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ahha right so Anime Boston. It was a while ago! But I have a couple pics of me and my buddies :D

I went as Cheerzaku for Friday and Saturday while :iconda-rk: and :iconvenntus: were in their Castlevania costumes

Look at the awesome dude I ran into! (hint: it's :iconpotterpuppetpal:!)

I also got to try out Dance Central :)

And met up with :iconmidsummerkiss:

It was a blast, definitely still my favorite con thanks in no small part to the wonderful people who I see there :heart:

Next up might be NYAF/NYCC, I haven't bought tickets yet but I hope I'll be able to go :)
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I will be going to Anime Boston 2011! I'm not signed up for any of the cosplay contests (although I did apply for the dating game again :P ) as I'm not sewing any new costumes this year. I'll have Cheerzaku with me, and perhaps Knives Chau, and one new one - Paprika! It's a simple, no-sew costume but one dear to my heart as it's one of my favorite movies :)

Let me know if you'll be going, and if you see me at the con do say hi :D
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I'm cleaning off my bookshelf and have some sets of manga available if anyone's interested. Some volumes have a little shelf wear but all are in good condition.

Les Bijoux, 5 volumes - $25
Tarot Cafe, 7 volumes - $30
Hana-Kimi, 23 volumes - $120 (or best offer)

All of these are full sets, all in original format (Les Bijoux and Tarot Cafe were originally Korean so the L->R format is NOT flipped). Shipping will be about $5-10 in the US if I can send it by media mail, I can only take paypal. Leave a comment or send me a message if you're interested :D
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Because I haven't learned my lesson about cons in the middle of term yet...

NEW YORK ANIME FEST! October 8th - 10th. I'll be there all weekend with :iconda-rk:, :iconvenntus:, :iconmidsummerkiss: and :iconminakichan:!!

I'm probably bringing Cheerzaku and Knives Chau since there is no way I have time to make a new costume!. Maybe we'll get some good photos out of the con though :D

Let me know if you're going, and if you see me at the con say hi!

AHAHAH LESSONS ARE LEARNED THE HARD WAY. I didn't get enough school work done to take the weekend off so I have to miss NYAF. **sniffle** I don't mind missing the con but I miss you guys! TT^TT
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Back from DragonCon!

As per usual, I utterly fail at taking pictures at all, and the ones I do have look terrible because hotel lighting is crap. (I take them for me, more as souvenirs and reminders of good times than quality cosplay photographs so I am not disappointed, but I do not think they are worth of the costumes I was photographing)

Actually I might post a couple Doctor Who ones later because they came out ok and the costumes were particularly good.

ANYWAY. Con Report. This is going to be long and boring and pictureless and no one will want to read it, but I'll do it anyway.

This con was VERY DIFFERENT from all the anime cons I've been to. Location (hotel complex instead of large convention center), demographic (much more SF/fantasy/gaming geek than anime), age (much older than anime cons!), not a costume con (very few costumes of very high quality instead of ~everyone cosplaying in some form or another), actually famous guests, and sooo many panels.

Went to one of the costuming panels that Yaya Han was on, this one about the process of taking a costume from the concept to the creation.
Also went to the Dr. Horrible / Buffy sing-a-longs, which was sooo fun :D

Went to another costuming panel with Yaya, this one on running a costume business. The panel was very interesting and informative, even if I will almost certainly never go in that direction.
Comic Artist Alley...Thing. There were Real Comic Artists there! Including David Mack, the creator of Kabuki. He was super super nice, signed the poster I bought, and gave me the first issue of the Alchemy :D

MERLIN PANEL. The panel itself was only so-so but more importantly we met up with more Merlin fangirls there and went out and squeed together. SUPER SUPER FUN.

ROBOT BATTLES. My aforementioned friend builds (among other cool things) battle bots. The match we watched was the 1lb and 3lb weight class. His 3lb bot literally chewed up the competition. Plastic was flying everywhere! It was very exciting to watch :D
I had to leave to catch my plane home but stopped for a quick trip to the dealers room which bagged me some Dr. Who merch, a disappearing TARDIS mug and some Dr. Who comics

All in all a very good weekend!
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Dragon*Con! I'll be there Friday, Saturday, and maaaybe Sunday morning. Anyone else going?

I have grand plans to do another cosplay just for Dragon*Con. If I can pull this off it'll be my 10th cosplay! Quite the milestone for me :)
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ETA: no one seemed to care about a 25k kiriban but if you screencap 25k or close and want me to mail you something I totally will, just send me a note :D

obviously I fail I writing con reports but to be honest, nothing amazingly interesting happened anyway. I met some cool people, :iconeinnar: saved me from hotel drama, and Yuko (from Johnny Wander) recognized my Knives Chau which totally made my day.

I will just leave you with a picture of my FAVORITE COSPLAYS EVER

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I'll have a few pictures from CTcon in a day or two (sadly I got knocked out of the death match in the first round so no good pictures from there ;^; but I have a couple of other cosplayers and an adorable Gokudera figure I got).

In the meantime, I've been slacking off on commenting on the deviations piling up in my inbox, so I'm declaring inbox bankruptcy, i.e. deleting all of them and starting afresh. Hopefully then I can keep up as more come in >_<

If anyone's wondering what I've been up to instead of keeping up with dA, BLAME MERLIN. I am head over heels for this show and drowning in fandom at the moment. I think season 1 is still up on Hulu, you should all check it out.
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I just got word that I officially have a spot in the Death Match brackets at ConnectiCon, this time as Hikaru! It will be Saturday afternoon in Main Events. If you're going to the con, watch the match and cheer for your favorite contestant! If it's anything like last year it should be tons of fun :D

I'll probably be wearing Knives Chau on Friday. Anyone else thinking of doing Scott Pilgrim? IT WOULD BE EPIC!


In less totally awesome news, the cosplay I'm working on (code name: Lancelot) was almost done until I realized I'd royally screwed up in a few crucial spots, so I basically have to start over. It was intended to be a short, fun costume so I'm more bummed about having to take more time on it than I should be :  In any case, I probably won't have a new costume in time for CTcon as I'll be spending this weekend repairing Hikaru.

If I finish Lancelot in a timely manner I might start on a second summer cosplay (currently code named Percival) for Dragon Con. We'll see how enthusiastic I feel about this in July.

Finally, I'm retiring Princess Tutu. I still love the costume but it needs a new bodice, and sadly that's just not high on my priority list right now. Maybe someday!
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I have summer con plans after all!

Connecticon, July 9-11th!

I've app'd for the Death Match again, and should hear back in a couple weeks, so keep an eye out for that.


Dragon*Con! September 3-6!

It's my first non-anime con and omg it's huge. Dragon*Con kind of scares me actually.

If you're going to either con let me know, I love con buddies!
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hi DeviantArt

It is summer now! I'm not actually planning on going to many (if any) summer cons at the moment. Connecticon is likely, if only because I would really like to enter the Death Match again in some capacity.

Suddenly 25,000 pageviews is on the horizon. I haven't done kiribans in ages, not since back when I cared about pageviews because I wasn't really getting any (funny how that works). But 25k is a big number with more zeros than I'm used to.

I don't really know what cosplayers do for kiribans (I think the answer is: usually nothing) but I have some Stuff which people Not Me might, possibly, be interested in enough to accept it if it's free. I have:

-An extra copy of DOGS volume 0
-An extra copy of the first volume of CLAMP no Kiseki (cover damage, no figures)
-Some 90's era Harry Potter doujinshi belonging to an alum that was found in the attic of my school residence.

So I was thinking maybe if someone screencaps 25k pageviews (or close to it) I will mail them one of these things as a dubious sort of prize?

Or maybe you have better ideas!

or maybe I shouldn't do kiribans, I have no idea 8D;
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because I just can't help commenting on feature memes!
But I am cheating this time and just featuring who I commented on instead of opening it up to more features.



KHR: Arcobaleno by thefantasticfoo Pchat: Poupeeeee by thefantasticfoo Oekaki Dump 3 by thefantasticfoo (esp. the upper left corner and the middle of the bottom row)


also new deviant art layout, wut? I'm giving it a few days before I decide if I like it or not.
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I mostly just want to bump the huge AB journal off the page :9

The future continues to be full of promise. I just got some wigs for my next two cosplays, which is always exciting. If I had extra money I would buy wigs all the time, just because they're so fun.

I'll be doing a quick little shoot with da-rk towards the end of May. It should be fun and hopefully no one will kick us out of our location :3

After that I'll probably be pretty quiet on devArt for a while. I don't have any summer cons planned yet, I might take the summer off entirely. I'll be working on a few costumes but I don't know when they'll be hopefully early summer, the other two are each a little complicated for their own reasons and probably won't be photoshoot-ready for a while.

Also over the summer, I'm going to try to do a Princess Tutu's Tutu Tutorial. I had a really hard time finding instructions online for a real ballet-style tutu and both resources I found seem to have disappeared. I've never done a tutorial like this before though so I'm not sure when it will be done >_>

and to finish off with some blatant advertising, my friend :iconmidsummerkiss: just joined deviantArt. She's a great cosplayer and super adorable, go visit her page if you haven't already :3
I already said how awesome it was but a quick recap of what actually happened...which wasn't much more than my shout out from last time but lets do this properly (and quickly). Sadly aren't many pictures, I forgot my camera on Friday and only took one or two the rest of the con :

I was there with the ever awesome :iconda-rk: and :iconvenntus:, who were going as FFXII summonses. They were SO AWESOME seriously they looked epic.
This is how epic they looked
The Horrow Show Continues by venntus
They light up and make sounds and everything. I was amazed *0*
I spent Friday morning making frantic trips to get the bottom half of Wizard's gloves and Tutu's tights which I'd forgotten to pack. Then I had a few hours to find Dark and Ven and :iconmidsummerkiss: who had all made it to the con proper already.

Hi there by midsummerkiss
This is midsummerkiss :D she's so adorable

We wandered towards panels and ran into :iconmarkiemark425: and :icontheycallmecait:.

They leveled up with Zelda for AB :D
While they waited for panels I went back to the hotel room to sort out my Masquerade tech and then met :icongrasping-at-pearls: and a Jennifer for Princess Tutu photos :3

I...I don't remember what happened after that. Food, maybe? and then a late night putting some last minute glue-gunned touches on the Angels. It's hazy.

Saturday I met OZ bright and early to get us ready for judging. All was going well and we were very nearly on time when disaster struck in the form of a totally broken zipper on Hikaru's leotard. We spent 15 minutes trying to zip it before we gave up and ran through the halls to our judging in disarray. Fortunately da-rk and venntus were there to save the day and I was sewn into my costume. A good solution but had the unfortunate side effect that I couldn't take the leotard off. To prevent this causing undue discomfort I didn't eat or drink all day, so my energy levels were a little low on stage. I wish that hadn't happened but I'm even more grateful that I could perform at all so THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU Dark and Ven for literally running back and forth to help me out :iconiloveyouplz:
We didn't do too much on Saturday...wandered around...fought ninjas...

Wizard vs. Dr. McNinja

Found no-face

saw :iconcrimsonnataku: at the Masquerade

Oh right, and we performed in the Masquerade :3 It was definitely an amazing experience and I'm very very glad I did it. I really want to do it again (but probably not next year, more on that later). Some people mentioned they wanted video so here's a link....

YouTube! courtesy of ACP
I'm kind of really nervous about posting it, I hope you like it >_<
We won a judges award :D yay! We got a trophy filled with pokemon xD;

Sunday we relaxed. We watched cosplay chess and I spent too much money in the dealer's room and generally enjoyed myself. I wound up with 8 volumes of manga, 8 new blind boxes (including these adorable emoticon-people phone charms), a Hetalia figure (of France), a TYL!Mukuro figure, and an squishy plush tofu :heart:
I also ran into some of the Reborn! cosplayers I met last year...

:iconhatos: and G-Archery! I kind of want G-Archery

:iconthefantasticfoo: as Honey SOCUTE and :iconmigiude: as Kyoya (the one towards the middle) SO DASHING
I realize they aren't in Reborn! at the moment but I will forever think of them as Reborn! cosplayers because that's how I met them.

and this.

Mukuro approves! I do too

so that was Anime Boston :)

Then next weekend I spent a day at MoCCA mostly just so I could meet :iconhamletmachine:. She was SUPER NICE and signed all sorts of things for me. I was a little flustered when I met here so I hope she didn't get a very weird impression >/////< Ryan North, of Dinosaur Comics fame, was also there. When I asked him to sign something for me he gave me this post-it:

T-Rex says I'm cool! And T-Rex is pretty cool, so he should know what he's talking about. It's the most awesome post-it note I have ever owned and I am trying find someplace suitable to post it for posterity.

There were also a lot of comic books. Many of which could be purchased for small amounts of money. I spent all of my cash there. Every last bill. I was a little ashamed when I'd realized I'd done that and not even noticed. I need to never go near that many comics with cash in my pocket ever again because I have a problem.

My inability to restrain myself aside, it was lots of fun and I'm so glad I went.

The Future, as we all know, is pretty awesome.
I am intending that my cosplays also be awesome.

I realized after Anime Boston that ALL of my costumes have been finished in a rush on a deadline which always led to me cutting corners (like hemming). Then I'm not satisfied with the costume and wind up fixing it later. With the exception of Princess Tutu, I have never finished a costume before I leave for a convention and not the day of.
And Princess Tutu needs a new bodice anyway, just because I didn't know what I was doing when I made that one.

This makes me sad!
I know I can do better, and I want to do better. So I have three costumes that I'm going to get started on this summer. All of them are ones I really want to do for various reasons, and none of them have deadlines. I'm going to take all the time I need to be really happy with them.
The first one is SUPER SECRET.
The second one is not actually a secret but I'm hoping all of you have forgotten it was on my list so I'm pretending it's a secret.

The third one is HEINE RAMMSTEINER from DOGS and it is the least secret thing ever.
In fact if you know someone who you think would make a good Bishop (or Mihai, or Frühling, or Einstürzen...) this will hopefully be turning into that big awesome DOGS group I've been wanting for so long.

I'm not really starting on these for real until the summer but I've already started making fabric decisions and...diagrams of the seams on Heine's pants. All that research that goes into a good costume :3

Relatedly, I probably won't be doing anything that involves committing to a new costume for AB'11. In some ways it was a mistake to try this year - I'm still behind on a few things that I pushed aside in order to finish Hikaru and Wizard. Most of me wants to do it again but the rational me is saying I'll be just as busy next year, if not more so, and I should learn my lesson. So nothing big for next year, I'll save it all for 2012 :D

omg this journal is long. I'm sorry.
I can't believe it's over! It felt like the longest weekend ever.
this won't be very coherent...but it wasn't a very coherent con xD;; I didn't get much sleep because I was staying up late every night working on Hikaru and Wizard :P

Before anything else I need to say thank you to my sister. I called her Thursday afternoon, out of the blue, totally panicking, and she came over and sat with me for 7 hours helping me finish my Angelic Layer cosplays.
Also to OZ, my Wizard. This was his first ever cosplay! I roped him in from wushu club for the skit and he really came through.
Finally, my roommates have been so patient with me. I took over all our floor space with boxes of materials and stayed up sewing at all hours.
Thank you >w<

Overall the con was amazing! I want to post all about it but I just remembered I can post pictures now, so I'm going to wait until I have more time to do a better con report :)

For now I'll just say that the Masquerade was one of the best I've ever seen. It really raised the bar for Anime Boston! I know giving everyone an award isn't the point of a contest but there were so many good skits that I really thought deserved some recognition. I really wish I could at least hand out "wow you were so amazing" honorary mentions.

Everyone I knew or met backstage was wonderful, including the MC. :iconda-rk: :iconvenntus: :iconcrimsonnataku: :icontheycallmecait: and :iconmarkiemark425: were all there. I also met :iconlindzar: :iconmakoto-sama: and :iconsakuuuuuuu: (as well as more amazing people who I forgot to get contact info from!)
Outside the Masquerade I ran into :iconmidsummerkiss:, :iconeigwayne: :iconthefantasticfoo: :iconhatos: :iconmigiude: :icongrasping-at-pearls: Renee, Kashi, and more

:iconminakichan: and :iconanarahk: were both at Artists Alley. I actually never saw :iconminakichan: since she was at a panel when I went but I bought a sketch of a totally BAMF Naoto (from DOGS B&C) from :iconanarahk:

At some point I'll be posting pictures.

It was fun guys! Lets do it again next year xD
definitely the best x3

a bit of cheer for what's looking like an all nighter finishing these costumes -_- remind me to never do this again.
Only a few days left until Anime Boston!! I'm super excited, but nervous too because I still have a few important things left on these costumes o_o

I got a lot of work done last week while I was on break! I wish I'd updated with more in-progress pictures but I forgot to bring my camera =_=

I just have a picture of the table I was working at:

So far my costume lineup is Princess Tutu on Friday, with a photoshoot/Princess Tutu meetup Friday evening
Angelic Layer on Saturday with our Masquerade entry
and maybe Knives Chau on Sunday :D

hopefully I'll have lots of super awesome pictures after the convention!

(speaking of Knives Chau, the teaser trailer for the Scott Pilgrim movie is out and it looks REALLY AWESOME)
most xposted from LJ

this journal should be titled
"what I've been doing lately that's not stressing out about school or cosplay" but it's too long for devArt :

I can't believe it's March. It's practically mid-March. I've been feeling a little stressed out lately as I realize how much I need to get done in the next few weeks. The weather, however, has been beautiful! We finally get a little bit of Spring :) I even biked, just like T-Rex thought I would:
(it was posted on Dinosaur Comics yesterday)

I recently went to a Muse concert. It was my first big arena concert! Super fun and super loud XD

Playing "Feeling Good". Matt (on the left) has this amazing piano which has lights on the lid that light up when you play corresponding keys.

lasers! They used smoke machines to get a lot of particulates in the air for the lights.

The bass was amazing. I could feel the bass drum in my gut like you do at firework displays, and every time the bass guitar hit a particularly low note my whole skeleton would vibrate.

the end :)
I did one of these pretty recently but Green-Makakas was doing one so I hopped back on the bandwagon, plus this time I have a subscription and I can put thumbnails in instead of links! :D

from :icongreen-makakas:

>>> Be one of the first 18 people commenting on this journal entry, and I will add you to the Featured List!

>>> For each of the 18 first people answering this journal I will put his/her avatar and the three deviations I like most from his/her gallery on the list.

>>> If you answer, you'll have to do the same in your journal, putting me on the first place, completing the list with 17 other people. The idea of this is not to get a free feature, it is to spread art around for everyone.

(I don't care if you pass the meme on, do whatever you want :P )

1. :icongreen-makakas:
Code Geass: Lucid Dreams by Green-Makakas Code Geass: Sisters by Green-Makakas Code Geass: THANK YOU GUYS by Green-Makakas
It's so hard to pick favs from this gallery xD;; I tried to pick a couple I haven't fav'd already

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I finally started!  
My wig should be here soon. In the meantime I've started making a paper pattern for her headset. I'm unsure, at this point, that sintra will do everything I want it to do (all the curvy bits) but I know I'll want the structural integrity on those ear pieces so I'll fight it into submission somehow >w<


(in the meantime, Cyfliq still has a great range of contact lenses for sale here: if you're looking for tinted or costume lenses! )