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smilodon fatalis y leo atrox

panthera leo atrox and smilodon fatalis
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You know, there was a study that actually revealed the color for the American Lion, perhaps remake it with those studies in mind?
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And what color is it?
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I heard about it from HondariNundu btw, and he said this "The color would've been deep reddish with the forearms being lighter than the rest of the body, and it apparently had some spots and also stripes on the legs"

the page i got it from-Return of Atrox
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Thanks. I found a prof link, but there is article in Spanish. :(
Hello! I'm keen to use your art for print please can you contact me. Just need some more information. Many Thanks, Jake
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You should compare entelidont (probably didn't spell that correctly :P) to its larger, more evolved version (forget the name. But I know they doubled in size when bear dogs crossed over from Asia.) 
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Fantastico trabajo , se ve tan real !!!
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Cool comparison.
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This image is used on Wikipedia, and I was wondering if you still had the original PSD so I could remove the bottom banner that's covering the feet? the image is pretty small on wiki so it makes it more difficult to see how the feet actually work from a quick glance, take a look for yourself:…
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Smilodon wouldnt have a chance
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Unless he was in a pride like modern day lions as some theories suddgest. 
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Who says the lion didn't work in prides?
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well, you say he doesn't have a chance. I think otherwise if he was in a pride.. :p
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Oh well then no because the American lion out ways simaldon by like 70 lbs. 
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are these mentioned shoulder heights meant to represent exceptional specimens or slightly above average?
It's about time someone one has the right size comparison, everyone tries to make the smilodon bigger than what they are.
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Muy buen trabajo!!! Vi tus obras en la National Geographic de este mes (la compre recientemente)Estan padrisimas!!!
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Just imagine if someone time traveled to the past, brought the largest female American lion on land to the present, and let the cat naturally mate with Hercules the liger. Then the offspring would be more agile, stronger, faster, and of course, nearly as large as Lolong the crocodile.
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That'd be cool. Except it may act completely different from typical predatory behaviour. Scientists have avedence that these prehistoric animals didn't really "think" but instead were driven out of pure instinct. 
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