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E407 Sugarplum by Seri-goyle E407 Sugarplum :iconseri-goyle:Seri-goyle 12 0 C340 Ikaros - Apprentice by Seri-goyle C340 Ikaros - Apprentice :iconseri-goyle:Seri-goyle 6 2 HSS trophy room March 2018 by Seri-goyle HSS trophy room March 2018 :iconseri-goyle:Seri-goyle 1 0 F068 Fleur d'Ambre by Seri-goyle F068 Fleur d'Ambre :iconseri-goyle:Seri-goyle 7 0 C161 Rosetta by Seri-goyle C161 Rosetta :iconseri-goyle:Seri-goyle 6 0 That, Mistress Burglar, is why you are here by Seri-goyle That, Mistress Burglar, is why you are here :iconseri-goyle:Seri-goyle 8 0 A5610 foal design by Seri-goyle A5610 foal design :iconseri-goyle:Seri-goyle 4 1 Guildenstern by Seri-goyle Guildenstern :iconseri-goyle:Seri-goyle 2 0
What's a Poor Demi to do?
Vagabond had a job to do today. His mistress had told him the Boucle registry needed smoke foals, and he was her best stallion for the task.
She wasn't wrong either. He already had five fine foals on the ground from years past, one of them was even a Magician like himself. He was an expert in fire and illusions, and he was learning light magic. All in all, he had much to be proud of as a stud.
He only had one hang-up. He couldn't just walk up to a mare and do the deed, like a lot of stallions. No "wham, bam, thank you, ma'am" was ever on his agenda. No, he needed to get to know a mare, or he just couldn't get into it.
He ambled into the pasture beneath the mountains that chill, gray, early fall afternoon, and his heart sank. Both mares were already there. Both champagne, one silver, one amber. Young and strong, and, by the smell of it, ready to go.
This was horrifying. How was he to get to know two mares at once? Well enough to breed them, anyway. He was already passingly familiar with
:iconseri-goyle:Seri-goyle 2 2
Poor Lost Stallion by Seri-goyle Poor Lost Stallion :iconseri-goyle:Seri-goyle 9 4 Battle of the Mares by Seri-goyle Battle of the Mares :iconseri-goyle:Seri-goyle 8 2 E399 Skyfall of the Faeries - Druid by Seri-goyle E399 Skyfall of the Faeries - Druid :iconseri-goyle:Seri-goyle 11 1 261 Sunfall by Seri-goyle 261 Sunfall :iconseri-goyle:Seri-goyle 9 0 5393 Countess Dracula by Seri-goyle 5393 Countess Dracula :iconseri-goyle:Seri-goyle 6 4 Nordanner Spooktacular Day 8 by Seri-goyle Nordanner Spooktacular Day 8 :iconseri-goyle:Seri-goyle 3 0 Nordanner Spooktacular Day 9 by Seri-goyle Nordanner Spooktacular Day 9 :iconseri-goyle:Seri-goyle 3 0

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Ra by PolaristheCepheid Ra :iconpolaristhecepheid:PolaristheCepheid 39 11 Hera by Ithelda Hera :iconithelda:Ithelda 136 11 The Glass Unicorn by Cartazon The Glass Unicorn :iconcartazon:Cartazon 24 7 FengHuang by verreaux FengHuang :iconverreaux:verreaux 508 95 Het-Hert by MyWorld1 Het-Hert :iconmyworld1:MyWorld1 221 90 Moon Goddess by ShyStriker
Mature content
Moon Goddess :iconshystriker:ShyStriker 8 14
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Shows HSS has entered… LPS's New Year's Show 2010/2011 with Dust Cloud Stand still and look handsome by Seri-goyle Took first in division, but it really helped that he was the only entry
Prize: headshot of him by Afternoon-AppleCider :thumb309971872:

:thumb286584747: Black Sparrow Stables anti-SOPA show with Penthesilea HSS Penthesilea anti-SOPA by Seri-goyle Took fifth. :)

We are pleased to announce our First Annual Winter Sleigh Rally!
This is a mini event (originally created by ChiwowyWorld )
Currier and Ives:
The Currier and Ives class is judged on the suitability of the horse to the sleigh and on the overall turnout of driver, horse, and vehicle as well as the skill of the horse and driver. These classes are judged more on the skills of horse and driver with some points given for neatness of attire, suitability of harness and vehicle etc. The entrants are first judged driving their horses, they unhook and saddle up and are then judged on horseback.
Full body is a must for this class to see how well the horse, sleigh and driver look together.
Either the driving image or the riding image will be require, you may add in the second image for extra points. (+10 points added to the RNG score)
Pleasure Driving
Drive your horse
Hidden Moon Farm Winter Sleigh Rally with Chance for Better Days Winter Sleigh Rally Entry by Seri-goyle Awaiting results.. may be a while, I'm told the host's motherboard died.

dark-fantasy-farms.deviantart.… Dark Fantasy Farms' Dragon Tack design contest with Nordanner Dragon Tack contest entry by Seri-goyle Didn't win

************************************************… NMaLLWS Winter mini-event with HSS Malinka NMaLLWS WME - Malinka by Seri-goyle Placed fourth in the third set of Mare Liberty entries NMaLLWS Winter Show Results!Despite my mood, I felt like finally doing this.
Here are the long awaited results. Sorry for the wait.
Please do not complain if you don't win or get good results.
Mare Halter.
-1st set-
1st. Raindrops On Roses
2nd. FTS Pharmacokinetics
3rd. DS Elhua Nar
4th. SSR Cowgirls Don't Cry
5th. Viressë
6th. BHS Going Spotty 341
7th. Tiffany Morgan
8th. TE Al-Hadiye
9th. LPS Ma-Ajmala
10th. Pink Goddess
--2nd set--
1st. Ravine 130
2nd. RMS Chione's Glisten
3rd. Heart of Atlantis 477
4th. EWS Azazil
5th. EWS Sabihah Amirah
6th. Mistress
7th. RVR Malibu Rum
8th. EWS Hui Ying Hou
9th. KEC-Darkest Before Dawn 335
10th. SDS Shiya 98
11th. Freckled Doll Baby
12th. COTN Katharsis
Stallion Halter:
-1st set-
1st. TR's Miami Vice
2nd. BHS Devil In Disguise 467
3rd. Prince Jamatari
4th. COTN Souteneur
5th. Blood Drama
6th. KA Jawhar
7th. FWR Ghostfire
8th. Toxic sLaughter
9th. Stellar Synthesizer
10th. NWS Daimhin 476
--2nd set--
1st. Hate the Sin, Love the Sinner
2nd. DBVR Majeed 126
3rd. OS Ceasar

:thumb288883156: Show Your Finest War Steed with Morgana, our only 'war steed' War Steed Morgana by Seri-goyle Took Third! :)

LPS and FMR SPRING Festival! Still ongoing!Christmas is over and the New Year is upon us. What better way to start the New Year than with a fun filled festival for all ages!
The object of the festival is fun, meaning only one thing - fancy dress! Each age range will have their own theme for both horse and rider...
- Children, age 3-10.
Will need to be accompanied by and adult.
- Teens, age 11-19.
- Women, 20+
- Men, 20 +
The age of the horses doesn't matter in the slightest, as long as they are of a ridable age if their rider is to be on their back. (Preferably 3+)
Again, breed doesn't matter. Anything from Shetlands to Shires, natural and unnatural. Everyone is welcome!
Now... for the themes!
- Children, Medieval Madness!
Think knights, dragons, unicorns and fair maidens, and the rest!
- Teens, Cursed Circus!
Clowns, lions, ringmasters, all with a hint of crazy! (The cursed part is optional. You want to come as a funny
LPS and FMR Spring Festival with Scallopina LPS and FMR Scary Circus by Seri-goyle Never judged

Hearts and Sweets 1st Annual Mini Show: UpdateHI!!!! Now you all may know that my grandma, Erlinda, passed away at a very young age of 59 just a couple weeks ago (Feb.6th). So in her honor I would love to do a annual mini show!
Opens: February 19th
Closes: April 20th
NOTE**** I Have gotten my schedule for the next three days so... If I have time tomorrow I will change this journal name to closed. If I don't it gives you time to enter some last minute entries!
I got school from 9am-3:30pm
Don't get home till 4:30pm (Take bus)
Have basketball tryouts for provincial games 5:30pm-7:30pm
Then have basketball practice 8pm-10pm
Don't get home till 11pm
Then I have a tourney the following day. So if this journal says "ONE DAY" you have a chance to enter still! If it says "CLOSED" then you are too late :)

**Sorry for the results delay. I have been busy with my new puppy and training my other dog to like her. I also have been busy looking for a grad dress and working hard in my studies, along with basketball. I am t
Hearts and Sweets ResultsHere they are! Sorry for the wait people! Basketball just came at me like a bullet!
1st: Tiberius
Show Jumping
1st: SDS Shiya 98
2nd: SH Ulmende 149
3rd: O' Mistress Mine 123
1st: O' Mistress Mine 123
2nd: DFF Arina 474
3rd: SDS Shiya 98
Hearts and Sweets First Annual Mini Show with Skye in Chase the Orb class Chasing Memory by Seri-goyle Took first in class!
Prize: a ribbon(not yet received), 10 points, 4 breedings(to and ), and a headshot from SeaRoseFarm (not yet recieved)
With Gaslight Dancer in foal halter So Blue Without You by Seri-goyle Took 13th in class

FoalS April Show- Colts v. Fillies Halter!-RESULTS:new: RESULTS!
So sorry these took so long, things get  a bit hectic this time of year ^^;
Welcome, everyone, to FoalS-HARPG's first show! To kick things off, we have decided to do a simple show with a cut twist, and we hope to see everyone there!
Everyone knows that boys have cooties and girls are gross, it is in inevitable part of childhood, after all! In celebration of this tradition, our first show will be a halter class where the colts and the fillies will be competing against each other for the spotlight!
All the foals will show what they're made of for the judges and the gender with the most to show up will get a special edge, each foal of the most numerous gender will get an extra two points added to their score!
Images should be full body, handler optional. Fillies will be wearing a light pink halter while the colts will be wearing baby blue. Extra accessories are welcome and may even add extra points to your score for creativity! Backgrounds are required. The s
Colts v. Fillies FoalS April 2012 show with
Birdie CvF Light a Candle by Seri-goyle Placed fourth among fillies
Tet CvF Kotetsu no Uma by Seri-goyle Placed fourth among colts
Red Moon CvF Red Moon by Seri-goyle Placed third among colts
Yukiko CvF Yukiko by Seri-goyle Placed fifth among fillies
and Gaslight Dancer CvF Gaslight Dancer by Seri-goyle Placed fifth among colts

Colon Cancer Awareness mini Event… with DFF/HSS Diablo's Casanova Colon CA Casanova by Seri-goyle Placed 2nd in Group 16
Prize: 20 points(not yet received), 3 custom designs by s1088(not yet received), a custom Eitilt Pegasus(not yet received), and a custom Icelandic Trotter (substituted with a Saphrai, as Icelandic Trotters aren't an active breed anymore) Saphrai Import 199 by bedfordblack

:iconharpgs-best-foals: Kick it all off show Kick It Off All Foal Show!Closed to entries! Results will be up shortly!
HARPG’s Best Foal's First Show!
Running: NOW - June 10th
Event Type: Mixed - Foals Only!
Class/Classes: Halter/Liberty/Costume/Trick/Cutest Foal Contest
Restrictions: For Horses 4 years or under ONLY! For all breeds/disciplines!
This show is to kick off our group in a fun show for horses 4 YEARS OR UNDER ONLY! That’s right, a show entirely for your favorite little munchkins! We are going to be having a lot of these types of shows in the future too so hopefully you’ll watch and join the group to keep up with our shows!
Prizes will be announced later but if you would like to donate a prize, I would be happy to accept it!
All classes will be held in a ring that looks like this:
Weather will be sunny and around 70-80 degrees
A current list of entries can be seen here
:star: DEADLINE IS SET AT JUNE 10th! :star:
with HSS Black-Eyed Susan Kick it All Off Foal Show Entry by Seri-goyle Didn't place

************************************************ Foalball with HSS Irish Wake and HSS Happenstance, against the eventual winners of the tournament War and Death and Foalball by Seri-goyle Lick the Ball by Seri-goyle Eliminated in first round, but it was fun

HGW EVENT -  PENNACEOUS AND VEON EVENT by LiaLithiumTMPennaceous and Veon Event :thumb316268068: With HSS Gaslight Dancer in Halter HSS Gaslight Dancer halter entry by Seri-goyle Took second
With HSS Light a Candle in Halter HSS Light a Candle halter entry by Seri-goyleTook third
With SDS/HSS Anisha in Dressage SDS/HSS Anisha dressage entry by Seri-goyle Event cancelled, she was the only entry

SHOW AND AUCTION WINNERS!WINNERS ANNOUNCED! Please contact me via not and ask what horses you want. DO REMEMBER: Disturbed Nightmares ARE included even though the breed is closed! This is your chance to get a Disturbed Nightmare out of the season! AND, there is a chance that you may end up with a BORN ELDER if you choose Neocount! Also, ALL my Tabby Nordanners ARE related so they cannot be bred together!
First: Will get a ribbon, digitally drawn fullbody with ribbon, digitally drawn headshot by me, and a single breeding spot with two of our horses. I will not allow the same horse to have two slots used. Elegant Charissma 500 is NOT included, as she only has one slot yet. If you breed TWO OF OUR HORSES TOGETHER that WILL count to the TWO breedings.
Second: Will get a ribbon, digitally drawn headshot by me, and a single breeding with one of our horses. Same rules apply as first place.
Third: Will get a ribbon and a digitally drawn full body with ribbon and a headshot.
Ovarian Cancer Show with HSS Desert Master Desert Master Ovarian Cancer Show Halter by Seri-goyle Took 10th place

:iconnewagestables:' Halloween Halter show with HSS Athame HSS Athame Costume Halter entry by Seri-goyle HALLOWEEN HALTER 2012 RESULTSHALLOWEEN HALTER 2012
We only had three entries, two in the costume and one in the classic (but only two horses in all!), so it's been decided that everyone will receive a champion blanket and trophy.
Also many apologies for taking so long with getting everything up to date with my competitions, I'm horribly guilty of doing that a lot. ^^;
3-way tie for first. :) Halloweentrophy by NewAgeStables Halloweenblanket by NewAgeStables

:iconblaine-rr:'s Breast Cancer mini-show with HSS Athame HSS Athame Costume Halter entry by Seri-goyle First place costume division

Newfoundland's Annual Show!
The rest of the show can't be judged until my friend gets net to help me judge the rest of the classes. Sorry but it wouldn't be fair to bring in another person when alot has already been judged.

Will not be extended anymore, So be sure to get your entries in!
Extended to Nov first
Welcome To Newfoundland Annual Show
It's time for there to be a show in Newfoundland! So pack up your gear, Load up the horses, And fly or ferry them out here to compete! Not only are horses welcome, But any magical breed, or other species!
When And Where!
The show ill be held at Living Dead Ranch in Newfoundland, Canada. It will run on October first, So be sure to have your entries in by then!
The Dangers!
By law, We have to inform you
Newfoundland isn't just a pretty place, We will stress that you follow all rules of the ranch at all times. PLEASE Keep an e
NewFoundland's annual show with HSS Broomstick Rider 1986 Broomstick Rider Newf show by Seri-goyle Not yet judged

Equines of a Feather - RESULTS!!!The results are up and the placings have been awarded!
I'll do my best to get all the prizes out and awarded, but with the workload at college currently- they may be a little slow in getting awarded. I'll do my best, hopefully this doesn't pose any problems!

:iconleftangelwingplz: : HALTER : :iconrightangelwingplz:
FIRST PLACE goes to Bridget Peterson handling SCR Tiko [008] from Snake Creek Ranch - USA

SECOND PLACE goes to Katrina Collins handling DCS It's So Fluffy I Could Die! [011] from DovieCaba-Stables - USA

THIRD PLACE goes to Mairead O'Hara handling BFR Reuban [002] from Black Fox Rescue - USA

Fourth place goes to Tosa [006] handled by Cindy Lone from LoneHorseRanch -USA
Fifth place goes to HSS Love Like
JPS Equines of a Feather show with HSS Love Like Sunset Love Like Sunset JPS Feather Show by Seri-goyle Fifth place Foal Halter class
With HSS Blooming Sky Blooming Sky JPS Feather show Air Race entry by Seri-goyle First place Air Race
Prizes: Picture of winning horse by Arien-Eska (not yet received)
Breeding with any Free Ticket Stables or Just Peep in Stables horse - redeemed for breeding to need to find a Ritz stallion
3 Designs or Imports by Arien-Eska/ Just-Peep-In-Stables (1 Chiquin design not yet received, most designs passed on, since I won a lot of them)
Ribbon / Trophy by White--Swallow (not yet recieved)
With HSS Gaslight Dancer HSS Gaslight Dancer JPS Feather Show by Seri-goyle Fourth place Liberty - surprising, 'cause it's not my best work, his head looks odd
With SDS/HSS Anisha SDS/HSS Anisha JPS Feather Show by Seri-goyle First place Liberty
Prizes: Picture of winning horse by Arien-Eska (not yet recieved)
Breeding with any Free Ticket Stables or Just Peep in Stables horse - redeemed for breeding with Innocent Icterus Frillie Love - Icky + Susan by Arien-Eska Icky and Susan's colt by Seri-goyle
3 Designs or Imports by Arien-Eska / Just-Peep-In-Stables
Ribbon / Trophy by White--Swallow (not yet received)
With HSS Red Skies at Night 8 Red Skies at Night 8 JPS Feather Show Entry by Seri-goyle Third place Liberty
Prizes: Headshot of horse by Arien-Eska (not yet recived)
1 Design or Import by Arien-Eska / Just-Peep-In-Stables
Ribbon / Trophy by White--Swallow (not yet recieved)
With HSS Light a Candle Light a Candle JPS Feather Show entry by Seri-goyle Sixth place Liberty

:iconfoals-harpg: Shaking Lanterns and Bones Halloween ExtravaganzThe October show is being co-hosted by Flemish-Fields and RoseThornStables.
:bulletblack::bulletred::bulletblack: The Quivering Legs Halloween Race!:bulletblack::bulletred::bulletblack:
Hosted by Flemish-Fields
On Halloween, we all get scared! So let's see how much faster your foals are with the Halloween Fright!
Dress up your foals in a Halloween theme, and let them them race! You, and mommy, will be waiting for them behind the finish line.
You foal(s) will be running in a straight line, so they can always be reassured that you're not far away.
Costumes should be creative, but shouldn't be dangerous or to heavy for you foal. Pony Paint is also allowed to create your costume, but it's advice to keep at least a halter on your foal. Magical costumes are also allowed! Race away!
You're allowed to enter as many foals as you wish.
This class is judged by effort, creativity, visual appearance, and random points. Visual appearance is how it looks. It might hav
Quivering Legs Race with Broomstick Rider 1986 Broomstick Rider in Quivering Legs Race by Seri-goyle Not yet judged

SpaVES Christmas Party You Are Invited To...The
SPaVES Christmas Party
From the 25th of November to the 25th of December!
:rudolph: - The Reindeer Race - :rudolph:
Come one, come all! Dress yourself up as a jolly reindeer, and join the races to find out who should lead Santa's sleigh this year! Winner will get a special prize!
Requirements: Draw your human character in some sort of reindeer apparel, running their heart out!

:santa: - The Santa Stakes - :santa:
A fun little race for horse and rider teams, participants must race around the SPaVES property with a large sack, making stops along the way to deliver presents. Winners will get a special prize!
Requirements: Draw your horse and rider team racing along with a sack full of gifts. Theme-related apparel will gain you extra points!
Reindeer Race with Siksika, Suns Ray, and Deana SPaVES Reindeer Race by Seri-goyle
participation prizes SPaVES Xmas Party - Reindeer Race by orengel SPaVES Xmas Party - Christmas Gift by orengel and Ray and Siksika each get one of these SPaVES Xmas Party - Fantastic Horse by orengel

White--Swallow's contest with Mermista* 1729 Mista chasing Scarborough by Seri-goyle not yet judged

Festival of the Year of the Dragon Festival of the Year of the Dragon - CLOSEDIt only happens once every 12 years and it just so happened that this year, is one of those years.
The Year of the Dragon!
In honor of this rare occasion we here at RMS have decided to throw a large festival in its honor. Food, games and a  massive horse show is all in store naturally. But more importantly will be the focus of this years feature show. What might that be? Well Dragon HORSES of course!!!
Yes, as many of you know know there is a quiet a collection of Dragon Horse species all over HARPG ranging from the small to the large and everything in between. It is our hope that this festival will shine a bit of a spot light on all these breeds, both well known and maybe not so well known.
Now some of you may be thinking 'Ahhh drat, this is just a dragon horse show isn't it?'
Well, you're WRONG! :la:
We here at RMS leave no one out and so we not only encourage owners of the Dragon horses to attend but owners of all breeds!! Classes and events will be held for everyone who wish to ent
Festival of the Year of the Dragon - FINAL RESULTSSome Quick Info
FIRST! Let me say I am THRILLED to pieces with the entries we got for the festival. For me, it was one of my biggest show turn outs and so many of your guys really put in effort to your entries! It was a spectacular display and I'm sad to see it end.
NOW! Not all the class results will be available. Why? Because I would RATHER have your Trophies drawn and finished before I announce who won them. ONCE those are finished, I'll announce the winners of the classes who get trophies. Until then just keep an eye on this and I will update it when the time comes!
Now, for classes where only 1-2 people entered. I will be putting in 'Ghost Horses' to equal a class of at least 4 horses. Meaning, if 1 class got 1 entry I'll have 3 ghost horses. Make sense?
ALL of these classes will be RNG run so everyone chill. XD
Prizes will be listed at the bottom of the page.
Class Results!
English Classes
Show Jumping:
1.  Ghost Horse
2.  :thumb
with Bluejay Dream Bluejay halter YotD by Seri-goyle Third Place Stallion Halter RMS Dragon Stallion Halter Ribbon - 3rd by PrimalInstincts
With Odie Green Odie Green halter YotD by Seri-goyle Fourth Place Stallion Halter RMS Dragon Stallion Halter Ribbon - 4th by PrimalInstincts
With Black-Eyed Susan Susan halter YotD by Seri-goyle Fifth Place Mare Halter RMS Dragon Mare Halter Ribbon - 5th by PrimalInstincts
With DFF/HSS Diablo's Casanova DFF/HSS Diablo's Casanova halter YotD by Seri-goyle Third Place Mare Halter RMS Dragon Mare Halter Ribbon - 3rd by PrimalInstincts
With Starblood Starblood YotD entry by Seri-goyle 5th in Power and Might Class
With HSS Silverfish Silverfish YotD entry by Seri-goyle 6th in Power and Might class

Ash Wood Stable's Spring Show :thumb369680495: with HSS Valora Vida 153 Veeda 6 foot jump by Seri-goyle took first in show jumping
Prizes: headshot by TwilightxScotch308 and full body by TwilightxScotch308 :thumb381863464:, first place rosette by TwilightxScotch308 :thumb369877054:, and a Toklen foal (not yet received)

WTS Summer Joust 2013 round 1 WTS Summer Joust Round 1
Well it's begun, the Summer Joust has started. The weather is not ideal, but everyone's geared up and ready to go! There's fewer participants this year but they seem more dedicated than ever, with almost every pair bringing custom armor to the tournament. This level of willpower will be hard to beat, so good luck to each of the teams in trying!
Round Start Date - May 3rd 2013; 3pm EST
Round End Date - May 17th 2013; 2pm EST
Overall Conditions
Weather - Thunderclouds and medium fog, almost like the sky is trying to hug the ground.
Joust Run - The ground is a bit muddy, be careful with your footing!
Bracket 1
RMS Thomas Marks on Fuqin Jingshen  VS  WFK Corentin Bordelon on Tuuli
Round Action: Tuuli stalls, throwing off timing for Corentin Bordelon and resulting in a sound dehorsing by
WTS Summer Joust round 1 bracket 4 Panels by Seri-goyle won, 'cause the other artist didn't send in a pic

WTS Summer Joust 2013 round 2 WTS Summer Joust Round 2
Well it's begun, the Summer Joust has started. The weather is not ideal, but everyone's geared up and ready to go! There's fewer participants this year but they seem more dedicated than ever, with almost every pair bringing custom armor to the tournament. This level of willpower will be hard to beat, so good luck to each of the teams in trying!
Round Start Date - May 17th 2013; 8pm EST
Round End Date - May 31st 2013; 7pm EST
Overall Conditions
Weather - The clouds let their downpour out as soon as round 1 was over, pulling back into a light, misting rain and fog.
Joust Run - The mud got too severe after the first run, so it's been covered with sand and hay, leaving it a bit soggy but surer footing.
Bracket 1
RMS Thomas Marks on Fuqin Jingshen  VS  RF Sean Aden on Rocky Mountain Way
WTS Summer Joust Round 2 Bracket 2 Panels by Seri-goyle Eliminated this round, but had fun and made a new friend

HA-DBA's Happy New Year Show 2013 HA-DBA's Contest! Congratulations Champions!!:new: Congratulations everyone! Thank you so much for entering, all entries were just beautiful!
It's been an amazing show!
Hello everybody!
It's this time of the year again, to have an other HA-DBA event!
You don't want to miss out on this one! :D
We will be having a grand champion mare-stallion-foal title, as well as a reserve title!
Donations are very welcome!
:bulletgreen: Prizes: :bulletgreen:
Grand Champion Mare - Stallion - Foal
--6 extra PP
--Headshot by RoseThornStables
Reserve Champion Mare - Stallion - Foal
--5 extra pp
--Headshot by RoseThornStables
1st Place Liberty, Halter, Dressage
--4 extra pp
--Headshot with Ribbon by nerwen-wilwarin
2end Place Liberty, Halter, Dressage
--3 extra pp
--Headshot by nerwen-wilwarin
3th Place Liberty, Halter, Dressage
--Sketch headshot by nerwen-wilwarin
--2 extra pp
:bulletgreen: Rules: :bulletgreen:
:new: Only breeds that are allowed in the group can take part AKA
with Yurusa Musuko in foal halter Yurusa Musuko halter entry by Seri-goyle took Third
Prizes: ribbon Hadba 3rd places by MiraeChaos, sketch headshot by nerwen-wilwarin and 2 extra pp's for his group standing (not yet received)
With Kaiyo Mai in Dressage took Fifth

ColoradoPeaks Peafowl Nordanner Show :thumb373022052::thumb369111267: with Fistful of Treasure 5224 in halter Treasure Pwl show halter by Seri-goyle and liberty Treasure Pwl show liberty by Seri-goyle Not yet judged, entries withdrawn

:iconha-fd: Log Pulling :thumb376831392: with HSS Thundersnow HSS Thundersnow HA-FD log pull by Seri-goyle Placed third! 3th Place by Nixxily

DHC Summer Showdown DHC Summer Showdown - RESULTS
Well, I've decided to host an ACTUAL show!
The judging is based on the visual impact of the image. Headshots ARE allowed and they CAN beat fullbodies. If the headshot looks better than the fullbodies, it wins.
This ends on August 28th, 2013 at 10pm PST (11 mountain time, 12 central, 1 Eastern). You have plenty of time to get your entries in :)
DHC Summer Showdown
R u l e s -
:bulletblue:NO reusing entries/lineart
:bulletblue:Only ONE entry per image.
:bulletblue:You MAY enter more than 1 horse per class.
:bulletblue:You MAY NOT enter the same horse in a class twice! (Except for pas de deux. You can have one horse with a different mate multiple times.)
:bulletblue:Fantasy and Semi-Realistic breeds are allowed
:bulletblue:Collabs are allowed, just please sort out who the prizes go

with HSS Silverfish in the Underwater Obstacle Course Silverfish underwater obstacle course by Seri-goyle First place in class Prizes: 150 points(not yet received), 3 Nordanner breedings(Vindicator 5611 , Radioactive 4263 , and Teenage Kicks 5612 ), and a Saphrai import Saphrai Import 195 by bedfordblack(passed on the Bannermane)
with Love Like Sunset in vaulting Love Like Sunset vaulting by Seri-goyle Fourth place in class Prizes: 75 points(not yet received) and a Saphrai import Saphrai Import 197 by bedfordblack (passed on the Bannermane)
with Winter Sunshine 3353* in vaulting Winter Sunshine 3353* vaulting by Seri-goyle Third place in class Prizes: 80 points (not yet received), 1 Nordanner breeding (Mountain Sound 3027 ), and a Saphrai import Saphrai Import 198 by bedfordblack (passed on the Bannermane)

Rare Rolling Shows Class 9: Vaulting Class 9: Results by bovidaeloony with Winter Sunshine 3393* Winter Sunshine RRS vaulting by Seri-goyle Fifth Place Prize: ribbon RareRollingShows - Participation Ribbon 1-10 by AccaliaRose

TKK Howl O' Weiner Show TKK Howl O' Weiner Costume Extravaganza Show
:new:EDIT: Now judged! Point prizes have already been sent-for First place slots and second place for dogs, please let me know what you would like for designs.:new:
This is a simple costume conformation show. :la: However, it will be divided into two classes; dogs, and horses. :3 So show everyone what your dog or horse has in the closet and let's celebrate~:la: I need 2 judges and prize donations please~:la:
The Judges:
1. Forbidden-Hanyou
The Rules:
1. Skeletal tracing is allowed as long as reference is credited. I know tracing isn't all that easy, but I'd like to see how some skeletal tracing goes. :3
2. Art must be new-can't be re-used art.
3. Full body and colored are a MUST. Shading and BG are optional.
4. Art must your own art.
5. Dog/Horse must be drawn in a costume of some sort.
6. End Date is October 30th, 2013.
The Priz
with Al Catraz 1902 Al Catraz Howl O' Weiner show by Seri-goyle Third Place in class Prizes: 25 points and a ribbon

Rare Rolling Shows Class 10: Miscellaneous Class 10: Results by bovidaeloony with Desert Master Desert Master RRS by Seri-goyle Fourth Place Prize: ribbon RareRollingShows - Participation Ribbon 1-10 by AccaliaRose

:thumb408116713: with Thundersnow Paul and Babe for Rivendale Spooktacular by Seri-goyle never judged, entry re-used

FoalS-HARPG's Splash into Summer Show with Whiskey Memories Whiskey Memories Splash into Summer show by Seri-goyle never judged, entry re-used

Irish Jubilee III Irish Jubilee III (Judged!)
Running: March 17th, 2014
Event Type: Single class
Class/Classes: Halter
Restrictions: None
:new: March 17 Update: Now judged everyone!   And all prizes are given out!  Whew, that was hard.  Thanks so much for coming along and bringing all y'all's fabulous horsies.  This year's Jubilee was a smashin' success, despite the ebil school threatening to eat me.  Wow, thank you for making this show amazing!  Love y'all, congrazzles and have a HAPPY ST. PATRICK'S DAY!
March 14 Update: Show ends Monday y'all!  3 days to get your entries in! 
March 12 Update: WHAT JUST, SOMEONE JUST GAVE ME A PREMI MEMBERSHIP.  I CAN'T EVEN.  I love you whoever you are!  LOVE YOU. :hug: :hug: :hug:  Our Irish CSS is back in business, guys!
March 11 Update: Sadly, my Premium ran out, so no more Irish themed CSS.  We'll just have to have a plain journal for a while.  On the upside, more entries!
with Odie Green Odie Irish Jubilee 2014 by Seri-goyle
Vera Vera Irish Jubilee 2014 by Seri-goyle
Ahlai Ahlai Irish Jubilee 2014 by Seri-goyle
Anisha Anisha Irish Jubilee 2014 by Seri-goyle
Cure of Mankind Cure Irish Jubilee 2014 by Seri-goyle
and Irish Princess Irish Princess Irish Jubilee 2014 by Seri-goyle - no winners, but all got participation bottle cap IJ3 Participation BottleCap by MissDudette

:devIsle-Kala:'s weekly minishow :thumb474744420: First week in Feb 2015 with Commander Commander Is Not Impressed by Seri-goyle took 5th

:thumb417000269: Second Chances horse show with Anisha SDS/HSS Anisha dressage entry by Seri-goyle Placed 5th in the first round of Dressage :thumb420895357:

Irish Jubilee 4 ENDED

cloverGreen Horse With Bridleclover Green Horse Bullet clover
:new: I have a bunch of prizes coming.  Thanks all!  Hope to have a new one for the year of 2017!
Looks like a lot of prize donators have passed out their prizes, but others haven't.  I'm going to match 25 :points: for all the ones that haven't!  I shall have points out shortly, folks! And I will get the trophies and Caps up, too.  Can't wait for next year.
Look to see if your prize has been awarded by scrolling down to see the prize listing!
:new:  All notes have been sent out to prize donators!  Please wait just a bit longer until all has been sorted out!
If you are a prize donator and h
Irish Jubilee 4 with Hole in my Heart Hole in My Heart IJ 2015 by Seri-goyle and Lord Rahl Rahl IJ 2015 by Seri-goyle - did not place
Nordanner potions minishow Nordanner Potions Minishow - WINNERS -I love this community. Really. Because every time a show ends and judging begins, I get to come back here and say this.
You did it again.
The thing.
You know what thing.
The thing. 
The one where we liked ALL THE ENTRIES and choosing was obnoxiously difficult. I'd say stop it, but it's lovely. :heart: Except for where judging is hard and then I whine. ANYWAY. ON TO THE THING YOU CARE ABOUT. Scroll down to see. 
Holy awesome entries, Batman! :faint: Judging will commence shortly. Be sure your piece is linked here so it can be counted <3 
With stallions being safely kept away from mares while breedings are unavailable, why not have some fun with our horses by throwing potions at them and hope for the best coming up with unique potion combos that will make your Nordanner 110% more awesome? And pick up something to look forward to when breedings are open again? 
Sound good? Then read on La la la la
with Disasterology Vic looks mean by Seri-goyle - did not place
WBS Leftover show WBS Leftover Show *CLOSED*
Deadline: June 1st, 2015 (Last and only extension)
Hello and welcome!
This is a show for art that has ALREADY been drawn :aww:
I was inspired to make this show on account of TimberLakeLaneEC's show class "Free Choice"
So what do you do?
You take any show image you have that was never judged, purchased YHHs, or random images you have lying around that are not qualified as a part of your storyline or as training images.
You can not enter an image that you also call a training image or a show entry for another show that is running or you placed in. 
There is no limit to entries.
I have a right to decline an entry if I feel like it isn't meant for this show.
If the art was made on or after May 1st, there will be a deduction to your score.
Old images can be edited to fit this show (you can add riders, tack, a halter, write a story, color an old lineart, etc), and so long as the original piece was submitted before April 1st, you will not get a deduction.
WBS Leftoever Show Results :star: Grand and Reserve Choices as well as Judges Choices are listed at the bottom!
Beginning Note: I tried to split up the classes as fairly as possible (tried to get the most even amount of entries in each class as I could).
I said I would livestream the results, but sadly my computer is still not set up and my laptop does not have LS.
SO! Instead, I skyped Jegmadarka as I judged, so I had a witness. 
Winter also helped me with the judging process.
I included each horses score, so you can see why they placed how they did.
This is how I scored:
The first number represents head shot/partial body/full body.
The second number represents if the image was colored or not.
The third number is for if the image included a background.
The fourth number is if shading was included or not.
The fifth number is if a story was included that referenced to the show.
The sixth number represents the inclusion of a rider/handler.
The seventh number represen
Treasure Pwl show halter by Seri-goyle 4th place Halter class 3
Paul and Babe for Rivendale Spooktacular by Seri-goyle 1st place Other class 1
Broomstick Rider Newf show by Seri-goyle 3rd place Other class 1
Treasure Pwl show liberty by Seri-goyle 3rd place Liberty class 2
Whiskey Memories Splash into Summer show by Seri-goyle 4th place Other class 3

:iconrrs-rarerollingshows: Class 21:Abandoned Classes Class 21: Abandoned Classes - CLOSED by AccaliaRose Class 21: Results by AccaliaRose with Broomstick Rider in Quivering Legs Race by Seri-goyle - took third RareRollingShows - Third Place Ribbon 1-10 by AccaliaRose
Winter Sleigh Rally Entry by Seri-goyle - took fourth RareRollingShows - Participation Ribbon 1-10 by AccaliaRose
LPS and FMR Scary Circus by Seri-goyle - took fifth RareRollingShows - Participation Ribbon 11-30 by AccaliaRose

OHMYGOSHOHMYGOSHOHMYGOSH! I won a semi custom Nordanner from a candy in the spooktacular event! :thumb607605596: 

No deviants said I've never had a starter Nord!
No deviants said How do I pick?
No deviants said I mean, my favorite Nord that I don't own is Stargazer, but I can't dupe her
No deviants said Can anyone show me their semi-custom starter, and tell me what they told the group to get it?


Thor :iconlindowyn:Lindowyn 402 71 Take me to Eternity by JoJoesArt Take me to Eternity :iconjojoesart:JoJoesArt 3,710 240 Cernunnos, The Golden King Stag by sapphire-blackrose Cernunnos, The Golden King Stag :iconsapphire-blackrose:sapphire-blackrose 158 15 .:.:.Ma'at.:.:. by Yohnnilee .:.:.Ma'at.:.:. :iconyohnnilee:Yohnnilee 26 19 Bumblebee, through the ages by LiamShalloo Bumblebee, through the ages :iconliamshalloo:LiamShalloo 128 32 Isis and Her Felinae Goddesses by lilitus Isis and Her Felinae Goddesses :iconlilitus:lilitus 233 62 Have A Seat by styx-leagon Have A Seat :iconstyx-leagon:styx-leagon 41 9 Hunter in the Snow by moyan Hunter in the Snow :iconmoyan:moyan 1,037 97

My art to-do list

I have the following projects on the burner now:

1. Designing a gryphon with parts from a starling and a tortoiseshell cat, just because I want to, and I saw the idea in :iconkiyarasabel:'s contest.…

2. Writing the story of Swiftclaw and her half BloodClan kits.……………
outlined and started
Possibly for :iconwarriorcatclub:'s contest

3. Make a character sheet out of Moonkit for :iconbloodclan-cub:

4. Draw a pic for :iconcrankygargoyle: of either her unicorn or gargoyle persona. I've owed this one for years.

5. Do breeding pic of foundation Gygaxian steeds, and make a foal named Balor Nimbus :iconsanctuary-of-life: Did one lineart, I'm not happy with it. :(

6. Find the flash drive with the rest of my fanfic on it, so I can upload it here, since TFBumblebee taught me how to do it without also uploading a picture.

7: Draw a picture of Goliath and Dr. Facilier together, because I can. :)

8. Draw a pic of the unicorn I adopted from :iconjourneytorevenge: I'm omitting the leg stripes

9. Draw a pic of Stormy Steamer, the unicorn I adopted from :iconcloudymayday: He's #3 on this sheet

10. Draw a pic of Delilah, this horse I adopted from :iconcrystal-09:

11. Draw pics of the 4 horses I adopted from :iconsmudge-92:

12: Draw pic of the Pumpkin German Shepherd I adopted from :iconbonesmirk:

13: Draw a zombie version of either Seri or Wavelength, because I was a zombie in the #dAMonsters game, and because the Transformers are going up against zombies in "Infestation", out in January '11.…

14: Draw a picture of the white-maned foal here

15: Draw a pic of this horse I adopted from :icondarkangellovenight: Number 2 on this sheet I have a sketch done of him getting off a trailer with Supernova

16: Draw a picture of #5 on this sheet by :iconpatchesofheaven74: I intend for him to be a stud at my stable, probably to breed to Silver Celebration.

17: Draw a pic of HSS's Lazy Daze, number 6 on this sheet by :iconfordepositonly:

18: Draw the Demonic stallion I purchased from :icondark-mare910: His adopt sheet seems to be gone from her gallery.

19: Draw horse #1 from this sheet by :iconjesspotter: I'm giving him the barn name of Batboy, and he'll probably be a Chincoteague pony, gotta check his colors.

21: Draw the fourth foal on this sheet, which I bought a while back from :iconbarbaro29:

22. Draw the 2 designs I won from :iconahernstables: My luck of the draw from this deviation… I decided on two stallions, an Arcticsus and an Alcoquine… She did her part, now I must do mine.

23. Draw the pumpkin mare from this sheet.. she didn't get adopted at Halloween, and I'd been watching her a while before caving when the price went down.

24: Draw the fourth filly on this sheet, the black Andalusian, by :iconinfected-skully:

25: Draw #6 from this sheet by :iconohhaihorsey:, as I won him/her at auction

26: Draw horse 18 from this sheet A horse that hatched from an egg.. who'da thunk? by :iconbarbaro29:

27: Draw the two horses I adopted from :iconciscoandshadow:, who has unfortunately deactivated their account.

28: Draw mare I adopted from :iconbakaneko911:, who has unfortunately deacivated their account.

29: Draw the 4th horse on this sheet which I purchased from :iconmosiebear:

30: Draw the only horse from this sheet I'm not sure what breed it is, but I know I've seen it somewhere before seeing it on the sheet.

31: Draw Grung mare I adopted from :iconlkhanamura:

32: Draw this pretty green and brown foal, #1 on both these sheets by :iconfrostcoveredfields:

33: Draw the three horses I just adopted from :iconrunninghorsespirit: at Dancing Spirit Stables, numbers 2 and 6 from this sheet and number 4 from this sheet I suspect they all have the same sire, and will write their story accordingly. *looks around the stable* It was probably Flirt

34: Draw horse I adopted from :iconmerryabandon:

35: Draw the two TB colts(2 & 6… ) I adopted from :iconxxximpulsivexxx:

36: Draw Radette and Rufus, #2 and #5 horses I adopted from this sheet by :iconkalimaru:

37: Draw the third colt on this sheet

38: Draw this glow horse pair, #5 on this sheet hillsveiwrider123.deviantart.c… and, coincidentally, #5 on this sheet hillsveiwrider123.deviantart.c… Then I'll have a breeding pair, just gotta decide which one is the mare and which is the stallion

39: Draw kitten #2 from this sheet , 'cause we need at least one barn cat. :)

40: Draw this beautiful blue roan I'm partial to blue horses.

41: Draw #11 from this sheet She can be a sibling to #4 on the sheet

42: Draw the pretty mare Snowflurry

43: Draw this awesome starry appy Adopted from this sheet

44: Draw number 6 from this sheet Sexy horns are sexy on stallions

45: Draw the Sweequine cross I adopted from this sheet, s/he's #1

46: Draw #4 from this sheet with all the red/brown/orange patterned horses I'm adopting, I should start a breeding program

47: Draw the sad little gray paint mare

48: Draw the three horses I adopted from this sheet

49: Draw the unicorn stallion I adopted from this sheet

50: Draw unicorn #5 from this sheet

51: Draw the gray stallion from this sheet

52: Draw the stunning strawberry roan from this sheet

53: Draw the Luy Bashki mare I imported ages ago

54: Draw foal #3 from here

55: Draw #10 from this sheet

56: Draw this horse

57: Draw this mare

58: Draw horse #3 from here

59: Draw horse #1 from here

60: Draw unicorn #1 from here

61: Draw #4 from here

62: Draw Dark Moon

63: Draw mare #8 here

64: Draw my candy bar fox

65: Create a Hototo :iconhototos:, as each deviant is apparently still allowed to make one foundie. I'll make mine steel gray with green stripes, probably a mare.

66: Draw a familiar for HSS Dancing Lights

67: Draw SSS Trinity , and figure out if I can keep her name, since there's another Tronequine mare with the same name, though she's dead now, when SDS burned
Nope, will definitely need a new name, there's already a Trinity who's a mustang HARPG registered. Then again, Tronequine isn't a HARPG breed. I'm so confused now....

68: Draw kitty number 1 , a companion for Trinity

69: Draw Metacampus #2

70: Draw this whole family

71: Draw horse #30 here

72: Draw this blue riding beast

73: Draw Quiet Lightning, adopted from and get her a father, since I want her to be Champagne Supernova's daughter

74: Draw Suns Ray after Storms... been wanting an Ekpan for a while and he has a show entry before he has a ref :P

75: Draw Tronequine #3 from here

76: Draw this unicorn from :iconnefixion:

77: Draw these 2 Neon Dusters, number 3 here , and number 1 here

78: Draw the Nebula Pony mare, #3 here

79: Draw the champagne foal AntiqueLaceStables bred for me

80. Draw GGS Walk on Your Wavelength , I couldn't resist her name.

81: Age my KoiEquines, they have an egg and still aren't aged

82. Design a Peahen Avisus. Yes, a peahen, not peacock.

83. Do a ref for the awesome rave pavo Justalittlelost gave me.

84. Name and do a ref of my lanternhound

85. Draw LDHS Feathered Paradise since I just bought her

86. Color ES Liang since I just bought her

87. Draw Whispers of Silken Wings who I just bought

88. Draw the foal johnmowfive bred for me

89. Finish coloring and name Mioca 014

90: Draw Feather's Muse Paravo Foal HAS A NAME THANKS MEERLI by OceanLore

91. Draw Kaiya

92. Reference for Peafrie colt

93. Draw Amilia

94. Draw Pishals 3 and 4 here

95. Draw my Asian Dragon Horse mare

96. Reference for Stoltzer 335

97. Reference for shamrock Peafrie mare

98. Reference for peafrie stallion #1 here

99. Reference for Panache Elisha

100. Reference for Panache Pega

101. New ref for Valora Vida on the Supreme Stoltzer template

102. Reference for buckskin peafrie filly here

103. reference of perlino peafrie stallion

104. Reference of cameo dun peafrie stallion

105. Reference for Maple Marvels filly

106. Reference for Faline filly

107. Reference for blackshoulder colt #1 here

108. Reference for Ayumu

109. Reference for Macchiatto the Peafrie, who has apparently been deleted from dA :(

110. Reference for yellow snowcone colt Midsummer's foals (closed) by Silentstreamthecat

111. Reference for Hallow peafrie mare

112. Reference for blue mare here

113. Reference for Halloween Equinox Marandian stallion

114. Reference for Peaturk stallion

115. Reference for DracCavall stallion

116. Reference for White Knight 34

117. Reference for Felicity Eleadora 21

118. References for my poison peafrie pair

119. Reference for Duke of Earl Grey 023

120. Reference for Fyki

121. Reference for Nordanner A3185

122. Reference for Nordanner A3388

123. Reference for Nordanner recycled ID 5256

126. Design for Nordanner A3851

127. Reference for Nordanner A3801

128. Reference for Nordanner A3802

129. Reference for Nordanner A3609

130. Reference for Nordanner A3389

132. Reference for Nordanner A3803

133. Reference for Nordanner A3539

134. Reference for Nordanner A3390

135. Reference for Nordanner A3608

136. Reference for Nordanner A3607

137. Reference for Nordanner A4134

138. Reference for Nordanner A4304

139. Reference for Nordanner A4305

141. Reference for Nordanner A4307

144. Reference for Gingerbread colt here

145. Reference for gold rainbow peahen colt here

146. Reference for Titanic's Undertaker

147. Reference for Dappled Rose

148. Reference for Steely Blue colt with solid mane here

149. Reference for Denim/Jade hybrid filly here

150. Reference for Nordanner A4492

151. Reference for Nordanner A4493

152. Reference for Nordanner A4590

153. Reference for Arcticsus mare here

154. Reference for Phantom Alicorn Stallion here

155. Reference for Sandcastle

161. Reference for Nordanner A4879

162. Reference for Waldgeist mare

163. Reference for Nordanner A4936

164. Reference for Nordanner A4857

165. Reference for Autumn Peafrie stallion

166. Reference for Sapphire Peafrie stallion

167. Reference for Cotton Candy Peafrie stallion

168. Reference for Hued Pangare Marandian mare

169. Reference for Periwinkle Peafrie Mare

170. Reference for Eggplant Peafrie stallion

171. Reference for Cobalt Peafrie mare

173. Reference for Nordanner A5064(moulin)

174. Reference for Nordanner A5090 (eggnog candy cane)

176. Reference for Paradisa 021

177. Reference for autumn Peafrie stallion

178. Design for Boucle J004 - mermaid

179. Design for Boucle I079

180. Design for Boucle K398

181. finish designing Boucle J437 Cry Wolf

182. Reference for Nordanner A296

183. Design for Quirlicorn 1302Y - curled Reindeer antlers

185. Reference for Boucle H020

186. Reference for Marandian honey chestnut guppy import CMXXIX

188. Reference for Boucle K280

189. Draw one of Makoes' Shedus

190. Draw Psychic Shock the Frillie

191. Draw Glass Blue the Frillie

192. Draw Tranquil Beat the Frillie

193. Draw unnamed grayish-purple and white Frillie

194. Draw unnamed gray and white Frillie

195. Draw unnamed green Frillie

196. Draw unnamed dark red and white Frillie

All my clubs

Clubs that would have me as member:

I'm hoping I didn't miss too many.


:iconshow-judging-society: :iconkoi-equines-guild: :iconthephoenixhorse: :icongargoyles-galore: :iconrrs-rarerollingshows: :iconskeletonhorses: :icondragonequines:


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And go ahead and attack my snow fort. :) My DC Username is Wavelength.

Indefinite art hiatus

Mon Aug 13, 2018, 7:00 PM
None of you know this, but I've been renting the same house for 12 years. My landlady passed away in May, and her children have put my house on the market. So, it's time to move. As no rentals of sufficient size for my family in my area allow pets, and we have 4 cats, we're taking the plunge into home ownership.

This does mean I've been doing a lot of packing, and I put all my pencils, files, and references into a box this weekend. I don't intend to open that box until we are in the new place, since, seeking out houses, dealing with mortgage people, working more than full time, and being the only able-bodied adult in the house is exhausting. 

My husband did get knee arthroscopy on Aug 2, so he's moving better, but still not able to help too much. I will still be online until the bitter end, so I'll be looking at all your stuff, just note scanning anything new of my own. At best, I may color foal designs if I need a break from RL.

Until then, all of you enjoy your art, you never know when life will smash your pause button.

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Know that I do my best to look at each and every deviation, and if I faved it, I loved it. I just don't usually have the time to comment.

I'm not ignoring you if I didn't respond to your comment, and I'm very much behind on thanking others for their faves, but I do appreciate them all.

Thank You... by jennyleigh I Still Love You by LeonaWindrider Thanks for visitin by k-nelo Thank you my friends STAMP by izka197



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What is a Veteran?

You can't tell by looking who's a vet. Some carry a scar, a certain look in the eye. Others may carry the evidence inside them: a pin holding a bone together, a piece of shrapnel in the leg or perhaps another sort of inner steel: The soul's ally forged in the refinery of adversity.
Except in parades, however, the men and women who have kept America safe wear no badge or emblem. You can't tell a vet just by looking.
What is a vet?
He is the cop on the beat who spent six months in Saudi Arabia sweating two gallons a day making sure the armored personnel carriers didn't run out of fuel.
He is the barroom loudmouth, dumber than five wooden planks, whose overgrown frat-boy behavior is outweighed a hundred times in the cosmic scales by four hours of exquisite bravery near the 38th parallel.
She or he is the nurse who fought against futility and went to sleep sobbing every night for two solid years in Danang.
He is the POW who went away one person and came back another or didn't come back AT ALL.
He is the Quantico drill instructor who has never seen combat but has saved countless lives by turning slouchy, no-account rednecks and gang members into Marines, and teaching them to watch each other's backs.
He is the parade riding Legionnaire who pins on his ribbons and medals with a prosthetic hand.
He is the career quartermaster who watches the ribbons and medals pass him by.
He is the three anonymous heroes in The Tomb Of The Unknowns, whose presence at the Arlington National Cemetery must forever preserve the memory of all the
anonymous heroes whose valor remains unrecognized with them on the battlefield or in the ocean's sunless deep.
He is the old guy bagging groceries at the supermarket, aggravatingly slow, who helped liberate a Nazi death camp and who wishes all day long that his wife were still alive to hold him when the nightmares come.
He is an ordinary and yet an extraordinary human being a person who offered some of his life's most vital years in the service of his country, and who sacrificed his ambitions so others would not have to sacrifice theirs.
He is a Soldier, Marine, Sailor or Airman, and also a savior and a sword against the darkness, and he is nothing more than the finest, greatest testimony on behalf of the finest, greatest nation ever known.
So remember each time you see someone who has served our country. When you see one just lean over and say Thank You.
That's all most people need, and in most cases it will mean more than any medals they could have been awarded or were awarded.
Two little words that mean a lot, "THANK YOU".
Author Unknown


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