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"...also, Sister Lucinde taught me how to mend clothes and she says I'm very good! I'm totally going to be an apprentice in old Tarnette's shop next spring, I'm sooo happy!!"

The elf shifted his weight from an arm to another and gave the girl a quiet look, "that sounds really good."
"I know, right? Also Father Remus said I'll be soon old enough to find myself a husband! I already told him I want to marry you, of course!" Concluded the girl in a determined tone, and at her words Sywyn coughed lightly.
"Don't you think I'm way too old for you?"
The girl shrugged nonchalantly, "that's also what Father Remus said, but I don't care. I'm almost 14 afterall, I'm pretty old myself!"
The elf tried to not laugh at how serious she looked while saying that, "of course you are... but there must be someone else you like here, isn't it?"
She stared at the sky for a couple of seconds, a thoughtful expression on her face, "Mark from the grocery. And also Menril, he's so cute. And Teren, he gave me a flower once, you know?"
"That's... cool... so, why not one of them instead?" Answered Sywyn, still doing his best to look as serious as the situation required.
"Because I like you the most of course. But I'll probably have to chose one of them in the end. Teren most likely... he even said he will challenge you for my hand if needed."
Not able to hold back any longer, the elf started laughing, the face covered behind one of his hands, and the girl sighed dramatically, "I know, I told him it was stupid, but he was sooo determined... I really hope he will change his mind."
Sywyn nodded, trying unsuccessfully to stop laughing, "I hope that too..."
At his words the girl stood silent for a while, then looked at him with a worried expression on her face.

"If he doesn't, will you promise me you won't hurt him too much?" She blushed, "I kinda like him, you know..."


Unrelated picture is unrelated (and also very random)

this doesn't come from pretty much anything, it wasn't even what I wanted to draw about the story with Sywyn and the little girl, but after the survey I compiled, I couldn't help but wondering who could ever decide to ask Sywyn to marry them.
This was the answer I came up with :°D

The scene is supposed to take place 5-6 years after the other illustration I did, probably during one of the few visits of Sywyn to the orphanage where he left the girl....

Mechanical pencils on printing paper

Sywyn Nym'el and everything related belong to me, Serena Verde
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The girl looks like similar to Anne LaBelle from Robotech.

Sywyn looks friendly than traditional racists and jerkass elves, like the father of Legolas. And maybe have 120 years.

PD: I don't know if Okayado's elfs from monster have long llives.I love that manga.

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Man, the picture and story are so adorable! :love:
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:lmao: :heart::love: Omigosh!! XD :heart: that whole exchange is so adorable!! :iconomgsocuteplz: :heart: :giggle: I love it...
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amaziing!!!! do you imagine these or do you copy them from a photograph?:)
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Luckily for me, I'm among those who can imagine...
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wow, thats an incredible ability you have!
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I love .... wonderful, great contribution
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You are absolutely amaizing and I don't have really any word to describe you re work. Wow that;s all I can say. Keep on drawing I wish I was half as good.
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So...where can I find the rest of the story? :)
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That's adorable!
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awwww. this is sooo sweet!!
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what a beautiful piece... :heart:
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aww, this scene is so cute~! :love: couldn't resist from laugh when I read it :giggle:
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Aw, i'd want to marry him too.
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such a great drawing and i love the story, both funny and cute!
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:aww: I'm... just.. aww.. I can't describe it. But the picture and the conversation went right to my heart.
Love this!! Such a sweet scene!! Hope to see more pictures with sweet stories about them!
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Love your writing. Cute little story! :D
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I admit it. I browse your gallery a LOT. Once in a while I come across pictures I haven't seen before, or they just stand out to me where they didn't before. This is the case with this one, and I love it. His expression is so thoughtful and it's such a cute picture!
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I love this couple! He's very handsome and the composition is great! I love the pose of the girl, absolutely beautiful!
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Masterful Work!!!
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i ll give my own secret meaning...
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