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Shock, Stock And Showtime~!
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Contest:A Noise That Stirs The Fear of Something


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Contest:A Noise That Stirs The Fear of Something


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My Inside Out:An Exaggeration of The Psyche In Me


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ZX 4:Rising Star, Falling Fire, Cosmic Thunder~!

Sonic Mobian

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CE:Forezark The Protector Of The Obscured Groves

PKMN, FUSEMon, Fakemon

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FUSE-Corp Announcement: Mega News and Mighty Gifts

"Hello everyone! This is just a reminder to all of you incase you never got the update. I created Mega Meitoxeas; a creature of great potential, a truly unlimited miracle that is a sheer triumph and a welcome addition to the family; I'm getting off point here but it's just to remind you, all of you at FUSE-Corp that you will notice your stores have been filled up with 2 samples of DNA from every single Pokémon recorded as well as a one time use Mega Formula Recipe to, put it simply......Mega Evolve any one sample combination into a Mega FUSEmon of tremendous possibility, whether the Pokémon used can Mega Evolve or not the impossibl


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