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Dead Sword

just like to draw swords)...

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Does it have any special properties?

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Makes you speak the truth.

Always !;)

That's a pretty lame power for a sword :/

still cool though

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Amazing! I really like how deadly this sword looks. ;)
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Amazing. I love the worn edges too--so cool!
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You work is soo impressing and soo cool I totally fell in love with your sword! It just looks soo cool. Amazing work! Oh and I also made your sword in 3D and ofcorse I gave credits not only in description but also in several parts of the video I saw your name ( at the end I am also saying thank you ) so here is the link in case you want to check it out.
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Many thanx to you. Good work!
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You really shouldn't thanks me! The sword is Drawn by you and it is a really great artowrk. The only thing I did was make it into 3D so I guess te Great Work goes to you sir. :)
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Used this amazing sword here:…
Hope you like it :)
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"Just like to draw swords"

I see that we're like-minded fellows
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Would I be correct in thinking the blade was encased in ice? .. It kind of looks like it to me... just a bit... maybe XD
Either way AMAZING!
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It would be SOO awesome if you got this turned into a real metal replica, with the ice part of the blade in some sort of lightly-frosted plastic or something... I would TOTALLY buy it! ... Food for thought lol! ;)
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Fucking awesome
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Its so jagged and majestic looking. Truly a wonderful piece of art :D
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can i use it like a stock for my picture?
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