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Rainbow Dash


Two words. BACK-LIGHTING. Or maybe that's one word?

I'll be selling prints of this at Anthrocon: Pittsburgh PN - July 4 -7, 2013
You can find me at the Illuminated Artists booth, tables A6 and A7 in the Dealer's Room. Hope to see you there. :)

First Attempts:

(I was too lazy to draw the cutie mark so just used this one: [link] 1 by *BlackGryph0n)
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shadowdotm's avatar
Really Beautiful!
OptiMario94's avatar
Beautiful and cute Rainbow Dash!
sakurayukihimeivoryy's avatar
if you want can u do all the princesses twilight cadence luna and celestia your art work is beautiful keep up the great work 
Sakura YukiHime 
Pikapanda391's avatar
As usual, your artwork amazes me. Her wings look perfect and well thought out.
Cianna200's avatar
Such a beautiful pic, can y'all believe some people think Rainbowdash is lesbian?
jhilton0907's avatar
I love this picture, you did an awesome job on this :D I love how you made the eyes look :)
sererena's avatar
Thanks so much! Rainbow Dash was sooo hard to do, urgh!
jhilton0907's avatar
You're so welcome :)
alliealice88's avatar
Beautiful! My fave character. :)
sererena's avatar
Aww, thanks so much!  Noticing your icon I have vocaloid fanart as well. ^^
Megurine Luka by sererena Miku by sererena
werecass's avatar
halapeer's avatar
I was looking for some My Little Pony images for my little sister and may I just say the light in this image is remarkable.
CosmicCourage's avatar
Come on, hovering delicately in the clouds? Sure it looks great, but this isn't Fluttershy. Let's see that Rainboom!
sererena's avatar
Trust me, I tried.
CosmicCourage's avatar
Well it got my fave anyway, all of your mane 6 did.
But Fluttershy's had the biggest meaning.
FriendshipIsMetal777's avatar
Sweet Celestia, the lighting is perfect. Also her wings. And hair. And the simple yet very effective background. Very well done!
Slasher0001's avatar
She's so pretty! :D
Awesome job on this!
Math-Uhhh-Saurus's avatar
I love how this is really gorgeous, but at the same time, not girly :D Perfect for RD
Math-Uhhh-Saurus's avatar
And you're save the best pony for last! Can't wait for Apple Jack! :D
Remenbrand's avatar
Love those wings! beautiful!
crazychicken08's avatar
I love this so much!!!!
SomaRuiz's avatar
Seems a bit too plain and peaceful for Rainbow, but I'm really liking it. xDDD
cajobif's avatar
Wonderful work. I like those large wings.
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