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CE:The Horror Unlocked And Left To Blight Away

A Contest Entry for a Discord Contest hosted by SoakuArt Soaku-Shock and what is it? A two sentence horror story with an illustration. Please find below the written portion and if ya got any questions, ask. Just be forewarned, I drew upon my own trauma, to make this. This could be triggering for some and well for lack of any better words, it is kind of intense if you read too deeply into it.

"You poisoned my life, toxified what I loved and putrefied my childhood."

"Did you ever wonder, in that diseased, empty head of yours, what would happen.....if your cancerous hate, killed my heart...making a blight out of me."

Contest ends near the end of this month. If you want to join in, you need a Discord in order to join this Server Exclusive Contest; this is a great server for Artist Support, promoting Artist Growth and it has Monthly Free Raffles and Contests. 
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