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G:Grrrowl Girl For Life! Splendid Pantera Drops In

Happy Birthday Gothi~! GothikAngelica A new character for her, of which she can name and do with as she wishes~ A gift that I feel honestly proud of. 

Though here are a few things that went through my head whilst I was making her~

Panther (legendary creature) - Wikipedia She is basically this; a legendary being linked to the god Dionysus, who can manifest in any number of combinations, all with a different hue of the rainbow~ Sure she's a weird Panther Catgirl / Nekomimi but like the character known as Suneater, she can manifest different parts of any beast upon her frame, in any color or combination. But yeah most of the time she's a literal flaming (on fire) rainbow cat beast. Like rainbow fur, rainbow flames, the whole flaming lot~! Also it may not be immediately apparent but she is Greek.

I dunno what she will be named (will update that later). The red parts near her eyes are also just markings. Her eyes are like the brightest beacons of light~

Also her hair is shaved off save for the spiky front facing patch around the forehead. Plus the "whiskers" are kind of like, markings, not tattoos but, just sort of markings of her birth so to speak. 

She's basically wearing a speed suit / jump suit that is meant to give her maximum freedom of movement and to, activate her natural shapeshifting abilities; such examples like red bull horns appearing anywhere she wants, or white shark teeth manifesting on her palms or even grow green bat wings sprouting from her ankles, the possibilities are endless~! When I say she is basically a being that can take on the characteristics and appearances of any beast, I mean ANY BEAST! At least ones of the non-magical variety, which means the entire animal kingdom, and that includes humans. Extinct or otherwise. For she is something closely linked to that particular Deity, but she is wild and free~! 
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Aaawww she's adorable!! Thanks! :heart:

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You are so majorly welcome~! ^U^ Hope you have many good times with her~

Heh take ya time thinking up her story and name, yeah~?