plans but the button is not working can you fix this please?

Which plan, and what button exactly?

Also, just an FYI, the content is still being posted, but there will likely be a reduction in posts for next few weeks. So the schedule posted will not reflect what is being posted on the site.