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Welcome to Hell

stone daemons
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i love your work man

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this picture looked awesome because it gives off some really crazy vibes.

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dued this picture looks amazing. it does give off really crazy vibe when looking at it. by that these creature are huge!! i love it.

I drop by here all the time. Now where's my Super Shotgun?
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I think you can handle it without a gun )))

Awesomely scary pic with a great sense of depth.
Out of all the images on DA, perhaps this one by jonasdero comes closest in atmosphere / design: 

Gods Of Sound by JonasDeRo
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beautifull art. Reminds me Voltron

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Are you the original artist of this piece? I found it randomly on the internet years ago but I never could find its origin.
This is one of my all-time favorite art pieces, I even keep it as the background on my laptop most of the time.
Obviously I am a HUGE fan!!
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this is my work
Thank you bro!
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I'd like to burn in a hell this nice.
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The master must have the strength of a mountain.
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now this is a hell i can get behind
Amazing! Very well done.
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I'll be damned. Wonderful job on this, but I was wondering who originally painted it (I've seen this pic stolen and posted on those free wallpaper sites all the time).
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Exceptionally fierce!  Faved! :heart:
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Waow. So powerful.
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clever idea! very nice piece! :)
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