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Pull your pants up

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No seriously. Sagging pants? These people are friggan too old to not know how to wear pants properly. Do these people not know where sagging pants originated from? Sheesh. And then some of these chicks wants to fall for some of these guys. What is so sexy bout a man not knowing how to put on pants the right way? "But it is how the fashion is" This kind of fashion is stupid and IMO it makes the men look dumb. Sorry if I offened some of ya'll that are pro sagging pants but that is MY opinion. It is disgusting.

rookie-101 was my old account. I am reposting this stamp here.
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RinthesharkdaddyHobbyist Digital Artist
Ugh and This happens to these guys  at my high school do this and you can get written up for that! nobody wants to see ur butt crack
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Sweet-corn-flakesStudent Traditional Artist
My mom told me where it originally came from and I was very shocked 
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I’m so sick of hearing about kids in my school year sagging. Also, whenever I go to an out of school party held by my classmates, I see some boys sagging. Frankly, it disgusts me.

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ElectricLightsArtsStudent Digital Artist
Lmao. Why do they do that. Like I saw this guy trying to get in his pocket put his pants just kept falling down more, it was hilarious.
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Beatlegirl77Student General Artist
Pants on the ground, pants on the ground! Lookin' like a fool with your pants on the ground!
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Pants on the ground!
Pants on the ground!
Looking like a fool with your pants on the ground!
With your gold in you mouth.
Hat turned sideways, pants hit the ground.
Call yourself a cool cat, looking like a fool.
Walking downtown with your pants on the ground!
Get it up! Hey, get your pants off the ground!
Walking, talking with your pants on the ground!
Get it up! Hey, get your pants off the ground!
Looking like a fool with your pants on the ground!

-General Larry Platt
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Manda-Tee93Hobbyist Digital Artist
There should be one for women with whale tails (thongs) showing to make it a fair thing for both males and females with this underwear showing bullshit.
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mirandaadriaProfessional Digital Artist
So.... Yep. A slightly racist stamp as it is clearly targeting young black males who tend to do this more than other demographics. How about this? We leave people the fuck alone, let them dress however the fuck they want, and stop being so judgmental? What an awesome idea!
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ElectricLightsArtsStudent Digital Artist
No, fuck you. This is public indecency. And it is racist that you think it is racist. you must have some kind of racist issues lurking in your mind, because it is bullshit that you think this is racist. I but you're the kind of fucked up person to say only white people can be racist, and only women can be sexually harassed. Fuck you, I shame you hard, and hope everyone that sees your bullshit, shames too, you racist fucking ass hole.

Also, before you ask (you dumb ass) you saying that is racist, because you automatically assume that only a person of color would dress that way.  You racist fucking ass hole, how dare you think / say / write a think so racist, and try to make yourself look like the better person. I hope you rot in hell, you unbelievable ass, (And I don't even believe in hell, but I KNOW that's where you belong)
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mirandaadriaProfessional Digital Artist
A bit late, aren't ya?

Yep. I'm totally a racist person (Miranda Rants on: Black Lives Matter) who believes that only women can be sexually harassed (Miranda rants on: Abuse is Genderless).

BTW, how old are you? I'm guessing you're probably like 16 or something, but regardless, life's too short to be so angry. Take some time today to relax and enjoy life. Seriously.

Take care.
ElectricLightsArts's avatar
ElectricLightsArtsStudent Digital Artist
Okay. I am man enough to admit I was wrong.
with that said, I'd like to ask you something, as you seem to be an intelligent person, and maybe I can learn something from you. So what are you views on Egalitarianism?

I believe people don't deserve the same rights, as nobody is equal.
I'm not equal to the pilots of United Airlines Flight 232, or the man working at a CVS down my street, or my grandpa who helped program the Space Shuttles safety systems.

However, I think it is wrong that women made less then man, and they really had no rights, like back people.
But I also thing it is wrong that it is "okay" nowadays, to degrade white men. Like in
Gillette tackles toxic masculinity in new ad

I am very against this, and In a way, I'm against women. because men are being ripped apart.

Also I watched the first video, but not the full second. touching someone inappropriately is harassment, not sexual harassment. it is sexual when the sexual organs are involved. And i think nowadays women are using sexual harassment as a way to destroy someone, instead of getting justice. I wish I had the link to the woman who admitted she lied about her claims.
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mirandaadriaProfessional Digital Artist
Three days and you apparently have nothing else to say, eh? Ok. Good to know. 
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mirandaadriaProfessional Digital Artist
Egalitarianism, to me, is good in principle, but not in practice. There's only so much good that "walking the middle path" can do before you start excusing some very bad actions from both sides.

EVERYONE deserves the same rights. Period. Whether you make six figures or wash toilets to pay the bills, all people are created equal in my eyes. End of story. The moment society starts making exceptions for who deserves what kind of rights is when things eventually WILL go out of control, such as the Transatlantic Slave Trade or the Holocaust.

That Gillette ad, by the way, is not degrading white men, as there are clearly men of color in the ad. The ad is directing men to look inside their gender and the community built around it to find those guilty of said toxic masculinity. The fact that you only saw it as an attack on white men likely means you're exactly the audience it was speaking to. It's not attacking you personally, it's attacking the culture that has been built up around you that HURTS you just as much as anyone else. The fact that you're against women because MEN are being ripped apart for something that is entire their fault? I think perhaps you need to do some self reflection on that one.

And lastly, how incredibly insulting to DARE tell me what qualifies as sexual harassment and what doesn't? YES, I endured sexual harassment because his fingers WENT INSIDE MY PRIVATE PARTS. I WAS 15. Did you TRULY need specific details in order to believe my account? By the way, even if he hadn't, it would still have been sexual harassment. You, a complete stranger on the internet, do not get to be the judge of what I personally endured as a teenager.

The fact that you did shows why it took me 15 years to realize what had happened to me. 15 years. MEANING I AM NOW IN MY 30s. So finally coming forward about a boy (whose name I can't even remember) who touched me inapparopriately 15 years prior was me trying to destroy someone? Respectfully... fuck you.

And... just as a final thought... 'THE woman'. The singular woman? Because I can guaran-damn-tee the amount of factual accounts FAR outweigh the false reports.
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GlitchIndoSystemHobbyist Digital Artist
Okay no. White males are being destroyed because we have nothing going for us. Everyone
wants to help the fucking niggers, and oh god that stupid bitch was touched we got to feel
sorry for her. no fuck all of you people.

Also, again, nobody is equal. The guy washing toilets has to. it's not like a company would hire
a women "Because that would be taking their rights away" and saying they all deserve equal
rights is a very communist thought. I would love to think you're one of the only retards who thinks
that way. but sadly the U.S. is just following a stupid ass path. Like we watched Russia fall because
of Communism.

Also lastly, I hope you take your bullshit to that "boy you can't remember" and i hope you loose. because you know as well as I do, you have NO PROOF! and in the U.S. some dumb bitches word is not proof.

Also, you should've done your homework. I have two accounts dumbass.

I hope you block this account too, so I don't have to waste my time replying to you.
SOMMY-OF-BREROHobbyist General Artist
dude, this stamp was made a decade ago xdddd the person even moved accounts and probably forgot this exists

"A slightly racist stamp as it is clearly targeting young black males" that's like getting triggered over someone saying "I hate falafels" because it's a common dish in the middle east and dass racis!!!!!! Also I don't think that anyone who wears such attire really cares much about what people in general feel about them, let alone what some random stamp on some art site from 10 years ago thinks about their dress code.

Ps. You've got some super cool art, keep up the good work :thumbsup:
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mirandaadriaProfessional Digital Artist
Non sequitor. Your so-called "comparison" doesn't work. Having a personal preference for a food you don't want to eat is NOT the same as dictating what other people should or should not wear. A more accurate comparison would be telling other people they shouldn't eat falafels because you yourself don't like them. Also, what the target thinks or feels is not the issue, either. But C+ for effort, I suppose.

P.S. Thanks.
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mirandaadriaProfessional Digital Artist
Spare me your childishness, please. If you have nothing of value to actually say, exit stage left.
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WerecatqueenNicHobbyist Writer
He's talking about people wearing sagging pants in general. There is no intent to be racist here
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AcousticTeaHobbyist General Artist
lol they never said that they were targeting this to young black males smh
theyre just fucking saying how having your pants sag is stupid,,
mirandaadria's avatar
mirandaadriaProfessional Digital Artist
It’s implied, which means, FYI, that it doesn’t need to be said because it’s already assumed by the image that was used.

And, crazy thought, what other people wear is none of your business or theirs. This judgmental BS attitude towards other peoples wardrobe really needs to stop.
ElectricLightsArts's avatar
ElectricLightsArtsStudent Digital Artist
No you stupid son of a bitch, white people wear this kind of thing too. shut the fuck up, you racist ass hole.
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flaminqobonesHobbyist General Artist
Finally, someone agrees. I don't understand how this is considered "cool", there was a guy doing this at a mall and I was about to tell him to pull up his pants.
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I unfortunately saw an idiot doing this in a mall
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