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I made a blog to talk about some comics I make, like Red City.  You can also expect to see the return of Walking here.
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Red City, my big web comic project merging a weekly comic format with a steady stream of minicomics and sporadicly updated comic strips, has launched.  The story will branch out into several different genres, settings, and themes so I'm sure there'll be something for everyone.  Check it out at ""
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I started a Twitter account to update those seven dudes who are interested out there on my comic work.
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So for all four of you who read G'nerds2000 or watch for any of my other stuff you'd have noticed that there have been no updates for a good chunk of the summer.  This is because my laptop died on me in late May and I've been trying to continue on without a personal computer to produce comics with in the mean time to no avail.  I've finaly replaced it with a decent desktop and setup all my comic producing hardware and software so there shouldn't be any more hiccups....
....'cept for the fact that I'm to move in a few days to begin Grad School...
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Sonic the Hedgehog will be taking G'nerds2000 to the #200 milemarker, and I could think of none more worthy on a personal level.  "Ode to the Blue Hero" will touch the game engine in his 2D origins, his present fiascos, themes old and new, his cast, his cartoons and comic books, and how he has influenced yours truely.  If you're a Sonic fan you should stay tuned.
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A new minicomic has been added to my shop…

Heather Townsend mistakenly leaves the bus one day to end up in an unfamiliar end of town. As soon as she realizes her mistake she is ceremoniously swept away by a group who have mistaken her for a friend that had disappeared long ago. With the language barrier of being deaf and broken hearts on the line, will Heather
make the day a disaster or a blessing?

14 Pages, $2.50.  You should buy it.  It doesn't suck.

The next minicomic up is Sinister Rhapsody: Get Fed Up.  I can't say how long it'll take, but it shouldn't be too long.

If anyone is wondering where the RedCity webcomic is, I'm thinking about getting my own site for it, that is not off of ComicGenesis.  The reason for that is, I'll be honest here, is I want to make some money off the webcomic and that isn't something you can do with the way I'm doing things now.  I'd like to try something different if nothing else.  

But anyway, Echoes of Another.  Buy it.  Its cheap.
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Okay, for anyone who is curious heres what I'm working on this month

Sundays- G'nerds2000
Mondays- Red City
Tuesdays- Minicomics
Wednesdays- Minicomics
Thursdays- Seasonal art
Fridays- Seasonal art
Saturdays- Free day

Seasonal art means christmas comics, secret santa projects, and gift art.

My next mini comic, Echos of Another, should be finished and ready for purchase by next week.…

After that I'll begin work on a more upbeat minicomic, Sinister Rhapsody #1: Get Fed Up.
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This is a tad delayed but I created a Minicomic section of my website a while ago.…

Check it out if you feel like it.  Right now a bit of G'nerds2000 and Walking are availible, and so is the shorts Deluge (a mini comic exclusive) and Uninspired.  Soon I'll have another to add to the mix as well.
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Heres just a list of my projects and their progress

Red City Chapter 1
Script: 100%
Pages Completed: 2

Viewless Winds
Script: 100%
Pages Drawn: 2/24
Pages Inked: 2/24
Pages Completed: 1/24

Script: 100%
Pages Drawn: 7/7
Pages Inked: 7/7
Pages Completed BW: 7/7
Pages Completed Color: 6/7

Script: 20%
Pages Drawn: 0
Pages Completed: 0
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Okay, so heres my next big project.  Its going to mesh all my other projects (save for G'nerds2000) together in one big family of stuff.  You've already seen "Uninspired" and soon I'll post a colored minicomic "Deluge" which some of you have seen in Black and White already.  The project will continue pumping out minicomics (next up is "Viewless Winds") and establish a new webcomic to tie them all together as a sort of root hub.  This means some characters will continue to see time in the spot light, but not all will have the pleasure.

Alright, so.  I'm thinking that, Once a week, I'll reveal a new cast member of this upcoming web comic deal that'll take off once I have a few more minis under my belt (I'm thinking Fall '08).  G'nerds2000 will continue to update for now, but in all honesty I'd like to end it so I can devote more time to this project.  I'd integrate it like the others, but this won't be a comedy persay.  At least, they way it looks now it wont.

Anyway, stop by everynow and again to catch more minis and some new faces.

I think I'll post the most important person first.  This isn't neccisaraly the protagonist, but someone who is absolutely neccisary to make everything flow.
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Okay, so I'm done with the three day hiatus I took following my graduation from College, now its time to rock.

From here on in (for the summer at least) I'll be doing comic related work from 8:30AM-5:00PM everyday.  This includes reading relavent scholarly materials (for instance Philosophical texts to enrich my themes), warm up doodles, and things like T-Shirts on top of creating my comics as usual.

So anyway, expect a lot of stuff from me, all though not everything will end up here on DA or even online.  Mini Comics, for instance, you'll have to cough up the bucks (all 3 of 'em) to see.

Current Projects
Gnerds2000 (Web Comic)- Update Mondays
Walking (Web Comic)- Update Fridays
Valkyrie T-Shirt- Whenever
Viewless Winds (Mini Comic)- Finish ASAP
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Okay, well my objectives for February weren't met very well due to some illnesses that really kicked my ass around and the GRE.  March doesn't look all that menencing, but March is also going to bear the fruit of Super Smash Brothers Brawl, Wild Arms Cross Fire, Crisis Core (which actually looks half decent compared to most of the crap Squarenix puts out there these days), and Barque, so I may be busy there.

Right then, this month I want to get more G'nerds2000 online.  The gaming humor well is running dry, so I need to think of some way to make the jokes fresh.  Reading Days is online now, but not all of them are uploaded, so I plan on squaring that away soon.  I also want to try making some fan art wallpapers using a little style I've been toying with for certain games each week.  I plan on one for Vagrant Story, Silent Hill 3, Jet Set Radio, and Pheonix Wright so far, although thats just because its what I've doodled thus far.  If anyone wants one done for some game specifically let me know and I'll see if I can pull it off.

Right then, 10 more days.
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A few days ago I worked out all of the bugs for the Reading Days and Dodging Bullets site... and there were plenty of 'em.  Now the site isn't complete, and all of our comics aren't on there yet (I got to resize them and rename them and figure out what date they need to go up and a whole mess of stuff) but the site looks decent, has a few comics, and links to our stores.

Thats right, theres a Reading Days store now.  Yeah, not too much there now, as I set it up right now with the purpose of establishing an adress to link to, but I intend to get some exclusive art stuff there.  Let me know if you guys have an idea for me to draw up for you as these don't cost me anything to create.

Heres the link for the Reading Days and Dodging Bullets web page

Visit the Dodging Bullets store while you're there, yo
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Got some goals I aim to accomplish this month, peoples.  First is to get the Player 3 (my radio show) and Reading Days websites up and running and the other is a small step towards my endless quest to become less of an ass.

So I don't often comment here on Deviant Art, mostly for time reasons.  I'm going to change that this month.  Don't count on me continuing this trend though (not the most social dude in the universe you see).

So yeah, post something this month and I'll try and point out someting you did well in it.  We'll see how this goes.