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Wine, Women, and Song
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w e l c o m e

“A ship is always safe at shore, but that is not what it's built for.”

AnchorWaves : Divider by CrookedAntlers
seren - twentyfive - married - scorpio - she/her

writer first, digital artist second.
i've been here since 2006, so please feel free to ask me any questions if you need help with something! founder of ikigai, a group that helps support people who could use a hand, and one half of the patreon group, karmatic.

i love having good conversation, but i am horrible at starting them without sounding forward, please forgive me if i sound brash. i signed up for dA to have fun, learn new things, make new friends, and maybe discover a thing or two about myself. so far, so good ~
i always read notes and comments, it just might take me a bit to answer them.

Tick -blue by Sukiie
constellations, mythology, dogs, dreams, traveling, pizza, yuri, my characters, writing, streaming, reading, fantasy, adventure, ironman, draenymphs

Cross - Blue by Sukiie
debbie-downers, greedy people, scammers, spaghetti, wet clothes, homophobes, racists, drama llamas

Request: *Achor with Flowers* free use by iPixelART

f a v s

a homeless deity        the origins of the peasant
            are lost when they become something more;
                          but does that old woman appear to be
                     a homeless deity?
     in the unrest of the civil,
            shaking closets do not always mean hidden children
        though the beginnings are sometimes begat there -
                          the skeletons that hide from the politics
                     will walk the earth
                          fueled by the overripe hatred of the people
demonlogy          remember remember
                       the whispers of november -
                     but wait, this isn't a revolution
                                it's not even a rebellion
                           your white flag doesn't drop anything but morale
                                           the one man army of nothing
              staggered steps and dried tongues,
                       cracked lips begging for Legion
the shield   I do not fit the box we are given when we are growing up
              it has been beaten from the inside far too much
           the crumbling cardboard box doesn't emulate the woman
    that has evolved from my skin.
                     and there's something in the way my hand rests on your arm
            that makes you more aware of the white noise in your ears
                            and I have never been one to sit on the sidelines
                  heroes must rise to the top with their own two feet, 
       you shook yourself off, the dust settled around your boots
                 and you gave back that number you were h
pirate love song viI left my will in an unusual way;
a message in a bottle, set a drift at the beginning of a summer's day.
for my message was not for anyone of my home,
but for those of the same soul, who appreciated the sea spray and foam.
I did not detail gold nor treasure,
but left words of wisdom, and a smile, for good measure.
when Davy Jones comes to my door
and my soul must be sea-bound forever more,
I must bid you caution before adieu,
and I leave you with my words to chew:
not all treasure is gold and silver,
not every mermaid will leave you bewildered
when the music of the sea falls deaf upon your ears,
recall the spray of the water and the blush of the horizon.
when your self has been stolen, and all meaning is black,
take what is yours, steal yourself back.
do not lose your heart, nor lock it away -
one day you'll want it, on a dark and dreary day.
when raising a sword, take consideration of your fate:
why fight, when you can negotiate?
and when your experiences come to pass as memories, rem

you have made me feel immortal.with flowers in your hair
 sunflower girl, petals in your hair,
         you are always found in the long grasses
   waving in the summer air.
    dreamcatcher above your bed, you save the nightmares
      in hopes that you can tame them,
       dispel fear as fiercely as a lion on game.
                  hemp belt hung with jade miniatures
               the eagle, the bear, the stag
                              your heart drifting on the hazy days
                     and eagerly captivating the youngsters by campfire nights
                with tales of the moon and the hare,
Do not fall in love with a writer.Do not fall in love with a writer.
   They can paint with colors that you have never heard of before, and create new worlds with one strong emotion. They have a heart that outstrips any fuel source, and is full of butterflies and frustration. They come alive in the early hours of morning, when the only noise they can perceive is the one coming from your sleeping form; they sleep when the sunlight isn't quite in the shape they need to work their magic. They can conjure up the most simplest of cliches, and leave you in a burning wake of words, singeing your arms and eyes with embers of passion and misnomers. They have moments of weakness, and brief seconds of strength, and the only thing they will keep to themselves is how many times they said, "You can do better than that". They've fallen in love with the impossible, and wept over the improbable. Their wishes comprise of fanatical love tales, and the harmonizing of fates that were almost lost to the dusty shelves of old book s

remember your roots.Incipient
[adj] Beginning, in an early stage.
    you are the first whisper of life
          the heartbeat a cynosure of strength;
     with eyes as clear as Elysium's emerald fields
              and imbued with the mysteries of the before,
                        your very form is an ineffable gift
  a scintilla of what is yet to come;
        you radiate benevolence,
                 and so we welcome you to this universe
 with cherry lipped kisses and tender embraces -
[adj] Vanishing quickly, lasting a very short time
the crowning light on your brow
           bestowed upon you by the universe
                    a mocking and challenging gi


War Wine : The Trilogy

War Wine is an original novel created by Serendiipitii.

A young woman's world is torn asunder when her village and family are wiped out, and she is imprisoned in a raider's camp as a slave and much worse. Captive for two years, she makes her escape with help from a mysterious woman who came to her in a dream. Now, rumors have made their way to southern Eibolen, of the widowed Empress of the North being held hostage in her own castle, a new decree forbidding magic and arms to be used in major towns, and the whisper of a dark magic seeping through the land ...

As friends and enemies are made, and her own identity becomes a mystery, Wine must choose between the path of what is right, and what is meant to be.

I am uploading to Inkitt now as well! If you have a moment, please read and vote for my work - the higher my rating, the greater chance I have to receive a FULL publication package!

Find my Inkitt here!




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