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Twi'lek Smugglers

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This is the 2nd commission i did for :iconswartlover: characters based on Starwars The Old Republic. The characters are Vasma Hibliss (blue twi'lek) and Viula Makesa (red twi'lek)

i enjoyed doing this piece. i hope you like it.

here's the other commission i did for her.
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You chase, we shoot! 
I dont know why but i love Smugglers. Maybe it is because of there sense for Adventure and mostly fearlessness and i also think that they have great sense of Humor in most situations. And they are oportunistis.Love 
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Such good detail !
Burnzy05's avatar
This looks amazing, and loving the background. Looks like it takes place on Nar Shadaa.
Serathus's avatar
thanks! yes it's Nar Shadaa =)
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Another striking SW TOR work, it might not be for me but I am feeling spoiled :D

The high-speed chase is looking very nice and suitably dramatic.

I am not much a fan of Twi-leks but they looks these two look like quite interesting characters :)
I really like their clothing (Viula's especially) and their headdresses (Vasma's especially).

The thing I love most about the picture is probably the laser beam, you did a wonderful job with that one, looks terrific :)
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thanks my friend! glad you like this piece aswell =)
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great work! the lue twi'lek looks like the one on esseles
Serathus's avatar
thanks! glad you like it =)
VaryagOfMiklagaard's avatar
Ohhh Myyy~
Very nicely done!
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thanks my friend! glad you like it =)
HiddenPalm's avatar
I hope we can do this one day in SWTOR, when they give us flight and finally put our companions on the empty seat of the taxi, allowing for our companion to shoot a nearby taxi. Great art by the way!
Serathus's avatar
i agree! thanks a lot =)
Uziel-De-Winther's avatar
looks good :) but i have always liked starwars :)
Serathus's avatar
thanks my friend! glad to know that =)
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