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Rangers of Hater: Diabolical Screams Are Now On!!!

Rangers of hater : Voice Cast by yogelis on DeviantArt Check out this contest, run by yogelis . As you can see its another voice contest, so spread the word please and come on down~! 2 Free Commissions up for grabs from this stellar artist~!

Now lemme explain to you what we have here~ 

Koji here, the leader, the undeniable hotshot always up for mayhem. I've given him the voice of Greg Cipes, famous for voicing Beast Boy from Teen Titans, because I feel these two blend well together, trying to prove that they are more than what they appear to be, and that they really won't take any kind of bullshit from anyone, laying down. 

Race on the other hand, with all that energy and infernal catastrophe about him, the choice was simple. Giriko from Soul Eater. Because these two, oh boy, they love to bring such chaos and they do have an appetite for women, but both of them have so much rage about them, heh it is positively diabolical~! Voiced by J.Michael Tatum, this gives Race the kind of voice that really cuts to the heart of the matter and practically drowns in such destructive vices!

Gruno being such a far more dangerous and killer of a being, needed a voice that was filled with nothing but something truly dark. Thus I figured Dark Hulk from HULK and The Agents of SMASH whom is voiced by the legendary Fred Tasticore. It is what you expect, an honestly frightening sound to hear but one that keeps eating away at you till you embrace the vileness within.

Jerrik required a bit more thought but, I figured him and Banzai from The Lion King would be a good voice match up. He'd be voiced Cheech Marin, providing all the bounce, badness and blitzing that is required of such a decidedly snippy individual, heh heh heh~
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mmmmm, wow, interesting voices for my OCs, on most of the 4, they look so cool

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Heh I thought they were all pretty fitting to be honest dude, they certainly rock hard~ I will admit, it wasn't till after I uploaded that I thought "Hang on, I could have used Trigon's Clone of Beast Boy as a picture for this, but they have the same voice actor, so it still works."