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Crash Bandicoot

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ps1 well i have ps2 and 3

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Hello your artwork got stolen, i already reported the person but maybe you should do too. This is the art theaf :icongma-sdt-p-j-c-a-v-8:
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Poor Aku Aku, it's like he's saying, "You jerk, I don't even have any hands."

Awesome work, so much nostalgia!
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Aku Aku made my day. Also, it's nice to see Crash as a casual fun-loving player that is playing  ..whatever game it is.
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Yah fuck you uka uka
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Love how Aku Aku is disgruntled by his lack of hands.
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مرحباً حقيقتاً هذه اللعبه من أمتع
الالعاب و التي عشنا بها طفولتنا و نحن كتبنا مقاله طويله جداً عن اجزاء
هذه اللعبه واسرارها و ايضا لتحميل هذه اللعبه على منصات الكمبيوتر ويمكنكم
زيارة هذا المقال الرائع الذي نشرح به أهم مميزات هذه اللعبه ونشئتها

العاب كراش

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Hahaha!! Thats awesome
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aku akul looks so disappointed
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Poor akuaku😄
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Supercon? I went there before :)
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Bit: Aku come on! It's not like you're even holding the controller! Oh....
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Me playing Crash Twinsanity. :D
It never gets old!
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Ha aku aku is just sitting there
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Your colours are perfectly setting the tone of playing on an old CRT TV. I'm loving them, man! Plus, the textured paint strokes give this photoshop painting a soft, three-dimensional feel.

Most artists -- aside from Zembillas himself -- can capture Crash's character accurately -- let alone Aku Aku. It seems that you've gone ahead and captured this guy and his sidekick flawlessly.

This is the only Crash Bandicoot painting I have enjoyed so far on the internet -- and the internet is a big place. Amazingly accurate fan art. 10/10.

Keep up the good form, composition, and memories, man!

Best Wishes,

Eric D. Mendez
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Wow amazing words my friend! (Jun 4..sorry im late) glad you enjoyed this fan art. Never thought that this pic could be liked by so many people. I appreciate each comment but yours make my day. Thanks for your words Eric D. Mendez and sorry my grammar, bad in english xP.
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You're welcome! Keep it up! Who knows, maybe one day we'll both have Crash Bandicoot masterpieces of our own creations!

On a side note too, I'd love to buy a shirt with this on it! We can talk more on that later. For now, good night.
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How you make that?
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Aku Aku doesn't see what all the hype's over. :lol:

Love the chromatic shading used to give that true 'TV lighting the room' effect.
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