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Pixel Tree

Pretty self-explanatory. I'm starting a job doing pixel art, so I should at least show it off. :)
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Now that there is a really great-looking tree.  Good job.
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This is very good!
can we use this?, i have a game and we want to add this. and we will put your credit
Hey serena, i'd like purchase a gaming avatar for myself, in pixel style ^^ Pm
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how many pixel high is it ? 
its really pretty 
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Amazing! Very cool inspiration! :D
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Lookin' good!
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Damn, this is amazing compared to the stuff I make, I use a really crappy program though, not that good with computers I want to make a D&D pallet for some things I plan on making in the future but I'm not entirely sure what they will be...
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Congratulations great job !! Sent you to add your work in my group, thank you:
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really nice!
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Thanks!  Yeah, I get a lot of compliments on this one... It took my like a week I think? 
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Looks good at all three resolutions.
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Thanks!  Glad you like. ^_^
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This would look great on a Faketown scene!
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Hehehe, that's kinda cute.  Dunno if the perspective would quite match, though.
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Yeah, we chose a non-isometric perspective to keep it "straight forward"... heh. If you are interested we can seed your account with more coins to get you started...
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Aww, that's nice of you!  I appreciate it, but I never have time to play things like that. ^^:
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