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I just thought about some things and after talking to my good friend :icondrakohn: I decided to revive my little oddball of a character named Drake. If anyone at all remembers the little fella then hooray for you but to those who dont here is his old image. [link]
Anyway now he has been remade into something newer. This is an older more advanced version of him but his oddball form still exists. To those who want to know and who read this Drake is a fox demon that carries features of a dog and a cat. He is flexible and will hiss and claw his 'retractable' claws when upset and will purr when happy but he will also bark and bite those he does not like. He now wears a choker, a studded collar and spirit beads. His newest change is his legs and his tail which has become to look like a husky/spitz/pomeranean tail. Anyway this is my current desktop.

PS. If you read all of this please when commenting add WTF somewhere in there so that I know who reads my descriptions and who does not. Please and thank you.
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Erm, WTF? :D

I usually read your descriptions. :aww: