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Cutie Mark Compilation Guide v1.1



All of those beeping cutie marks. This took me FOREVER to complete. 150 cutie marks. All colors are accurate as far as I am aware. At least I didn't have to do every single one, a few people below contributed cutie marks to the cause (I didn’t check all their colors, but I did get them from :iconmlp-vectorclub: so they should be good). Also below is what those numbers mean.

1: Mane Six
2: Royalty
3: Fillies/Colts
4: Family
5: Antagonists (Henchponies 1-3 are from Daring Don't, 4-8 are from Power Ponies)
6: Fan Favorites (Please do not say "______ should be in the fan favorites section")
7: Wonderbolts
8: Unicorns
9: Earth Ponies
10: Pegasi
11: Horoscope Ponies



Bullet; Red Fixed Braeburn and Applejack
Bullet; Red Added Henchponies 4-8, Train Conductor, Lemon Hearts, Medley, Lightning Bolt, Parasol, and Sassaflash
Bullet; Red Star Sparkle is now Twilight Velvet
Bullet; Red Wildfire's cutie mark is now show accurate instead of Sibsy's OC


Will be coming soon after the season ends :) There's been so many new cutie marks this season :/

ChainChomp2: Thunderlane, Fleetfoot, Lucky Clover, Orion

BaumkuchenPony: Spitfire

Ambassad0r: Mrs. Peachbottom

HankOfficer: Flitter, Cloudchaser

SilverVectors: Aloe, Lotus, Lily, Dizzy Twister

ZuTheSkunk: Daring Do, Wildfire, Nightmarity, Midnight Strike, Crystal Pony, Vet Pony, Fausticorn, Lickety Split

AxemGR: Filthy Rich

Parclytaxel: Zecora, Fleur De Lis,

Jeatz-Axl: Button’s Mom, Ms. Harshwinny, Sunset Shimmer

Hawk9mm: Fancy Pants, Daisy, Mayor Mare, Hoity Toity, Nurse Redheart, Soarin’, Octavia, Snowflake

MrBarthalamul: Star Swirl

StarshineCelestalis: Script

Lahirien: Dr. Caballeron, Beekeeper, Henchponies, Temple Ponies, Train Conductor

Inixen: Shadowbolt

Yes, I used Button's Mom and Fausticorn in here. Deal with it.

There also appears to be a limit on how much you can tag. Go figure.

If you see any ponies missing, drop a comment and I'll add them as soon as I can. This will be continually updated and some cutie marks will be uploaded individually for convenience sake. I'm just so tired right now after completing over half of this today.


Oh, and guess what? This isn't my 100 watcher special. But it may as well be and I'll just do what I'm thinking of whenever I get around to it :P

Button's Mom is property of JanAnimations. Fausticorn is property of :iconfyre-flye:. Wildfire is property of :iconsibsy: and :iconhasbroplz:. All other cutie marks are property of :iconhasbroplz:


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I just noticed how funny Snails' Cutie Mark is :D