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sniper rifle SVD

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Published: December 9, 2010
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Looks a little bit like the Gauss Rifle from Crysis I think!
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lightsky2009Hobbyist Photographer
Не булл-пап конечно, но размеры впечетляют. Вопросов 2 всего - Насколько удобно будет бойцу снимать магазин для перезарядки? Как быстро он сможет это сделать? И второй вопрос - насколько удобен в бою этот (если так можно выразиться) "приклад"? Это же не СВДС? Вообщем какой-то гибрид СВДС с СВУ. Вот как раз бы СВУ-АС (наличие возможности стрельбы очередями) с сошкой (вы писали что есть в наличии) двуногой - подошёл бы в качестве прототипа.
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Yoru12Student Artist
I wonder if the design of the Gears of War Longshot Rifle Played any particular part in the design of this weapon.
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wolfmoon25Hobbyist Digital Artist
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What kind of ammo does it use? Is for anti-personnel, anti-material or both?
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Sergey-LesiukProfessional Digital Artist
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I feel like a rifle this advanced should have some sort of onboard distance calculation based on the sheer number of lazorz on it.
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What does SVD stand for?
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this is awesome! although i disagree with a few comments. Sure you cant see the path of the laser but its not that hard to figure out where it originated if you can see what surface it's on. (if its on your partners back the shooter is behind you) Also the simple fact of a laser being on/ around them would cause your targets to move erratically and attempt to find cover. All this being said i do understand that you intended them to be out of the visual spectrum. On that note let me point out to the general population that infrared and ultraviolet will become visible with the proper filtering ie. multi-functional night vision goggles, cameras etc... However the odds of coming across an enemy with such equipment is low. then again it would be the future and possibly used on a black op. either way the design is awesome and the lasers look fantastic! And if UV or IR was out of the question there are a billion other wave lengths it could use so to anyone and all, don't let a singular idea stop you from thinking outside the box!

P.S. sorry for the long comment XD hope it was at least a little informative!
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Sergey-LesiukProfessional Digital Artist
Yep) Thanx)
but, this is just concept)
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крутой ствол, ощущается мощь, достаточно показать врагу, тот и обкакается
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Pure Awesome going to make a model of this for a movie.
What are the dimensions of this rifle? (guesstimate 1:1 Scale Plz)
i think about L: 0.7 Meters W: 7.5 Inches H: 8 Inches
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Can't take my eyes off this thing... it's hypnotic...
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Sergey-LesiukProfessional Digital Artist
Many than)
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DaltTTHobbyist Digital Artist
По моему, на такую здоровенную винтовку по любому нужны сошки.
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Sergey-LesiukProfessional Digital Artist
а они есть, под стволом.
Просто я не рисовал их механизм.
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Вот класно будет, когда спецнас будет вооружён ТАКИМИ СВД-шками. Отлично. 10/10 fav+
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Sergey-LesiukProfessional Digital Artist
HELLGATEMARINEProfessional Filmographer
Outstanding job, really impressive.
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Sergey-LesiukProfessional Digital Artist
HELLGATEMARINEProfessional Filmographer
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I think it looks very similar to the sniper in gears of war. Apart from that, it looks very cool.
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dagoth-jeffHobbyist Writer
I want one.
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In some way it reminds me of the Gauss-Gun of Crytek's game "Crysis" - but this looks like it can kick ass way better :D
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