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WTS Summer Joust Round 2 Bracket 2 Panels
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Published: May 31, 2013
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For this WTS Summer Joust Round 2
Well it's begun, the Summer Joust has started. The weather is not ideal, but everyone's geared up and ready to go! There's fewer participants this year but they seem more dedicated than ever, with almost every pair bringing custom armor to the tournament. This level of willpower will be hard to beat, so good luck to each of the teams in trying!
Round Start Date - May 17th 2013; 8pm EST
Round End Date - May 31st 2013; 7pm EST
Overall Conditions
Weather - The clouds let their downpour out as soon as round 1 was over, pulling back into a light, misting rain and fog.
Joust Run - The mud got too severe after the first run, so it's been covered with sand and hay, leaving it a bit soggy but surer footing.
Bracket 1
RMS Thomas Marks on Fuqin Jingshen  VS  RF Sean Aden on Rocky Mountain Way
Round Action: To prove the

Featuring ~AgentQStables's Will Grihm on Humanity's Mendip Blagdon [link] in the green and red and Deana Travers on HSS Fata Morgana in green and tan. Also featured is Katrina Travers' boyfriend, Brian Stapleton, performing squire duties.

The mud was horrible, but fortunately the staff at Wolf's Tail had put down sand and straw on the joust run to make it less slick, and hopefully avoid the similar injuries to those in round 1. Brian was a bit late back from looking at the CDH who had competed in the first bracket, and Katrina stood on the sidelines alone with the video camera.

Both competitors for this bracket appeared matched, for height and for color, unlike Deana's first round match, a gray Nordanner stallion much taller than Morgana. The mares pranced and showed off, Agent Q's Georgian Grande taking her cues from her rider as he flirted with Katrina. He looked straight at her, and Katrina hoped he hadn't caught her staring. She drew back, startled, when she realized he probably had. He had an intense gaze and a fun-loving smile as he winked at her. He also appeared to be much younger than Deana, and Katrina hoped that wouldn't be a factor in the joust outcome.

Brian came back in time for the starting shot, and both horses took off, matching pace for pace, and both lances took the shield squarely. Unfortunately, this meant both riders were de-horsed, and Deana hit the ground painfully on her left side, having thrown herself away from the barrier, but Will Mangin went to his right face-first, scraping his knee on the poles separating the joust lanes.

On the way to the hospital tent, Dean had a word of advice for the younger Roma, "Next time you go off your horse, do your best to fall away from the barrier. I hit it a couple times at Renfaire, and you can hurt yourself worse on it than the ground." Of course, she didn't look at all like the paragon of wisdom she was hoping to be, with her forehead still in stiches and her armor all mussed. She and Katrina took it off just outside the door and handed it off to Brian for cleaning and re-waxing, while the proceeded in to check for injuries.

Will had arrived first and was having his knee addressed. He again caught sight of Katrina and resumed his flirting. "Well hello there, Cherie," he started, "I couldn't help but notice you on the sidelines. are you doing anything after the jousts finish?"

His older and wiser companion gave him a look that may have killed him, if he'd been watching her.

"We'd been planning on going out afterwards, if mom's up for it, after Morgana's cleaned up and in her stall."

Will didn't like the thoughts of eating dinner with the girl and her mother, "If I make it though the jousts well, and your mother doesn't, I'd be happy to escort you while she rests." He turned on the charm, really hoping the elder Travers would be too tired to go out.

Outside, Brian was supposed to be cleaning the armor, but instead contemplated going inside and seeing how good the male jouster would look with a sponge bouncing off his head. fortunately, they were both spared a scene when Katrina replied," but I already have an escort. My boyfriend is outside cleaning mom's armor."

Will looked a bit crestfallen at the rebuff, and Clara grabbed his arm again, "You really should check if the boyfriend's around before you start to flirt. We'd have really had a scene if he walked in on you."

I apologise for the traditional art, I'm much faster at it, and this was a rough week at work, so I didn't have lots of time.
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