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Inavesu Clothing - The girls

I've been wanting to do this for a long time, and of course, I decided to finally do it when I should be doing something else.

Five clothing designs for each of my girls, Istaaz, Dalarna and Messirama, to define their general style.
The first four designs are what they would most likely wear on a regular basis (except for Istaaz, whose fourth design is actually one of Vehnas' favourite dresses), while the fifth one is just a "special occasion" dress, and the kind of clothing the mortals on the earth associate with them.
The only one who uses to wear shoes between the three of them is Messirama, though it can't be seen, and she usually favours flat gladiator-styled sandals.

Will be doing one of this for the boys too at some point, which I'm sure will be even funnier :D

mechanical pencils, texture from `Princess-of-Shadows

Istaaz, Dalarna, Messirama, "Inavesu - The Timeless" (c) Serena Verde
Don't use this picture in any way without my explicit permission.


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Yeah, they're cool 
ravenkanzaki's avatar
This is just stunning! If you ever want someone to throw money at you to design outfits like these let me know! Superb designs.
CuddleBearArt's avatar
clumsydemonwithfire's avatar
Oh, wow, these are beautiful! Your designs are spectacular! :D
IchitakeNeongenesis's avatar
You are awesome! Thank you :)
Ayikaz10's avatar
I love this and I appreciate you existing. 
kanahebi's avatar
Istaaz: 4°
Dalarna: 4°
Saya-Aria's avatar
These are neat! 
Gnewi's avatar
Beautiful clothing design! I think my favorite is the last one of Messirama's! :D
Ofride's avatar
Oddio il design di questi costumi è spettacolare! L'ultima fila... **
DameOdessa's avatar
Istaaz's dress are sublim and I love the last one of Messirama too! Great concept, amazing designs:love:
marmarcandrawz's avatar
Really cool designs!
LadyAzurFromAlkemya's avatar
Well I've got my favorite but they are all really great ♥
I'd love to wear them in the real life XD
GergelyHan's avatar
GuyverSnake's avatar
Nice dress designs.
You seem to really have drapery down.
That's something I usually struggle with.  Never looks quite right.
Winxtransformationix's avatar
the greek ones are amazing <3
korebetha's avatar
lol that's funny. 
korebetha's avatar
They are clothing designs... meaning the focus is the clothing... fail!
BlueyKatt's avatar
Beautiful designs!
AokitianWolf's avatar
Awesome work! :D I really like the ideas in this! I wish I could draw like this.
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