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Welcome to the sergal group of deviantART!

This is a fan-group for the great Sergal race created by mick39.

"WHAT ARE SERGALS?" All your questions should be answered here: Article of Sergals in the Vilous Official Wiki
Also if you are looking for any information on sergals' physical, biology, ecology, behavior, culture, and sexuality, please head to the sergal article of Vilous Wiki at first. There's any official canon/lore about them!

Frequently Asked Questions about using Sergals
If you are looking for copyright information or terms of use please head here:TOU on the Vilous Official Website

This group's primary focus is to aggregate sergal art, and be the center of sergal fan activity on dA. You can add your own art to the gallery, or suggest your favorite sergal art to the group's favorites! Watch, join, or contribute until your heart is content.

Group icon is made by awesome :iconkintsy:

Special links for sergals:
Vilous Official Wiki / Site / Store / Patreon / Twitter / Facebook
"Vilous" is a fantasy and science fiction world that Sergals are belonging to.
Founded 12 Years ago
Jan 11, 2010


Group Focus
Fan Club

1,542 Members
1,703 Watchers
161,364 Pageviews

Gallery Folders

Sergal by TigerSnowflake
[com] wendell by revioLATE
Full Piece for KickFlips by GrimmuzA
Commission Andromeda FullHD by X-Rom
Main Gallery
The Royal Duel (Art Request) by Between2Dimensions
Tired man by Golday41

Mature Content

for DadaDog   by SaltySerpent
OC - Friends by Reno-Viol
Beginner and Sketchy art
Another sergal by HyolSW
Sergal by HyolSW
Shark hugging shark [comm] by Clankerss
YCH - Pumpkin cub party! by Reno-Viol
Reference Sheets
Adopt auction: Demon`s heart [CLOSED] by Ino-Moon
Sergal Adopt ! by Vilethescum

Mature Content

Ran ref 2020 by Gyokouen
Sergal Anatomy Cheat Sheets
The Official Reference Sheet of Sergals - Part 1 by mick39
[Preview of Official Sergal Ref] Sergal Feet 2016 by mick39
Sergal Skull Close Up by ClockworkCatastroph3
Sergal Skeleton by ClockworkCatastroph3
Second Life 3D
Je te protegerai by felifan
Kosmos is happy to see You by felifan
I attempt to meme... oh and Skai the sergal in mmd by FreezerBladeQwerty
Sergal by Sangunis

Mature Content

YCH for GeminiPony v2 by Zowslli

Mature Content

YCH for GeminiPony v3 by Zowslli
YCH for GeminiPony v1 by Zowslli
Fursuit 'n' other mischief
Kronos Head 2.0 by Shiryuakais
Terry Sergal Head by Shiryuakais
Revak Sergal Head by Shiryuakais
Szheros Sergal Head by Shiryuakais


Submission Guidelines

Hello! Read this to help yourself figure out which category to submit art to

Most FAQ
Can you use sergals in your art? YES, they are an open species!

Can you then submit that art to the group? Yes, please do! Read below to help yourself find the proper gallery to submit to.

If you want to use them commercially, consult High Sergal Chancellor, Madame Superior :iconmick39:

  • Featured: If you think your submission is the finest of the fine, dopest of the dope, and flyest of the fly, submit it here. If the admins agree, it will be placed in the featured gallery.
  • Beginner's Works: This gallery is for the work of beginners. All levels of skill will be accepted. If in doubt whether your work is beginner level, submit here anyway. This isn't a slight against any beginners, as everyone starts somewhere. We just need a place to keep these submissions
  • Main Gallery: The main gallery of the group. Submit to this gallery if you feel your art is above that of a beginner.
  • Reference Sheets: Self-explanatory.
  • Sergal Anatomy Cheat Sheets: Made a study on sergal anatomy? Have tips to share? Woo! Share those here!
  • Second Life: For your screens of your SL murrgals
  • Smut: This gallery is for the art that you wouldn't want your grandmother to see. Fetishes, blatantly sexual works, smut, you get the picture. Please submit that here lest it be denied

Submission FAQ
  • "My submission was declined, why?"
    • It could have been submitted to the wrong gallery Please submit it again to a more appropriate one.
      • If it was declined from the Featured gallery, try resubmitting to the main gallery

      • If it was declined from the main gallery, please resubmit it to the beginner's gallery

  • "I'm upset that you declined my submission, and I want to know why."
    • If you want to know why your submission was declined, just ask us why on the approval process comments. We'll tell you.

  • Can I suggest favorites?
    • Yeah go for it.

Have questions, concerns? Shoot us a note
Hello all,

Many of you might be aware of a piece of legislation currently in the process of being passed in the EU, Article 13. It's been designed to protect copyright, however its design is causing a lot of concern in the artistic community - especially those of us who make a living off art.

I'm going to keep watch to see how this situation develops, but it strikes me that uploading content of other peoples' characters (ie., the backbone of what I do here) may become very difficult if this legislation goes through. Further than that, finding customers in the first place may become very difficult.

Furthermore, some people are saying that Article 13 will bring about the end of social media. I'm not sure how that can be - it sounds incredibly drastic, but I'd rather prepare for the worst case scenario than get caught unawares. So with that in mind, I'm thinking about finding an alternative way to stay in touch and conduct business.

Is anybody interested in making email contact? Essentially it could be like a newsletter service but with some tweaks.

If that sounds like something you would like to do, email me on thecharacterconsultancy - at - At this point I'm just starting to pull together ideas for what an email-based service like this will look like, so I'm open for suggestions. Just to get you started:

- Would you be happy to be part of a mass mailing list / would you prefer to be contacted 1:1 only?
- Would you want to see new content, and would you rather have it emailed directly to you or linked to you?
- How often would you consider it acceptable to be contacted?
- Would you want to take part in group discussions, just get the new content I make, or neither (ie., make contact with me initially only and only contact me or others when you want to be contacted)?

Whatever happens with Article 13, there will be a way around it. If it goes through it'll be rough for a lot of people, but a little preparation like this should help us all to weather it.

To help spread the word, I have written a tweet. Please reblog this tweet and spread the word.

P.S: Is anyone reading this a writer or artist who works on a commission basis? It might be worth us getting in touch so that we can stay in contact with one another. Let me now what you think.
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