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Spike Pup

By Serendipony
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Been making some emotes for r/EquestriaGirls, thought I'd throw them out here in a bigger resolution.

His dog design still scares me.
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what breed is this pup?
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Seeing him as an adorable dog makes my heart blow to smithereens.
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Spike: I am Spike. Full name: Down, Spike, down! Get off that couch!
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Who's a cute little baby dragon? You are, Spike! Yes, you are!~ :dummy:
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I don't see what everyone's complaining about. I think that he looks mighty cute.
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In the MLP-World dragons are an intelligent Race (capable of speech, writing, reading etc.) with an own culture and own rituals. Also Spike has shown that he is as "human" as the mane 6 and is capable of feeling and expressing emotions.
That's because it's stupid to turn Spike into a Dog
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True... Although, this does raise the question of what Winona is in the human world, as well as whether spike still has the ability to talk as a dog...:iconthinkingplz:
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Well, Angel's still a bunny, so Winona would probably still be a dog.
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