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"The world is a book and those who do not travel read only a page."

St. Augustine of Hippo

The world offers so many breathtaking locations and places to see and not everyone is able to visit them in person. With this new feature series I invite you on a journey to discover and enjoy the beauty our planet offers. Let's travel the world!


Hawaii, United States of America, Pacific Ocean

For many of us Hawaii, the 50th state of the USA, is probably still the perfect image of paradise -  with white beaches, palms, flowers and lot of sun. Perhaps you think of the amazing waves which offer wonderful surfing and diving possibilities. Or would you rather visit untouched wilderness, a pulsating city, small villages, learn about the cultural background of the local people? All of this is possible on the eight islands of Hawaii.

Picture Perfect by aFeinPhoto-com
the Table by IsacGoulart
West Side Revived by AndrewShoemaker
Waimea Canyon Hawaii by Arthur-Ramsey
Kala-Lush by AndrewShoemaker Waimea Canyon by aFeinPhoto-com
Kalalau Solstice by aFeinPhoto-com
The Endless Journey by ChimpyJay All Hala's Eve by aFeinPhoto-com
The Cathedral Coast by AndrewShoemaker

Kauai in the northwest is the oldest island and offers harsh cliffs and rainforest whereas Hawaii Island in the southeast is the youngest and always growing island which consists of barren lava fields.

House of the Sun by AndrewShoemaker
Pathway to the Sun by naswanson Na Pali Sun Rays by narmansk8
Hawaiian Sunset - Maui by Bakisto
another night in hawaii by xthumbtakx Beach Park by reckinyards
Tranquility in Paradise by IsacGoulart Morning at Mama's by AndrewShoemaker
Classic Maui Sunset by Raymaker

Hawaii is 4000km away from the continent and even though it is part of the USA the archipelago offers its very own culture and way of living.

Waikiki View by AndrewShoemaker
Honolulu by alexettinger Waikiki Beach by ikeaka2002
Just Another Wave by manaphoto Infinity Wave by gokenji
Honolulu by Furiousxr
About 80000 million years old Hawaii consists of fifteen volcanoes, among them the Kilauea, one of the most active volcanoes of the world.

fine art lava flow 10 by extremeimageology
Molten Opalescence by JaclynTanemura
Lava flowing into the sea by doctor-a
When Magma Meets Ocean 2 by AquarianPhotography Black Beaches of Big Island by IgorLaptev
Morning at Big Island, Hawaii by IgorLaptev Black Sand Retreat by AndrewShoemaker


Feel free to share your own or favourite deviations from this location in the comments! I would be thrilled to see more of this beautiful place.

Do you know a wonderful place you would like to share with others? Or are you dreaming of visiting a certain place? Tell me in a comment and we mind encounter it in a next issue.

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Cool post, beautiful photos. Recently, too, was in Hawaii. This is just a great place to relax, enjoy the beautiful nature and of course take awesome photos. I met there with a famous photographer, more awesome photos