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understanding thought (philosophy)
recorded for the ages (literature)
codified and compressed into dense symbols (mathematics)
for the purpose of understanding reality (science)
to then control it (engineering)
for our desires and passions (art)
But to what end? (philosophy)
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A Heart's Machinations by SerenadeOmega A Heart's Machinations :iconserenadeomega:SerenadeOmega 2 8
Comatose Dreamer
Lies in the bed,
Lost in the dream,
Effervescent scene of paradise unfolds.
The swaths of the cloth drawn close around,
Wrapping the form of the dreamer aloft.
Careless and free, lifted to skies
of airy peace devoid of fear.
Reaching for sun, but when found
it reveals the darkness here.
Coiled around sleeping child
shadows nuzzle frozen form
willingly assumed to surmount
trials blooming out of war.
Lands are ravaged, people restless,
each one longs for greener fields,
where all are free and freedom rings
from the bells of long gone years.
In the minds of nappers napping
walls are torn and freedom rings,
from the mountains people shouting
titillations, merry things.
Each one's laughter never ceasing
no one pray to beck and call,
not one left to hear the tolling
of the final curtain call.
Merry men around the maypole
dancing with their feet alight,
their ears all but numbed by music,
eyes are blinded by the blight
in which dreamers dream and dream
of medicines which make amends
lift them
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Desktop as of 4.23.10 by SerenadeOmega Desktop as of 4.23.10 :iconserenadeomega:SerenadeOmega 0 0
To love does not mean to be blind
to love is to broaden horizons, never narrow them
For it is love that furthers knowledge and understanding,
growth and fellowship,
peace and compassion,
with a lack of love blinding
just as badly as a misunderstanding of love,
for a love which blinds is not love.
Only infatuation.
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No Exit by SerenadeOmega No Exit :iconserenadeomega:SerenadeOmega 1 1
I remember...
I remember when everything seemed easier than now,
So long ago at it feels like but a wisp of memory.
Recalling times in my childhood years, tossed about inside,
Tumbling like leaves in the wind, strewn about within
Crevices of myself, containing fragments of who I was,
Minute keys to the future of who I would become.
Looking back to the first friends I had, no secrets to keep,
Never looking back, wondering if there was something more.
Reflecting on days long gone, before problems like
Fears, concerns, worries about what others see in me,
Placed alongside what they seen in the world itself,
Predating all these aspects of my life as it is today.
Still, the years have changed me for the better, molding me,
Forming me into a more responsible and courteous person,
More than the selfish brat I was, seeing only me
Thought all situations, longing only to have the spotlight
Shine on me forever, not caring what happened to others
and holding dreams that would only better myself.
I recall how pe
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Cool Bedding
Laying in bed staring up at the ceiling,
Staring at the dots above like drifting clouds,
Cool air circulating around me:
Calm, cool darkness permeates the air.
Birds drifting across the sky,
an endless wave of wings a-flutter,
streaking across a mass of clouds,
suspended like marshmallows
floating in a sea of hot chocolate.
Blue stolid planes of shifting silence
moving across the celestial sphere.
Closing in around my head,
forms of suffocating fear.
Crushing... heavy... cold.
Head resting on a pillow of stone.
Arms folded across my chest.
All is still -
lost within the dark night.
:iconserenadeomega:SerenadeOmega 1 2
Desktop as of Dec. 17, '08 by SerenadeOmega Desktop as of Dec. 17, '08 :iconserenadeomega:SerenadeOmega 0 7
Heaven's Handlense
A ray of light falls from the window
perched above, within the wall,
glass shut tight to bar the shadows,
drapes drawn in to bar the cold.
Intensified by the lofty lens,
the pungent stream cuts through to earth,
where lie those who dwell in darkness,
knowing not of wisdom's worth.
Pierce the eyes of drifting wanderers,
shifting through the mire of men,
lifting them from muck to substance,
blinding them to earth's entrapments,
shattered past now burns away,
melted down and cast anew,
giving life from death's decay.
Insulated from life's quarrels
many now would call him mad,
rebuilding life now brick by brick,
nothing left of what he had.
Turned away from hollow treasures
facing now the hallowed light,
eyes averted from the shadows
fights against them with all might.
:iconserenadeomega:SerenadeOmega 1 10
100 Themes: Love - 'Icarus'
Tower stands resolute, above all the gloom,
within I am standing, glaring down on the world.
Reaching for me, your words full of strength,
giving me wings and lifting me up
and higher still, as your hand draws me into the sun,
like winding threads of fate,
spun in your tapestry, our song, my endless journey.
The flames of the sun spinning around me,
warming me down through the bones, to the soul.
Each step draws further into the fire
threads to be singed as textile unfolds.
Licking across the tattered cloak,
wildfire yearning the tattered cloak,
wildfire yearning for constant fuel,
moves to the flesh and engulfs therein.
Charred black form of smoke and ash.
Wings clipped mid-flight.
Plunge into the icy depths.
:iconserenadeomega:SerenadeOmega 0 3
Desktop as of 9-1-2008 by SerenadeOmega Desktop as of 9-1-2008 :iconserenadeomega:SerenadeOmega 1 3 Gothic Moderna by SerenadeOmega Gothic Moderna :iconserenadeomega:SerenadeOmega 0 0 Stealth Fighter by SerenadeOmega Stealth Fighter :iconserenadeomega:SerenadeOmega 0 0
100 Themes: Intro
Pouring myself out onto the page,
words forming as the rain forms pud-
                                                     dles on the
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Red Ribbon by SerenadeOmega Red Ribbon :iconserenadeomega:SerenadeOmega 1 8

Random Favourites

Just Like Air
Her lips press against mine so softly… just like air.  
This kiss is indescribable.  
Words and the English language itself seem to undermine it.
When her lips graze mine, the brick wall that I have built crumbles completely and these tidal waves of emotions come pouring out uncontrollably.
I begin to cry.  
I open my eyes slightly to see that the same tears filled with the same meaning cascading gracefully down her face.
I kiss her more and more and more.  
My hand caresses her cheek, entangling my fingers in her hair as I pull her in, closer to me.  
There is a thick fog of passion all around us.
I can not see, only her eyes – the windows of her soul.  
When we part, we stare into each other’s gaze, reading each other’s emotions, reading everything hidden between the lines.  
Everything is open to the elements surrounding us...  
I climb on top of her and kiss her so deeply.
The tears
:iconyuniku:Yuniku 25 22
Bare Feet
The Sun was shining in a cloudless blue sky with a breeze so light,
Ocean was her horizon, in which
The sun’s golden rays unfolded billions of dazzling diamonds
It was a hot summer day, but her lemon iced tea poured in a tall glass with three drowning ice cubes is what kept her cool
Along with those delicate kisses the ocean blew on her exposed skin
So refreshingly inviting
So she stood, lifting her body from her white painted wooden chair
Carefully stepping along the three descending stairs from her porch
Leaving behind her sky blue coated house with wooden shutters surrounding her open windows which caught the gentle wind
The drapes swirled back and forth full of life
Bare foot, she gracefully walked toward the beautiful blue before her
Feeling the soft sand underneath her soles
Her toes digging in the warm beige sediments
She was tall
Five feet and eight inches of pure unforgettable rare beauty
Her gorgeous naked body adorned with a long sapphire colored dress down to her ankle
:iconyuniku:Yuniku 18 39
It was all kind of blurry back then
We were young, it was summer
And the sunflowers were out
Standing tall and beautiful, against the setting sun
We used to play games, skip along in the field
Where the sun never set, gold shone in the night.
I remember when we sat and relaxed
Hand in hand, friends forever
The sunflowers had been looking poorly
Still proud and bright, but slightly slouched where they stood
I looked at you, how your face shone in the yellow
Beautiful and clever, the brightest star that ever shone.
I remember when you said that they were fine, those flowers
And that if they died,  then so would you
We laughed then, ignorant of the possibility
Nothing would ever happen like that
Not to us.
I remember walking alone one night, just thinking
In the bare dead grass under the pale moonlight
I just sat, holding your hand in my head
And I cried.
The flowers, they drooped
Your hand went limp
How could we have known?
Now here in the grass
I sit on my own
No more sunflowe
:iconbeckieflitz:Beckieflitz 2 9
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The Mind's Garden :iconchesterocampo:chesterocampo 7,312 337
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"I answer, because I live among men and not among angels."
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Might as well put this up here, because I said I'd post more game-design stuff, and then didn't D:

Minor comparisons to Final Fantasy X's Sphere Grid, but I haven't played FFX and don't find that "skill tree" as easy to understand.

This is less of a "let me convince you to play this game" and more of a "let me explain the systems, so if you don't want to play, you can at least know why this is interesting."

I personally think the FF X Sphere Grid is way more convoluted than Path of Exile's system.

In PoE you have paths like...
  • dex +10 → dex +10 → dex +10 → 12% attack speed, dex +20

From what I can tell, FF X is more like...
  • +agi → +evasion → +atk → new skill: "slow"

Both progressions are related to the skill they culminate in, but FF X's are more tangentially related.  PoE has tangential elements to it's crazy skill graph as well, but they come in later.

Also, FFX uses a bunch of swirly-parts to mask how grindy it is.  Some of these paths are super long, but they don't look like they take up too many nodes because they're condensed into the swirls.  It also has a much of blank nodes, which sucks because that essentially means that you have to put multiple levels into the grid to receive a payoff.  In PoE you always get something for each point you invest.

PoE has a bunch of rings as well, but they show concentration in a specific ability, such as mastery of a certain weapon.  Each such circle is accompanied by an icon, like a bow for bow mastery, or a singular hand grasping the hilt of a weapon for "extra one-handed damage."  Thus, the graphical nature of "going around in a circle" mirrors the mechanical drilling-into-one-thing aspect of focusing on something.

Due to the structure of PoE's layout, you could easily create multiple resolutions of this graph.  This would eliminate noise and help players to understand the systems without getting overwhelmed.  Make a version where the less important nodes are concealed, showing a straight-line path to the target with a number on it indicating how many points must be invested.  Toggling between different graph resolutions would be a great use of interactivity to further understanding of a complex system.

(At least they have a search feature in their online skill graph.  Super helpful :D)

Remember that tangential relation I mentioned earlier? PoE showcases that not in the pathway towards a skill, but the way related skills are positioned.  FF X bases their arrangement of items on the Sphere Grid around certain characters, each with different archetypes.  The position of skills is more about each character's progression, than the progression of skill itself.  On the other hand, PoE uses a system of three stats, Strength, Intelligence, and Dexterity, and then builds classes to help guide the player through those stats.  Focusing on the systems diminishes the narrative aspect, but allows passive skills to be placed in accordance with their functionality: The more brutal weapons (two-handed sword, club, axe) skew towards the Strength sector; The more technical weapons (dagger, claw) are under the domain of Dexterity; Spells are pulled into the sphere of Intelligence.

This makes clear the weapons and abilities which span domains. The sword lies on the edge of Strength and Dexterity.  Dexterity grants it speed and accuracy, improved further when dual wielding.  Strength grants it damage and reliance, using dual-wielding to fend off blows.

FF X's Sphere Grid has some of this, of course.  But their focus on narrative and the desire to make the progression appear mystical sacrifice clarity of the systems involved.

The major flaw in Path of Exile's elegant display of a rather complex system is that they are forced to have weapon masteries placed multiple times around the graph.  If they were clustered in one place, it might have been fairly difficult for some classes to get to the weapon masteries they require.  These skills could simply be placed in the center of the graph, but this detracts the feeling of specialization achieved by distancing different weapon skills from each other along the perimeter.


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