Errand #3-Backwards Research

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         “This is a terrible idea, Veil, I hope you know that. What if something goes wrong and we get stuck in some horrible situation?” the Lucario growled, following the enthusiastic Eevee across the city towards the Researcher’s Guild. “I know I said I’d join you, but-“

         “Methias...” she said softly. “Can you just relax? We need to do something to pay rent. I’m almost out of money, and I just took a slight reduction in my hours at work, so…every coin we can get is necessary, and if that means running errands, then so be it.”

         “Arceus above, you can be stubborn sometimes.”

         “Thank you, I try.”

Veil trudged along, entering the building. The Lucario behind her followed along grudgingly. The little feline could be such a pain sometimes, he reasoned. If she hadn’t caught his attention…he sighed. They were approaching the white doors that led into the labs. Time to get busy…
They were lead into a white room, where Chelle, the Head Professor, was waiting.
         "Greetings and salutations." she smiled. "It's either good or bad luck, but, I only have one vial left in stock on this cart, so it looks like you two are stuck with it."
She lifted a medium-sized vial filled with a golden liquid. The Psychic Pokemon floated over to them, and poured a little of the vial down each of their throats, then quickly floated back, and grabbed her clipboard, ready to take notes...

                                                       About an hour later…

“Didn’t I tell you this was a bad idea!? Now look at what you’ve gotten us into, Veil.” Methias growled, looking at his paws. The Lucario had somehow devolved into a Riolu again, and it angered him greatly. However, Veil was worse.

        “I’m sorry!!!” she exclaimed, drawing attention.

She was a Basic stage Pokémon, and had drunk the same potion as Methias. Chelle had told her that they needed to be sure which potion it was, and it really had backfired. Veil had run out of the room as soon as the effects had started taking place.
She couldn’t devolve any more. And going back into an Egg was impossible. She hadn’t thought there’d be any real adverse effects, but…she’d been wrong.

The Lucario-now-Riolu gazed at his teammate now; she was nothing more than a pinkish fog in the general shape of a Pokémon. Even then, a vaguely-shaped one at that. He’d already threatened loudly to kill the next Pokémon that decided to try and blow her away by “accident,” but he was getting more and more pissed off with her by the moment.

“I didn’t think they had anything capable of doing this! Thankfully, Chelle said it would wear off in about-“

    “That’s the problem!” Methias suddenly growled angrily, for the briefest moment surrounded in an eerie red glow that caused Veil to whimper in fright. “You don’t think! You don’t rationalize! You go in blindly thinking everything will be A-Ok, and that’s about as far from the truth is, Veil! These Researchers are screw-ups. I can’t believe you’d want to risk yourself just to fix their problem. They should be the one’s drinking that junk, not us!”

         “Is that really what you think, Methias…?” Veil’s tone was so calm and quiet, that it sent a strange shiver down the Aura Pokémon’s back for once. “If you don’t like it, then just go…leave…”

         “Don’t play that card on me, Veil.”

         “GO THEN!”

Her voice made him jump, and a short silence fell across the hall as all eyes turned for a few moments onto them.

         “I am not stupid! I am not an idiot!” Veil said, aggravated at last. “And I do not think everything is going to be “A-Ok” as you put it. If you don’t like it, Methias, then you can just leave!

The Riolu stared hard at the mist, before raising a paw, and swiping it right through where her neck would be. The misty Eevee gave a yelp as he did, and when she looked again, he was storming off. He was done with her for now; he angrily shoved Archimedes out of his way, sending the Inkay tumbling into a shelf, knocking him out as a heavy bin fell over onto his head. Her resolve just shattered, and she began to sob quietly.

“I’m sorry…”
Client: Chelle
Errand no: #3
Date Issued: 3rd May 2014
Date Due: 7th May 2014

Just wanted to do a take on an Errand. Maybe start some drama ^-^'
Methias isn't going to give up on her, hes just a really angry Lucario xD
One lovely star coin for me for this..

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Methias the Lucario (c) :iconshadowmorrena:

Pokemon (c) Gamefreak, Nintendo

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:clap: This is a good and funny story. Well to me