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Jacen solo and Tenel Ka

My favorite couple in EU
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Beautiful...and TRAGIC.

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Very intimate. It's a beautiful piece. Bravo !

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This looks great

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my favorite star wars couple period

Sad how they never got a happy ending.

Now they're just being ignored altogether.

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Best artwork of these guys I've seen so far. Your SW Legends art is incredible, please keep up your amazing work! Our dying fandom certanly needs more <3

Excellently done. It's rare to see anything involving these two, especially now. You did great work in bringing this to life.

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Thank you, this is actually an old art I drew a year ago when I was reading NJO. It’s always my favorite among all the art I did

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This is so gorgeous! It captures them and the emotion/feeling of their relationship perfectly. And it's always a treat to see new Jacen & Tenel Ka fanart! :D

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Thank you, I m honored!

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anyone who read Young Jedi Knights KNEW these two were bound to get together

I wish the same could be said for Zekk and Jaina.

I hate Jag Fel for that.

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Very lovely image. Could we perhaps get a image of other Legends universe couples next, like perhaps a image of Jaina Solo and Jagged Fel as well as Obi-Wan Kenobi and Siri Tachi?

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Of course. They may not be as touching as this one, but I’ll do my best

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Despite how complicated things got, these two truly loved each other and their daughter. Even when he embraced the Dark Side, Jacen's last act was to save Tenel and Allana.

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