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[UPDATED 19/12/2008]

Hi people :) ok this is an updated version of the old wallpaper, i've fixed the banding (hooo what a nightmare), added 3 more resolutions AND a version without the text (for all resolutions) ;)


also i've made an iPhone/iPod Touch version see here -> [link]
hope you enjoy it :D thanks!


enjoy :) it's based on the jimbosheep wall :) [link] using some brushes from: [link]

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Love it, thank you!
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Will be featured @, You can also feature by your self other creations of yours.
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Really nice but are you considering a windows version? I just don't feel good using an apple logo on my windows machine :)
prologix's avatar switch machines! :P
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don't have time right now to make a windows version, but it's on my "to do" list ;) till then enjoy this version ;) cheers and thanks :D
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Really love this one, how about a version with the windows flag?
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thanks :) many asked to make a windows version, but im to lazy to make one LOL
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Hm im no skilled foto shopper, otherwise i tried it myself!
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i love this wallpaper, but that blue splotch is really annoying :') thats my only criticism other wise i love it :)
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lol thanks, actually when i was doing it, i've asked my self if i wold remove it or not, but was to lazy to remove LOL so it stayed :P
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really cool men =)

Downloading 4 my Macbook pro
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God this is awesome!!! I will post this on my blog! Thanks! You are a true artist man!
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thank you and thank you for the fav :D
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awesome work!! love it!
Beautiful! Love it!
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thanks ;) and for the fav also :D
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Wow! This wallpaper is so beautiful!
I love the artistic style of this picture, with the old rainbow Apple logo!
Very great to be used for a desktop background!

A very great work! Congratulations!^-^
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thanks :D and also another thanks for the fav ^^
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Could you provide one without that apple logo ? Since im not one of those apple fan boy's :p
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