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Technical forest v 2_1

Added new glyphs.
ver. 2 : [link]
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Love this font so much! :clap:

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Thanks for the font!
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I like very much how look :) 
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I have a few questions about your font. What is the best way to contact you?
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Easiest way: via e-mail :)

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Great font i probably use it in a next project
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Thank you so much! :squee:
I love this font!

Dziękuję za czcionkę ;D
Bardzo mi się podoba! :clap:
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Proszę bardzo :) na zdrowie
Czesc wie ktos czemu nie moge pobrac?
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Dzięki, za czcionkę.
was looking for "technical forest v2", but the subtle updates I've noticed seem to be nicely tweaked from v2 to v2.1. Thx!
Great font, thanks a lot!
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Love this font :)
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I love the font, it seems a TV commercial! :)
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Gracias se ve bastante bien

Thanks man, looks very nice
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great font - thank you so much!
will definetely use it for some logotypes! :)
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is there a restriction if i use it as base for a logotype (commercial)?? ... if i use it for i will modify it probably very hard - so regularly it shouldn't!?
in case that i use it some time without modification i will let you know and we can talk about your conditions.
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nice, thanks for the font..i am trying it now!
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