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DOOM Azard! Weapons Grade Shock, Rock And Howl!

rogelis  Voice Cast Meme Contest DOOM Azard by rogelis on DeviantArt Another contest from Rogelis (you should really check him out) and another entry from me, because I had an itch that needed to be scratched, and vocal creativity was the call~!

So you may notice all the voice suggestions are from characters that are purple in some way; that's just how it worked out~!

Mixy Skrawly, The Leader of DOOM Azard; a mad scientist with a feisty love for weapons and so much mayhem. Using the voice of Erica Schroeder in her role as Fantina The Ghost Type Gym Leader from Pokemon Diamond and Pearl, I found this was the right mix of theatrical and dynamic, to give this tiny terror, a much needed boost~! 

Vermin, The Megamix Monster who is the created son of Mixy Skrawly. As you expect he is all attitude and very much dangerous; explosive to a fault. This one was actually the first combo I thought of; I thought, who better to voice him than Duplicate Vegeta / Cloned Vegeta from Dragon Ball Super who is voiced by Brian Drummond. That snarl, that sharpness, that overwhelming snark, this voice has BITE!

Lima The Voice of Reason, what can I say? She's got brains, she's got skills and she's SICK of her boss going loco in the streets of hell. She's there for her beloved, just as much as he is for her. For this character, the most responsible, stalwart yet carefree Ting-Ting from MULAN 2 felt like the only choice for this. Voiced by Sandra Oh, she's got personality, smarts and a bit of goofiness to her, it has to be said.

Darnil The Gearhead, Handyman and Beloved of Lima; he's passive and easygoing enough but he cares so much for his darling Lima, that he will MESS UP ALL OF HELL; after all, he's got the keys to the nuclear waste dump and then some~ Figured for a guy like this, a voice with a little fair was in order. Donatello from Rise of The Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, voiced by Josh Brener, which adds a certain level of intelligence and confidence but when properly riled up a whole heaping of excitement~!
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that's really groovie

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You think so? Thank you~ It is kind of groovy