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New favorite show? Ok, next to "Doctor Who" of course.
I just watched the first episode of "Sherlock" a modern rendition of "Sherlock Holmes" with Benedict Cumberbatch (!) and Martin Freeman (yay!) as Holmes and Watson. While it is rather odd to hear Holmes talking about texting and other modern things I feel they did a really good job of sticking to the feel of the old Sherlock Holmes books/movies.
  One thing: Anybody else think that Benedict (Sherlock) looks very much like Neil Gaiman's Sandman (Dream) character? At least in this show. I could not stop thinking that while watching him. In some scenes the resemblence is not much, but in some of the darker lit scenes I was practically jumping out of my seat because I saw such a strong resemblence to the character of Dream. Might just be me though. =)
  Well, it's laaaaate, should have gotten to bed ages ago but I stayed up and drew Sherlock instead. ;)

Bleh, good night!

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hey,thanks for the llama :)
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