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Russia x Reader His Smile
You were in the middle of class when a new kid stepped inside the room. He had white silverish hair with violet eyes and a smile was plastered on his face.
"Class, this is our new Student from Russia. His name is Ivan Braginski." You continue to watch him as he still keeps that somewhat innocent smile on his face. Your teacher looks around the room then landed his eyes on the empty desk behind you.
"You will sit behind _______." He said pointing to you. Ivan nods and walks over to the seat. He sits down never faltering his smile. You turn around in your desk.
"Hi, welcome to our school Ivan." You whisper to him. He looks at you with his deep violet eyes.
"Thank you ______. That is your name, da?" You dont know why but you blush lightly at him. You nod and he laughs lightly.
"So will you help me through the day _____?" He asked. You blink a couple of times and grin.
"Yeah!" His smile widens at your cheery attitude, and you blush again as you turned back to the teacher's lesson.
:iconnodokasfangirl:nodokasfangirl 53 33
Russia X Reader Strongest of Nations
There was a fight over who was the strongest nation between the allies. They made an awful lot of racket, they woke you up at eight o'clock in the freaking morning. You got up, walked down stairs you fuzzy white blanket still wrapped around you. You walked into the conference room noticed only by China and Russia (And Canada whom you smiled at). You walked over to the arguing allies and smashed France's head between England's and America's heads. As they gawking at you, you growled, "Do you know what time it is?'s eight o'fucking'clock in the god forsaking morning! Now if you ladies are done with your bitch fest, get your pretty little thongs out of a bunch and remember that if you wake me up so early in the damned morning I will beat all of you, " pointing at China,  Russia, and the translucent Canada as well, " till you look like squashed plums! Do you understand me!"
China cried, "What'd we do, aru?"
Russia mumbled, "We did not do anything to wake you up, even thoug
:iconace612:Ace612 244 47
Vampire!Russia X Goth!Reader REQUEST
Author's Note: Welp! This request was basically plotted by the requester herself, and I'm only here to do my best I can, so I hope I do a good job!
Being different means you're going to be hated. It means you can't express yourself if your way of thinking or speaking is heterodox. It means that you're a monster, the one that mothers warn their children to avoid. It means everyone treats you like you're disease-ridden, like you're the cause of the Black Plague.
No one wants to look at you because of how you dress or the words you say. They whisper behind your back, say the cruelest of things…and they call you a monster?
You call them hypocrites.
So, of course, they were all extremely happy the morning of your departure.
You open the blinds to all of them, staring at your house, wondering if it is legal to demolish your house before you've even left it.
You don't need to take much, just your clothing and a few, personal belongings. Your new house already comes with fur
:iconforeverbeforenight:foreverbeforenight 209 288
Vampire!ItalyxReader: Bloody Pasta
You glanced nervously to the left at your best friend, Kiku Honda. "A-Are you sure we're allowed in here?" You asked, stammering over the words. Your small body was shivering in fear of the ancient, decrepit mansion looming over the two you. You had a feeling somebody was watching you. A flash of lightning illuminated the dark, cloudy sky and a loud rumble of thunder quickly followed, making you squeak in terror.
"Hai. My friends Feliciano and Ludwig live here." Kiku replied calmly, completely unfazed by the eerie creaking of the rotting wooden window shutters.
"K-Kiku, how can anybody live in that? It looks like the doorway to hell." You remarked with chattering teeth as the heavenly powers above decided to bless you with a sudden massive downpour.
"We will be dry inside. It's not so bad." Kiku answered, opening the rusted black iron gate that screeched in protest. He started down the pathway of rubble that led to the broken down mansion's ancient steel doors. You followed him nervous
:iconfearlesslullaby:FearlessLullaby 321 180
Reader x Viking!Norway - Love in the Past
Reader x Viking!Norway - Love in the Past
Note: Here is the unknown i was working on.  Got writer's block on Switzerland, so I did this one.  Don't worry though, Switzerland is 1/2 done.  Also Viking!Norway might be a little OOC since im not too fond of this version of him.  So I apologize in advance.
“Vell (Name)?  Vhat do you vant to do?”
And how were you supposed to decide this?  You didn’t even know what to do at the moment, let alone choose a random person, or rather country, to stay with.  You only knew how they acted from the anime, not real life.  You couldn’t trust them fully, but right now they were your only means of getting back home.  Internally sighing in defeat, you foced yourself to look at the individual countries that sat aro
:iconnightsevera:Nightsevera 320 39
Bringing him Home. Bruce Banner x (teen!) reader
"Lord, give me patience or an untraceable handgun," you murmured softly.
"Magpie, we're moving in. Minus thirty seconds and counting," crackled the feminine voice through your coms.
"Standing by, Agent Hill," you mumbled, forcing yourself to relax your tensed muscles. "On your mark."
You crouched lower behind the weathered pile of fishing crates, repressing the overwhelming urge to gag. You hadn't thought that Guatamaula could get much worse than the dingy hotel you had shacked up in upon arriving in the remote seaside town, but you had recently been learning that the moment you assumed it couldn't get worse, it did.
"Magpie, are you ready?" Echoed a much deeper voice.
You craned your head around an old net-covered crate, checking on the dealers one last time. "Whenever you are, Sir."
"Good. Remember, Hydra agents don't usually make deals with local thugs,  so they must be trying to rid themselves of something."
"Our intel is sketchy, but we know that they have a dangerous weapon
:iconevilvillanfangirl:evilvillanfangirl 40 2
Do you like science? Bruce Banner x (child!)reader
You sighed wistfully as gazed out of the wide bay window.
Your eyes glanced downwards once more to glimpse the source of your irritation: your fifth grade science book. Although you claimed science was your favorite subject, this particular chapter greatly confused you. Sighing once more, you gave up attempting to focus and silently watched the crowd of various people passing by Stark tower so far below you.
Your thoughts ran wild, gradually drifting back to the first time you entered this tower- and met it's odd team of superhero occupants. You had been at the local playground with your older sister, laughing and screaming as you ran from her oh-so-threatening hands, egging her on all the while. You could still remember the way her frustrated smile turned into sudden panic when hundreds of strange looking alians came flying out of the bright blue sky.
They were everywhere, pouring out of a gaping black wormhole in the sky, riding what appeared to be...flying jet skis?
Your sister had
:iconevilvillanfangirl:evilvillanfangirl 46 9
Dog!Germany x Reader Part 2
Hey, I really hate the new DA submission page so I uploaded the next part here, hope you enjoy- AnimeLover3801
You were peacefully sleeping in your bed, last night you'd been sitting by your computer and now you were really tired. Too bad for you that Ludwig wouldn't let you sleep the whole day as you wished, he needed his daily walks. Ludwig walked up to your bed and licked your face in an attempt to wake you up. You shifted and pulled the covers over your head.
"I'm tired Ludwig.." You groaned.
But that didn't stop Ludwig, he went to the edge of the bed and pulled of your covers and revealed you in your (f/c) pajamas and messy (h/l) (h/c) hair. Ludwig then jumped up in your bed and pulled your (h/c) hair.
"Okay, okay! I'm up!"  You said and sat up in bed. You checked the clock and saw it was only 7.30 AM. You went to your wardrobe and picked out a (f/c) t-shirt with a pair of matching (2nd f/c) shorts.
After breakfast you grabbed Ludwig's leash and fastened to his collar. You pu
:iconanimelover3801:AnimeLover3801 626 344
Dog!Germany x Reader
Your (e/c) eyes wandered around the pet store filled with excitement. Today was the day you were going to buy your own pet. Lately after your parents death you started to feel lonely so here you where, wondering what kind of animal you should get to keep you company.
You walked around for what felt like hours until something caught your eye. You went closer and noticed it was a brown and black german shepard. You stretched out your hand to pat his head, it was really soft.
"You like him?"You turned and saw your friend Elisabeta standing there with a smile.
"Hi Liz, when did you get here?" You asked.
"I just came, I work part- time here." Liz answered.
"So you want Ludwig? He seems to like you" Liz asked.
You took a look at Ludwig, could you really take care of him? What you had heard a dog needed much attention and love, could you offer that?
"Yeah, I'll buy him" You said. You paid for Ludwig and got out from the store.
"Listen now Ludwig, you gonna have to do what I say okay?" You sai
:iconanimelover3801:AnimeLover3801 1,237 277
Of Dogs and Love [Germany x Shy!Reader]
~Reader's POV~
You were taking the usual way home, walking slowly to ensure that you wouldn't be attracting too much attention to yourself.
It was a nice spring day, the grass bending over from the weight of the wind forcing then down, the flowers looked especially radiant, and you could see children in the neighborhood running around playing.
The sound of barking attracts your attention immediately as you stop your trudging. To your left, a big Doberman was staring at you, baring its fangs.
Instead of scurrying away like any other person might have, you crouched down, hugging your legs. It continued to growl.
"Hello there," you greeted him, smiling to show that you weren't going to hurt him.
The dog hesitated, giving you a inquiring look.
You offered him your hand and he sniffed the palm of your hand before nuzzling into it.
You broke into a rarely seen smile and pet your newfound doggie friend. He seemed to like you, and it made you feel very happy inside.
"Berlitz? Vhere are you?"
:iconcross-angel-chan:Cross-Angel-Chan 814 290
Germany x Sick! Wolf! Pet! Reader
                    Germany knew there was something wrong with her the moment he saw her this morning. When she padded into the kitchen, her movements were loose and shaky and slow. Definitely not his girl. She was acting as if she wanted him, but she would whine and back away from him.
            Currently, he was calling his older brother to his house to check her out. ''Do you know how early it is?'' ''Yes, but it's an emergency.'' ''What do you mean?'' he yawned. ''I mean that ______ is sick.''
                     ''Look, if it's like last time, she will get over it-'' ''It's not like last time. She won't eat, she won't stay in one spot, and she can't keep down
:icongreeneyedokami:GreenEyedOkami 332 71
Glad I Kept Her [Germany x Puppy!Reader] Sequel
    You were now a few months older since your kind master Ludwig had taken you in. Some of his friends you liked, like the bubbly Italian Feli and the quiet Japanese man Kiku, and then there were some you didn't like, like the obnoxious Prussian man and his French and Spanish friends. You always nipped at them because they teased you with treats. Ludwig always yelled at them and patted your head, giving you a little milk bone and such.
    Now, you wrestled with Berlitz in the backyard, with Blackie and Aster napping in the shade. You and the German Shepherd were quite the active duo, since he acted like a puppy and you technically still were. Your nails were a bit sharper, your canines thicker, and you were overall bigger than the first time you met the blonde. Ludwig gave you a good home. He loved you, just as you loved him.
    The sliding glass door opened just as you were pinned. You barked at the heavy Shepherd atop you, and Blackie a
:iconhusky-bear:Husky-Bear 343 67
I'll Keep Her [Germany x Puppy!Reader]
    You trotted along the sidewalk, a large German Shepherd at your side. The dog's dog tags jingled as he walked, his collar colored like the German flag. Your bushy tail wagged half-heartedly as you looked around, your pointed ears twitching at every sound.
    You were a little stray dog, and the German Shepherd had forced you to follow him after he'd came out of nowhere. He was much bigger than you, and you were cold and hungry. So, you followed him willingly.
    You had no idea where he was leading you, but you didn't mind. You waddled behind the bigger dog, occasionally trotting to keep up with his quick pace, even though all the Shepherd was doing was walking. He didn't seem to be mean, he didn't bite or nip at you.
    Finally, you two rounded a corner and you watched as a blonde man ran around wildly, a Golden Retriever and a Doberman Pinscher following his movements. The German Shepherd barked, and all attentio
:iconhusky-bear:Husky-Bear 399 54
2p England x Puppy!Reader *Request*
2p!EnglandxPuppy!Reader Request
The thunder roared, and raindrops fell as you laid huddled in the corner of a soaked cardboard box, trying to get warm. All of your brothers and sisters were adopted, making you feel left out. You wanted to be adopted into a loving family but you were easily rejected. Feeling left out and unwanted, you began whimpering with sorrow, not caring if anyone who passed by an alley way
Suddenly, there are footsteps entering the alleyway, where you are living. You stayed quiet, feeling scared that someone will try to hurt your for whimpering or what’s worse have his dogs chase you off their property. You kept quiet as the footsteps became louder and closer, til you hear them stop in front of the box you were in.
“Well hello there,” You heard a voice cooed, making your (Fur/color)ears perk up.
You looked up to see a man, with bright pink hair, and bright blue eyes, dressed in bright clothing, gently reaching out his hand in the box. You slowly b
:iconguardianarchangel:guardianarchangel 270 55
Bruce Wayne x Daughter!Reader Boyfriends
The brown-haired boy fidgeted in his seat under the heavy gaze of Mr. Wayne. The man was all smiles and laughs on the news and newspapers but suddenly reality hit the poor teen as he realized that it was all a facade. The true man behind the media's picture was scary and intimidating. He had no doubt that Mr. Wayne would make his life absolutely miserable if anything went wrong - and just the mere thought struck him with terror.
"So, Atticus was it?" Mr. Wayne asked politely but behind that small smile was something even more terrible. Atticus could feel it. 
"Uh... yeah... my parents were book geeks so..."
"Uh-huh." Mr. Wayne's fake beaming smile was so blinding that Atticus wanted to get out of the Wayne Manor's dining room before he died under Mr. Wayne's gaze. The man obviously had something against him and Atticus had a pretty good idea why. However, if he unnecessarily excused himself, who knew what the man would do to him? Strangle him? Have his food poison? Black-ma
:iconmarilsan:marilsan 148 15
BatFamily X Batmum!Reader ~ Thunderstorms
It had been no-stop raining in Gotham for the past three days (not surprising really.) and that had made going on patrol kind of difficult. Damian and Tim had slipped (multiple times) and hurt themselves, Jason had almost crashed his motorbike and Dick had almost fallen off a building more than once. Great right? You hadn't suffered such
:iconbeckaflame:BeckaFlame 241 15



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Everywhere you looked there was fighting, yelling, throwing of items , and just general chaos empowered the entire room.

That is till the enormous, sturdy, oak wood, doors were slammed open with less than need force by non other than the F.A.C.E family with a rather displeased and putt off looking (Y/N) in the middle of them.  Silence.  That's all there was now. That eerie, uncomfortable, unsettling and soffocsfing slirnce as everyone looked at the new face among the four older nations.

The stares practically burned her. They were like a thousand bees attacking her skin and causing goosebumps to form along the delicate flesh.

The first to move was of course Germany, or Liwdwig to humans.  He stood up from his seat, the draping of the chair echoing in the silence, and walked toward the girl till he was looming over her.  "Who are you?" He demanded, his expression composed, his voice a booming echo in the silence of the others.

A squeak exploded from your rose hued lips before a a shaky breath was drawn through them right afterwards. "(Y/)- (Y/N) o-or I-if y-you pre-prefer Rosalia. " was all you could utter before promptly passing out from anxiety and the sheer intending aura coming of the strict nation.

As England, or Arthur, caught you gasps were heard from the others and son everyone knew was yelling at the German man with accusing words and stares.

As this was going on one raven haired male stared at the unconscious form of the (h/c) female in what seemed like trance. He was enraptured by the beauty he saw and the shy nature of the girl despite just now seeing her. He continued to day dream while chaos ensued around him. He had a feeling he the young nation would become great friends. Or maybe more?
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