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Red Pearl: The Tempting Choice, The Terrible Fate

Character  Red Pearl… for my rendition and the original adopted piece by :iconmuffyandninjakitty:


Gem: Red Pearl

Identification: She/Her

Nicknames: Red, Smasher, Power Pearl, Miss Murder, The Shatter Queen/Empress

Gem Placement: Forehead. Hair encircles it like ivy.

Height: 5'11

Gem Space: {The space within the gemstone} A daunting maze of chasms with a spire at its center. Whatever bits of land aren't riddled with cracks and pits, are engulfed in flames. 

Alliance: Herself (Red Pearl is a Gem that seeks to eradicate The Diamond Authority, with an army, all under her command).


-Can generate on her hardlight skin, an effect that causes a severe irritating reaction on organic lifeforms but for Gems, it corrodes, scuffs and weakens their Gemstones, making them more susceptible to shattering.

-Cannot create hardlight hologram clones but she is able create hardlight barriers as well as hardlight limbs (Extra arms, extra heads, all manner of limbs upon herself).


-(Past as a Slave) A dutiful Gem, a servant to the radiance and rarity that is Poudretteite; Red Pearl was a quiet and efficient assistant to her mistress but when anything went wrong, Poudretteite never hesitated to backhand Red, knock her senseless and leave her looking worse for wear; she never poofed her nor struck at her gem, because finding a new servant would be an exhausting ordeal this proud and rare Gem did not want to go through. For all intents and purposes, Red Pearl has just been a default minded Pearl but without any manner of positivity or self-expression.

-(Past as a Shatterer) The abuse, the suffering, the torment and berating remarks; one Gem could only handle so much but for Red, when she finally snapped, that is when her personality, her true self, really came to the front. Very reactionary, looking harried and as jumpy as a cornered animal, the only thing she knew was to run, to get away from it all and find a place to absorb the full magnitude of what she had done. The feeling of freedom, of shattering someone who put her down for so long, it was liberating, it was messy but it was the first time she felt, like an individual, who would soon grow into a very different kind of Gem in personality, than that of her former mistress.

-(Present ) Red Pearl flirts with danger and eagerly conducts all manner of operations with a certain flourish, that is firm, domineering but with a touch of dramatics. All the hurt, has been transformed into an inferno that is tamed, and coordinated; her mannerism is like that of a cocky predator, toying with her prey and giving them plenty of chance to fight or to run, but in the end, she always strives to get what she wants, by any means necessary. Even in defeat, Red wears a smile that belies a lot of desire, hate and intense impulses to dominate, but never to oppress. A Manipulator that plays the long game, but so loves to tempt others to fall into her line of thinking. Very driven and passionate. 

History: Red Pearl was created like any other Pearl; to be a functional and "pretty" slave, her lot in life that would be a tedious, torturous affair of torment.
Day in and day out, she served her mistress without a word and did her duties quite well; though through no fault of her own, whenever Poudretteite was in a not so pleasant mood, or simply obeyed a whim, she struck at Red, treating her as less of a living being, and more as a toy that could be beaten senseless without ever breaking, effectively using her as a stress relieving device or for general amusement.

Such heinous treatment could not go on indefinitely. She might have been a Pearl, but when she found her voice, when she had grasped at the strength to turn the tables on Poudretteite, it came suddenly and without warning; the rare, uppercrust couldn't believe, in her last few moments, that a pathetic, weak and stoogey Gem, would be capable of doing this. Her Pearl had struck at her gem, letting it splinter and crack, wanting to savour the expression on Poudretteite's face, as she drove her hand through the gemstone, soon losing herself into a mad fit of frenzied rage, completely pulverising the shards into dust, leaving nothing when she was done.

The Pearl ran, and it wasn't long before her act was discovered. The Diamonds were only alerted to it, after pursuing forces were subsequently shattered, with their remains being found by the subordinates of those gems, who wanted to keep this quiet, though once it became clear this rogue Gem was a menace who had every intention of causing more disruption, The Diamond Authority ordered this Pearl's execution. Red, after escaping from any and all pursuit, took the time to process what she did; the feeling she experienced was akin to shedding an old, uncomfortable shell, being given room to grow and craft an even greater shell, to suit her needs.

Red had indeed escaped from her past, and with it, that broken shell of who she was. The possibilities that loomed before her were grand and certainly nothing short of total and utter domination. It was not long, after evading the reach of Homeworld, that she contemplated what purpose, would be fitting for one as liberated and assured as her.

The thought came to her, when she was breaking apart a couple of higher ranked Gems, several leagues below The Diamonds; for when she saw their Pearls it was fate, reaching out to them, to offer them a new life, a new purpose, on where they would be fairly treated, under her rule.

They resisted and she had to go as far as poofing them; Red's thinking gradually came to the conclusion that it was much harder to change a Gem's ways if the programming given to them when first forming, was too ingrained to overwrite, so she did the only logical thing she could, which was to poof Pearls and contain them within stasis fields. She eventually found her way into a Weapons Depot, for The Empire. It was there she found the secret to her conquest and to the revolution to turn The Gem Empire into something more, fair and just, as long as she stood at the pinaccle of it all.

A Rejuvenator, which has since been modified into an even more dastardly tool. With this in hand, she soon had a growing harem of Pearls under her command, but through her misadventures she had managed to put together a crew, some willing, some unwilling but still themselves, and a lot that are there, solely because of Red using that weapon.

Red Pearl found that there were others, rebelling against The Diamond Authority, for quite some time. The Crystal Gem Uprising on a lowly but fruitful planet called Earth, which was rumored to have been wiped out of all Gem life. What made her hesitate, from trying to pillage from that planet, was the remaining Crystal Gems that remained, including the one rumoured to have slain a Diamond and in such a way that left shattered remains. There was also the meeting between her and the only one she'd dare to call an equal, in the upper atmosphere of the planet, Dark Lightning Opal was the name of the Gem, above all else, that she had, developed a curious longing for.

A Pearl leading such a life as this was strange, but what this gem found even stranger, was an Opal, actively rebelling against Homeworld and doing more damage, than anything else, who refused to work with The Crystal Gems or this motley crew that she had "meticulously" assembled. Red and Opal have different ideologies and morals, yet despite these differences, despite the threats and the rashness with which Opal is quick to employ, to chase Red away from Earth, an immense desire, to have this gem, this blue storm of reckless, emotional power, by her side, as an equal, as a truly loyal partner, in the continual process of eradicating the current era of Homeworld, only grows stronger, each passing day.

Red Pearl's grip on reality is questionable at best, but her actions, are all played out and thought through, for the most part. A Gem, building a harem and an army, who is suddenly being stopped and repelled at every turn, by a single gem and her friends.

Since the start of ERA 3, Red has been at odds with her current objective, and maintaining some kind of hold on those who remain in her crew. 


-Red Rejuvenator: Functioning much like a regular Rejuvenator, with the addition of modifications that creates a red light of panic and fear as a room covering a.o.e , that actively puts Gems on edge, prone to trigger their flight or fight responses, making them prone to make a mistake soon enough, to be caught in the reach of this bladed tool. 

-Sword Gauntlet: Red Pearl's own personal weapon;  it's been actively enhanced to dangerous levels, making it more likely to explode from time to time, but with this disabling of the limiter, it makes any Gem struck by it, be inflicted with a virus, that causes their hardlight body to become a literal ticking time bomb, but the main effect, is that until they are poofed a few times to rid themselves of the virus, it will shuffle through a few different, unnaturally heightened emotions; Infatuation, Rage, Fear, all things that can cloud individual judgement and make rash decisions, coupled with the fact their forms do start to work against them, destabilizing more and more gradually, which actively adds pain on top of things.  

-The Ebony Shard: A ship with the sole purpose of abducting victims and making a quick getaway. The tractor beams on this sharp, bleak vehicle, have a variety of different settings, making it difficult to escape or fight back. 

Dance Style: Aggressive, Power Moves, Stripper Style Dancing

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I like how you did her eyes!

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Oh thank you kindly Randi~! ^^ I am pretty proud of how I got her eyes just right~