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WTS Summer Joust round 1 bracket 4 Panels
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By Seri-goyle   |   Watch
Published: May 17, 2013
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Talon and Deana struck each other, hard. The horses didn't seem to mind the mud, and were both maintaining speed beautifully. Unfortunately, as they say, "something's gotta give," and it was both lances.

Hand-size pieces of shaft and splinters flew everywhere, with one somehow knocking the faceplate in Deana's helmet up, then grazing her forehead and cheek. At least, that's what Deana thought happened, she could really only tell where she'd been hit by where she was bleeding, and after her head stopped ringing.

Sadly, this event was going to leave her teenage daughter with blackmail material, as she was holding the video camera, and caught a good shot of Deana poking her brand-new stitches, woozily announcing 'ouch', then doing it again, while her concerned mare watched and wondered just how hard her mistress's head had been hit.

Reference image [link] Funny perspective on the barrier is all mine.. I had to redraw it three times because I kept getting it wrong, and finally gave up

For Round 1 of the WTS Summer Joust WTS Summer Joust Round 1
Well it's begun, the Summer Joust has started. The weather is not ideal, but everyone's geared up and ready to go! There's fewer participants this year but they seem more dedicated than ever, with almost every pair bringing custom armor to the tournament. This level of willpower will be hard to beat, so good luck to each of the teams in trying!
Round Start Date - May 3rd 2013; 3pm EST
Round End Date - May 17th 2013; 2pm EST
Overall Conditions
Weather - Thunderclouds and medium fog, almost like the sky is trying to hug the ground.
Joust Run - The ground is a bit muddy, be careful with your footing!
Bracket 1
RMS Thomas Marks on Fuqin Jingshen  VS  WFK Corentin Bordelon on Tuuli
Round Action: Tuuli stalls, throwing off timing for Corentin Bordelon and resulting in a sound dehorsing by Thomas

Deana and HSS Fata Morgana [link] vs. Talon and AC Dick Grayson 1248 [link]
Using a color variation on this default armor [link] because I didn't design my own.
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