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I figured just for the heck of it to make a group. I have become a little obsessed with subway art and other printables. So I made a group just for that. Feel free to join: Subway Art.
I don't always upload all my work to this site. I just made a FB fan page. So if you want to get the latest updates on my site come like it:…
I don't know if I'm cranky because of the heatwave in NY, but I just started putting up some of my brushes again. I always check to see if it's being downloaded. The funny thing was my new vector clouds brushes there was more downloads then views. Just found out this website: had redistributed my work. It's one thing to ask me permission first but to do it without makes me a little upset. So I did email them to tell them to remove it and also saw other deviants works on there as well. It seems to me that whoever is running the site just goes to random sites (especially this one) takes brushes, gradients, and other graphics and puts them on their site. At least their not claiming them as their own but still. I enjoy knowing who's using my work.