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A Heart And An Arrow
A Heart and an Arrow
The blue hedgehog smirked with premature satisfaction, knowing this would be a breeze.  This is too easy, he thought to himself.  The two robots stood their formation, blocking the hedgehog from executing a simple frontal attack to the Egg Carrier.  To unknowing eyes, it looked like the Blue Hero of Mobius was trapped.  With a building to his back, innocent Mobians to his left and right, and the doctor's robots in front of him, what would their beloved Sonic do?  
With one swift move that would be missed if you blinked, the hedgehog turned into a bluish blur, executing a spin-dash that ripped straight through the two robots heads.  Sonic slowly landed back on his feet with perfection, as if he didn't just jump God knows how many feet into the air, and watched as the robots heads, almost in unison, were decapitated.  The metal bodies fell to the floor, defeated.  Sonic laughed at his suc
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A classic love story part 13 by FireWitch25 A classic love story part 13 :iconfirewitch25:FireWitch25 61 27
A Knightly Love: SonAmy Pt. 2
When Sonic finally awoke he was in a room filled with satin and lace. The bright pinks and yellows almost hurt his eyes. He felt a painful tug on his arm. He tried to pull his arm away but he couldn't move his arm. He turned to his right to see his arm restrained by a medical man, Stitching up his arm.
"Ah, you're awake." The man said.
"Where am I?" His eyes bolting around the room.
"Why, you're in the royal house, the Princess's room to be more specific," The man chuckled to himself.
"I don't understand."
The man tugged at the string in Sonic's arm once more.
"My job is done." The man stood quickly gathered his tools and left without another word.
Sonic sat up on the plush pink bed. He examined the stitching on his arm. He leaped off the bed and rummaged around the room for his shirt, opening and closing drawers of the Princess's. This was probably illegal, he thought. Rummaging through one of the royal's bedroom but he didn't want to stay in the Royal House any longer than he had to.
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New Girl in School Ch 3
New Girl in School
Chapter 3: New Friends, New Enemies
After classes, Amy, Blaze and Rouge walked to the cafeteria for lunch. Amy was deep in though during History class.
"I still don't know why I agreed to hang out with them." Amy thought to herself as the three of them walked on. "I mean, they're probably going to be like the other spoilt girls in the school anyway and why I think this year's going to be great. Me and my stupid childhood self..."
Once inside, they made it to the cafeteria where many high school cliques were hanging out; Jocks, hippies, fashionistas, nerds, you name it. Blaze soon spotted an empty table and they sat there.
"I'm so glad to be away from the clique infestation." Amy told Rouge and Blaze as they all took out their lunches from their bags and began their small conversation. "I mean, there's always cliques in high school."
"Well, it is call "high school" Amy." Blaze stated as she ate her grilled cheese sandwich. "There are always cliques in this aspect of s
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New Girl in School Ch 2
New Girl in School
Chapter 2:  The Hedgehog X3
Sonic’s POV:
Life is pretty sweet hanging out with my friends Silver and Shadow, especially at Emerald Academy; where there’s awesome places to go, things that are fun to do…and girls, who could forget the girls? Almost every weekday, we get flirted with and swarmed with girls as soon as they see us. I admit it’s nice but it gets so freaking annoying after awhile, but, just as we were going to our lockers; which coincidentally, are next to each other, I saw a girl I’ve never seen before and I knew everybody at this school. She was a pink hedgehog with long flowing pink hair and the brightest and most beautiful jade green eyes, she slammed her locker shut while she held her books in one arm and I heard sighs of frustration coming from her. She then stopped and stared at us like how most girls do at this school when they see us coming, I figured she was new, so like good people we went to her and got our bo
:iconghosthogphantazia:GhosthogPhantazia 9 27
New Girl in School Ch1
New Girl in School
Chapter 1: Emerald Academy
A/N: Yes, I'm doing another Sonic in High School story and I'm writing this outta boredom and I may/may not continue this since I got a ton load of stories to write as well and trying to finish.
So enjoy!
Amy's P.O.V:
Great...I can't believe this crap...Not only did my dad got transferred to the city but I gotta go to a stuck up prep school! My mom though it'll be good for me and I quote: "Honey, you'll get a better education and I think it's best because the school is safer."
Who is she kidding? I don't belong in a luxury school where, there's actually AC classrooms, has a track and field twice the size of an ordinary football field and stuck up rich kids. How did I get in there you ask? My dad's new job as an inventor has some perks but the truth is, I got in because of a special scholarship there since I do so well in my Music class and my parents thought they were doing the best for me, when in reality, it's just stabbing me in the ass.
:iconghosthogphantazia:GhosthogPhantazia 8 19
Spilled life by Myly14
Mature content
Spilled life :iconmyly14:Myly14 1,222 116
Cant help myself by nanii-kin Cant help myself :iconnanii-kin:nanii-kin 1,639 187 a real sonic movie by sonicxamy135 a real sonic movie :iconsonicxamy135:sonicxamy135 104 75 0x0 by Myly14 0x0 :iconmyly14:Myly14 1,123 119 Art 2014 by Myly14 Art 2014 :iconmyly14:Myly14 402 60 Reach For The Stars by BluexBlur Reach For The Stars :iconbluexblur:BluexBlur 141 25 Kiss me dummy! :animation: by Mitzy-Chan Kiss me dummy! :animation: :iconmitzy-chan:Mitzy-Chan 363 27



Sonic woke up to the sound of birds chirping in the window. He looked over at the clock and saw it was seven-fithy in the morning. As he tried sitting up, he was forced down by the renewed pain in his chest and arms. He groaned and laid back down. Recapping the memories from last night he remembered battling one of Eggman's robots but didn't know why he was attacked. Then Serena picked him up and took him in. Then Sonic blushed when he remembered when she and him accidentally kissed each other. He didn't know why but it felt kind of nice. She was kinda soft and warm when he held her and that sweet smell of her hair. He then focused and shook his head. This was no time for those fantasies. 

Then Serena walked in with a tray of food. "morning", she said happy as she set the tray on the table next to the bed. Sonic blushed a little when he saw her getting closer and looked to the food. It was pancakes with syrup and mixed berries with milk. "What's the occasion?" he said as he noticed the rose and tulip in the vase that rested near the dishes. "Why?", she said with a mixture of happiness and surprise, "Well you are my hero and I want my buddy to have the best meal he ever had". Sonic sighed and cut a pancake with his fork then took a bite. He let out a sudden moan and fell on the pillow. It tasted so good. "Do you like it?", she asked looking eagerly. He wore a smile and light flush as he looked at her, "Who taught you how to cook this good?" She smiled at the question and sat next to him as she began changing the bandages on his arms, "My mother helped me when I was little. I didn't have most of the ingredients so I had to run around most of the city to make all of this from scratch". He looked at her with a concerned face, "You've been doing all this all morning?" "Yeah but I got up early at about four so everything was done", she said as she finished re-bandaging Sonic. She was about to get up and leave when Sonic grabbed her arm, "I think you need a break". "But yo-", she tried saying but Sonic cut her off. "No", "I-" Serena tried saying once more but Sonic cut her off again. "Nope" he said then shifted over so there was room on the bed, "Come and relax". She sighed in defeat, took off her shoes and laid next to Sonic. and she nearly dozed off.

Sonic looked back at her and smiled at her sleeping face. She looked like a princess- no- an angel as she dozed next to him. Her flushing blue fur and quills looked so cute to him and that wonderful blueberry scent. He knelt over to her and rested his forehead against hers taking in the berry aroma. He nuzzled his nose against hers. Suddenly she woke up surprised as did Sonic. "Ah, I'm  s-sorry", he cried out in surprise as he jumped away and flushing as red as a tomato. "It's okay", she embarrassed by what happened as well. He then regained his cheerful look and said, "This is different from the way you usually act around me". She looked away, "Well it's not the same. You usually be like a bro to me ". "Well I kind of liked you ever since we went to the waterfalls "., he snickered then accidentally spilled a secret, "It was great back then". She looked at him with slight confusion and anger, "Wait, you had a crush on me?" He grew a little worried thinking he said something wrong, "No, n-not in that way. I just, er, um,.... ugh". He looked away with a depressed look, "Serena, I've got to tell you something. I may be a hero but I'm not a good boyfriend. My last romances always ended bitterly. There was Sally and I breaking up. Then Mina and I got together but our relationship gradually disintegrated the minute it began.... And when.... when Fiona and I...". To his shock, he saw tears flowing from his eyes and looked away. Serena crawled over and looked at him with worried eyes. "I'm sorry Sonic for making you cry, I'm so sorry", she cried out in surprise. "No no", he said smiling weakly at her, "I'm kind of happy that after all that, you ended up still at my side". 

He then noticed that their faces were so close that they blushed as they looked into each others eyes. "You know...when we accidentally.... kissed... it kinda... felt nice", he said flushing still, "Could I... kiss you again?" She blushed again but didn't know what to say so she nodded. He faced her and looked at her face as he leaned closer and placed his hands on her shoulders. He slowly knelt closer while Serena closed her eyes expecting the kiss. Finally their lips met and Sonic's arms slipped around her back while hers wrapped around his neck. They kept kissing for who knows how long. Then Sonic in the pure ecstasy of the kiss began to lose control. He pushed his tongue into her mouth and explored every inch of it. Serena's eyes shot open and felt a moan escape her lips while she tried awaking Sonic from this trance. It was no use as their kissing was becoming more of a make-out session. Their tongues then intertwined with one another; twirling around each other before sliding against each other. Serena flushed darker as she felt Sonic push her down on the bed. "Sonic wait", Serena cried out breaking from the kiss. Sonic snapped out of his trance, looked down and saw Serena flushing and in an exhausted state as she panted. Seeing her light blue skin flushing of hers. He then got a nose bleed and got off her. "I'm sorry, Serena", he said feeling virtually ashamed. Serena giggled a little, "It's okay Sonic. I checked with Tails earlier on and he said you have a week not including today to get better so we have enough time to be together". Sonic let out a slight groan. Not that he was worried about being with Serena but worried if he was going to survive either Serena's hyper behavior or these feelings he had for her. What if he even losses control entirely? He groaned again and slammed his face into the pillow. "Is he ok?", Serena asked in her thoughts.


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