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Hello Everyone

I just wanted to share in this place all my Social Network Links, so you can find me anywhere I'm uploading my artwork.

You can follow my art and updates:
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Star! Facebook 
Star! Twitter
Star! Youtube
Star! Behance
Star! Linkedin

Thanks to everyone for all your comments and faves. Usually I don't reply comments often, but believe me, I read everyone of them and I appreciate all the feedback.

Recent Artwork:
- Bam Bam - The Flintstones by sergio-quijada  - Josie and the Pussycats + Timelapse video by sergio-quijada  - I dream of Jennie - by sergio-quijada

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Hey everybody!

Right now I'm missing a few bucks in my paypal account and I really need to get them for today/tomorrow.

So, I'm offering a special promotion only for today. Cheap commission for your characters.
Here's the deal:

"Delivery time: a couple hours once started"

- Sketch character: $20

- Lineart + flat colors + animated/cartoonish style (no background): $40
- Jinx - Ikuzo by sergio-quijada - Lucinda - by sergio-quijada - Kaden's Commish - by sergio-quijada

- Lineart + flat colors + animated/cartoonish style + simple background: $60
- Bane - by sergio-quijada - Nana - by sergio-quijada

- Bust sketch + painted speedpaint duotono: $50
- Troll Rogue + Speedpaint Video by sergio-quijada - Dwarf Paladin + Speedpaint video by sergio-quijada

Anyway if you see something you like, just let me know. I'll be able to take just a couple for a "less than a few hours" delivery.

Thank you very much people!
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