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MLP Rainbow Dash Gala cosplay

By Serebii42
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:D Awesome Rainbow Dash cosplay!! 
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where did you get the wig?
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Cool I wanna make the gala dress but id have to have sleeves on it sadly.and fabric is costly where I live
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Did you hand make this? Or did you buy this? (If bought can you link to seller?)
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I absolutely adore your Rainbow Dash cosplay <3 Do you mind if I ask where you got the wig? That is exactly the kind I've been looking for, but I got mine instead (which is really pretty, too, but the colors are...backwards...)
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where did you get the rainbow fabric?
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Where did you get the beautiful fabric? :3
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You are gorgeous., Not sure how much of a wine drinker RD is, but believe you, me.. if i ever see you at a con ill be sure to buy you a cider.. or a beer, pretty sure a beautiful pony/person like yourself can say yes to that.

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You look amazing!
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N'awww *-* your so adorabubbles x3
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That is an awesome cosplay
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Oh my gosh, your wig is gorgeous! And I'm so happy that I found this set; I had only seen one of your pictures, and loved it!

I was wondering though; what kind of material did you use for the skirt? I love the way it shines~ :heart:
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wow! epic RD gala cosplay. love the dress. you look amazing!
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Omg I luv the costume/dress! It looks amazing did u make your self??? And if you did can you give me a printing picture for it so I can make on my self??? There is one problem; the chest part is meant to be white but it doesn't matter because it still looks beautiful and graceful...
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Sorry, I did not quite understand what you want ^^"
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You know how you go buy like a baby outfit pack and it comes with the tracing paper with peices drawn on it, if you dont then like a print of the peice shapes if still dont understand then nvermind... :P why i ask this is because im going to make my own gala rainbowdash dress.
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I learned a little bit. This is not a print, it is a rainbow fabric :)
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