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Pauline Intro 2

We're off and running with Pauline's intro series! :happybounce:

This is a riff on a render I posted years ago featuring one of my models named Brooke which can be found here:

Thanks for visiting!

Cheers! :wave:

Rendered using Daz Studio 4.11 Pro IRay, post render effects and edits made using GIMP 2.8
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Thank you so much, ViRTFAW!

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I'm so happy you think so!

Thank you, Vore-Disintegration!

I love it when an artist can make their models express emotion. So easy to do physically, but hard, for me, to express in cg.

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You're so kind to say so Goblin62!

There's a lot of pitfalls when it comes to conveying emotion with a 3D model.

I'm a firm believer in the 'less is more' approach to posing and expressions when it comes to my models. It's rarely easy to strike the cord I'm looking for without a lot of minute working of the details.

I'm happy that you think I've accomplished some degree of success on that front. :hug:

I was going to say it is all in the eyes and the mouth, but then the setting of the jaw can effect how an emotion is interpreted. That said, those are the only parts of the face you can move as it is rather hard to express an emotion with the nose and only very few people can wiggle their ears.

I've saved pictures used as guides for artists, when expressing emotion, but it hasn't helped. The myriad of dials in parameters can confuse the living daylights out of me.

I read how artists will look in the mirror and try to capture the emotion they express. Personally, I wouldn't relish the ides of looking in the mirror.

Pauline might be my favorite, but Willa is pretty close too.

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Thanks so much!

They've both got their fans ;)

diving into those this!

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Careful not to get lost! ;)
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I wonder how much time does one model with such detalisation take? By the way, awesome work!
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Oh lord... If she was real, I would marry her in a second LOL

INCREDIBLE work as always!!
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lol thank you so much!

I'm sure she'd be flattered! Aoi Wink Icon 

Those details are spectacular.

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Thank you so much!

This was a very fun render to pose and light!
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