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- ROBOTECH 20th anniversary -

My humble tribute to one of my favorite series...

...and one of my Fav. characters.
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I love Robotech. This is great!
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Simplemente me encanta!!! 
I just saw that this has become the cover art for the Robotech 20disc Complete Collection.  Congratulations.  Awesome work.

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Thank you Matthew!
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i know this is 2012 and im 24, but just seeing this pic makes me nostalgic, and it was so long ago since i watched the first robotech... just the very thought of the good old times makes me shiver. Sincerely thank you for this picture. If you by some miracle get to read this comment i would extremely love if you could make a pic of Max and Miri.
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MAX-KUN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! X3
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Max is one of my favorite character of all time!
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Max! This Robotech series had the most memorable cast of characters.
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My favorite character
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Nice work: love your Max and adore the HUD detail on his helmet !
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Wonderful! Being a Max fan myself, I hope to see more Robotech artwork from you in the future!
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Love the clean style on this one. A fav to you sir :)

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Seems a lot of people forgot all about Robotech.
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orale... :babea hasta mojar el teclado: maaaaax lo adoroooo!!! *----*

el coloreado esta demasiado genial!!
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Buenisima imagen! De verdad el mejor piloto, y un tributo muy muy bien hecho!!!
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Jaja, me encanta la sonrisita, va tan bien con la personalidad de Max, estaba re pirado XD
I can't believe it was only 36 episodes! T_T
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The colrs are fantstic!
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good stuff.

this guy right here...anime's best pilot ever.
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this kicks so much ass D8
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hay isn't that on the offical robotech website
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Very well done. This should be on a dvd jacket or something.
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