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Resume Confidential_2008



It was honored as one of the top 45 Creative Resumes on the internet
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Even though the text is somewhat hard to read, you have marked off each of the sections so that they aren't competing with each other, so this is totally forgivable, you have earned the right. The colors and graphic are also earning you the right to be as creative as you want, to a point, they are working so well and are so stimulating.

The ONLY thing I question is the "your opinion" kind of overlay going on on the side. While compositionally I understand the need for something here to set off the name/address section on the right side, needs something on the lower left like this overlay, I think the overlay being text is distracting, and thus creates competition with some of your textual sections. The other textures, however, are completely fabulous. Love that brush section at the top (and some at the bottom too I believe).

Without that (but perhaps with something else to replace it, and I'm not good enough to tell you what, hee), and without the duplicate echo text on the "hoppipala", I would call this perfect, even if it is completely nontraditional, it fulfills all the requirements of being a resume that is interesting and informative, and legible. <img src="…" width="15" height="15" alt=":)" title=":) (Smile)"/>