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A gut-wrenching feeling?
Waking up from the warmth of a dream and falling back into the cold nightmare that is reality.
Snatched away from a temporary re-encounter with a lost loved one,
Snatched away from the safety our dream sent us to,
Snatched away from abundance,
Snatched away from the comforts of our heart.
Thrown back into solitude,
Into a land of war,
Into poverty,
Into grief.
For all,
Let us get through reality.
Let us meet familiar faces in the way,
Familiar sounds, familiar feelings,
For we learn to create little sources of comforts when all else is unknown.
Let us carry on,
For our goal should be waking up,
Stepping back into reality,
And sighing in relief.
Let us carry on,
Until we find comfort in the reality we will wake up in.
:iconserenitystars:SerenityStars 1 0
Every minute  
Is a passing thought.
The end of a story,
The start of a plot.
Every thought
can be worth a lot.
Courage is needed
To give it a shot.
Because every second
Is a passing breath
Marking the countdown,
For the arrival of death.
And yes, it is true,
It is never too late.
But your dream is delayed,
For every second you wait.
Every minute that passes,
Every thought you collect,
Is worth of your time.
Every time is perfect.
:iconserenitystars:SerenityStars 8 4
Donner sa place
Even tone-deaf ears will get
the subtle sadness
in your minuets.
But a hand in need still helps another.
It will lower the stars
just to help a brother.
Eluding feet will take a stand.
They'll stop their running
to help you land.
And sightless eyes will help you see,
that there's more to a person
than what they seem to be.
A tired soul will still shine bright.
It will fight adversity
to give you light.
A broken heart will feel your pain.
But it's still pumping love
throughout its veins.
And a fatigued mind will still plan one noon,
to fly out to space
and bring you the moon.
:iconserenitystars:SerenityStars 4 2
Look around you, and realise,
Mostly everything is human-made.
It is therefore easy to believe so,
But Earth does not belong to the human race.
Like a zebra, a lizard, a rodent, a fish,
We are merely inhabitants.
Like ants, we have formed colonies of our own,
And like all species, we seek shelter and food.
We have learned about the predator and the prey.
We are the former, having brought Earth to decay.
If we are the biggest predators,
From whom or what are we protecting ourselves?
Our race has taken away basic needs from other species,
As well as our own.
And in some cases, in the cruellest of ways.
Maybe there’s the answer.
But many of us are self-aware,
Something other species do not seem to be.
So why don’t we use our power for good,
And leave the planet in the best shape it can be?
:iconserenitystars:SerenityStars 5 2
My own battles are overshadowed
by everything around me.
Different people furiously dictating
how the world has to be.
And I reach for a future
where we can live in harmony.
Indeed, everyone is different;
yet—we can agree to disagree.
Compassion, culture, empathy.
Values and morals,
of utmost necessity.
This future isn’t as tangible
as I thought it would be.
But my hope has been a tiny seed,
ever growing into a hardwood tree.
I want to make a difference,
in both the world and in myself.
And I have a heart and mind,
plenty of books on my shelf.
I know not where to start,
nor many things do I comprehend.
But I’ll do my very best
So our world doesn’t get to see
a forcefully bitter end.
:iconserenitystars:SerenityStars 2 0
Just thoughts on death
Do you fear death? People will have their reasons for their respective answers.
I'm on the limbo. I say I don't fear death, really, what's there to fear? But I am terrified of the prospect of a loved one dying; I'd risk my life for theirs any day.
I say I'm not worth much. But my brother, my parents, my dear friend, oh, they are. They're worth every single breath they take, every single good thing on Earth.
I say death isn't the big deal, it's as natural as life. But when it comes to someone I love from the depths of my heart-oh, death, what a cruel thing!
Funerals are more often than not full of sadness; depicted in movies by rainy days, black umbrellas, black veils, black mascara running off one's cheek. Heart full of sorrow, an aching soul, a feeling of helplessness, emptiness.
Perhaps those who feel the same way are not particularly afraid of dying, but of what happens after that. I do not mean afterlife, I mean what happens to our living loved ones after we die.
Of course they wil
:iconserenitystars:SerenityStars 0 0
the jackpot of life
Life is meaningless, but living is not.
You've been given this one through the jackpot.
Some have it better, others have it worse.
Is yours a blessing or a curse?
Or perhaps somewhere in between,
where a balance exists between the pure and obscene.
We all have a story, but don't know how it goes.
Is yours written in poetry or in prose?
Is it free verse, does it have a rhyme?
Are you rushing it up or are you taking your time?
We receive from life, but we also have to give;
In the end, we all have our ways of learning how to live.
:iconserenitystars:SerenityStars 3 0
Hey there little one,
come in, you're at home!
From this day you ought to know
that you're not alone.
You'll never get lost
if you know where you stand.
For starters I'll guide you,
come take my hand!
That's the sky, crystal clear,
a breathtaking view.
It's sunny and warm,
and all just for you.
The meadows are blossoming,
from yellow to red.
One day you'll get to see
what lies ahead.
Ah, what is that? Why a butterfly,
look at it pass.
And that? A dandelion,
fragile as glass.
You should always know
the sun sets due west.
When it rises due east,
you'll hear birds in their nests.
Nights can be chilly,
but there's always the moon.
She's a beauty to look at,
so it's normal to swoon.
The waves of the ocean
admire her so.
But to be cautious with them,
try to go with the flow.
These are the lessons, little one,
I think you should know.
There are more things in life,
but these'll help you grow.
:iconserenitystars:SerenityStars 3 0
Figuratively, it could be said that
you are but the particle of an atom
of a tiny speck of dust
that forms the entirety of the universe.
But it is too easy to talk in space cold terms,
to feel insignificant, unimportant, a nobody.
It is harder to realise that to someone,
you're the actual universe.
The range and complexity of human feelings,
the intensity of our feelings for another individual
can be, like the universe, completely infinite.
We are capable of loving so but so much,
it can physically pain us.
As if our heart, full of affection for someone,
pounds its way out of our chest.
To be held of so much affection,
loved so much, be so highly regarded;
It is no surprise that when they look at the nightsky,
the actual universe, infinity at its most,
all they can think of is you.
:iconserenitystars:SerenityStars 9 6
Thoughts on failure
I have often given thought
to what we view as failure.
It's antonym, a businessman,
it's life-long friend, a janitor.
Well, at least that is
what's been seeded in our brains.
Just as we've come to think
happiness is sunshine, sadness is rain.
But doesn't success depend
on each of our desires?
What we mostly seek and aim for,
it be fame, love, money, power?
For it is not bad to have a dream,
and chase it with all might.
What's wrong is criticising those
whilst staying back in fright.
For that janitor might just as well
be the happiest they can be.
At least they've achieved something
others cannot see.
And I'm still doubtful of many things,
but there's something I understand.
If anything, success and failure
can only go hand in hand.
For those who failed have stood up
and lived to tell the story.
They'll say success without failure
is nothing but empty glory.
:iconserenitystars:SerenityStars 3 5
We're looking for happiness
with eyes that cannot see.
We stumble, it happens,
we stand up and brush our knees.
Start over, look again,
search from a new perspective.
Perhaps with our heart, not our brains,
from objective to subjective.
This search, it's collective,
within each of every kind.
Looking for a reflective
image of our mind.
And all this time we spend,
oh, can't you really see?
This search, it never ends,
until we realise it's all in you,
and all in me.
:iconserenitystars:SerenityStars 2 3
12:10 am
I try to sleep with these thoughts
scrambling in my head.
Trying to remember a time my sanity
wasn't hanging by a thread.
I fear my time is running,
but I know that's far from truth.
As I'm just a little baby
in what are the years of youth.
But this feeling comes and goes,
without any intervention.
What's more, that even its host
does not get its comprehension.
For now, I maintain myself
through the written form of dread.
Whilst truly hoping I'm not the words
that are inside my head.
:iconserenitystars:SerenityStars 2 2
We wonder, we wander,
full of redemption and haste.
Midst clear skies why chase thunder
in this day-to-day race?
A game no one has won,
a place with no choice.
Can't choose your own song,
nor sing with your voice.
We struggle to move,
to breathe; we've run miles
to try to improve,
to crack a small smile.
We stay still, we fight,
we pant, start again.
I hope to see light
through this unbreakable chain.
:iconserenitystars:SerenityStars 1 7
are we chaos, or are we light?
because all we do is fight—
and fight.
over betrayal, or over spite,
yet never for what is truly right.
are we downfalls, or are we heights?
yet, does it really matter?
for we may make amends at night
but at daylight, our pledges shatter.
are we awful, or just alright?
yet, what difference does it make?
for our hearts start losing all their might
each morning that we wake.
:iconserenitystars:SerenityStars 5 5
a child's love
for you carried me in your arms.
For you didn't excuse me from the table
till I ate the last crumbs.
for you read me to sleep.
For you taught me that compared to love,
money's just cheap.
For you've both guided me
with a little candlelight.
Like the ones in those fairytales you read to me,
with princesses and knights.
From the good and the bad,
all those times you've set yourselves apart.
For the only morals that you've taught me
come solely from the heart.
For letting me imagine,
and letting me dream.
And letting me be the best version of myself
I can deem.
For this and much more I owe you my life.
For I'll carry you,
read to you,
in the brightest of days or dimmest of nights.
:iconserenitystars:SerenityStars 4 5
       Often times, when we talk about “service,” we tend to imagine the word “charity.” And when we think about the word “charity,” we imagine the act of giving money away to those who do not have it. While this act does fall onto the word’s category, I believe that there is something much more to charity, and service, than the mere act of giving materialistic things away. Do not get me wrong, I do believe that donating items to those who need it the most, be it food, clothes, or money, is admirable and even a necessity nowadays. However, I do think there is something more profound when a true act of service is made.
       Personally, I believe that anyone, no matter in what situation, financial circumstance, or problem they might find themselves in, has needed help, someone to vent to, or someone to listen to them, at some point in their lives. To me, one of the most altruistic and selfless things a pe
:iconserenitystars:SerenityStars 0 0


Irony, you sick and twisted bitch.
When I strike a tune
You change the pitch and raise the bass
To drone out my voice, and leave me with
No other choice than to scream my lungs
Until they bleed. Or worse, til I am on my knees
On the bathroom floor, pen in hand
And the words pour out of the page, and
Onto my skin, and I am left alone with
My sin and those thoughts that I avoid in company.
Your discord defects any harmony that
I have ever felt within this beating heart,
Yet you call the blood loss, art,
When everything bleeds in pens and brushes,
And tears cling onto smudged lashes and drip
From my lips in a suicidal bid. You leave me with
Nothing then, except an echo in the hall
And a puddle of pain that ripples, as tears fall
And crash onto tiles. I have ran for miles and miles
To escape from my skin and the body they say is me,
Because this matter is just an amputee of my soul.
I do not belong to it, rather it is a shell -
My corporeal home in this carnal hell that we are exposed to i
:iconredravenhood:RedRavenHood 13 8
a litte detour by hyamei a litte detour :iconhyamei:hyamei 2,939 81 Grocery by hyamei Grocery :iconhyamei:hyamei 2,378 51 Rain by hyamei Rain :iconhyamei:hyamei 2,488 65 Sleep by hyamei Sleep :iconhyamei:hyamei 2,258 22 2016 by hyamei 2016 :iconhyamei:hyamei 1,167 26 .: illusion | delusion by Picolo-kun .: illusion | delusion :iconpicolo-kun:Picolo-kun 10,423 358
The hypocrisy of deviantArt
Edit #5
Well, I'll be damned
Staff reply here:…
And we WON! We did it!
and my comment here: stating why this is still up
Edit #4: Iran is geobanned too see here Imagine!
Bravo deviantart, bravo, I applaud you
Please share this, every bit of support counts. I am probably getting my account perma banned after this journal, but I am voicing this discrimination and I want as many people to see it as possible. 
I know people will have various opinions about this. Voice them as you please, but politics shouldn't meddle with art. This isn't fair. This isn't right. You can't deny me service because some politician says so.
Edit: feb 17th: There's a petition now too
:iconmythiril:Mythiril 1,869 4,651
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What is your favorite genre to write in?
While most of my work falls under the genre of relationships (romantic, platonic, familiar), I'm not sure how I'd describe my favourite genre to write in. I'd say philosophy, because I enjoy sharing small portions of my mindset that might evoke feelings of similarity in others. Even though we all have our own set of experiences that have shaped the way we view the world, I believe there are still similarities we all share and therefore can connect through. These similarities are all feelings, perhaps feelings of joy, nostalgia, sadness,
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Nebula by fae-photography Nebula :iconfae-photography:fae-photography 152 24
The Hollowed Man
To wake upon thy looming fate and to see the troubles of those he helps. This is his life. To take up these troubles and yet sacrifice his humanity is his belief. To achieve that which is unseen. His desire are nothing but the happiness of others. His journey is old as father time but beautiful as mother nature. To walk the path he chose is unknown and he fears the end. The troubles of those he face, he takes. Every trouble that everybody has he takes and gives up that he loves. Pieces of his own happiness that has and will ever be, he gives away to them. He accepts the pain of others so they can have that which he'll never have again. Even when he has nothing left to give he'll help them. He believes that as long as there are people in need help, he'll never die. Everybody and everything can be helped, not like physical or mental just helped. This is what he believes in and what he tries to become and yet people still don't see him.
:iconslendly:Slendly 3 0
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