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Patient Zero (Biosyndrome)

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Patient Zero is a Mutated Zombie. One of the characters i did for the tabletop game BioSyndrome
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good man its nice work
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Creepy, but amazing
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You're welcome!
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Give me a gatling gun with incendiary rounds.

Excellent work, I love the details and the infection.
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Thanks a lot! =)
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This guy needs to be put down by flamethrowers.
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i agree. just make sure you'll burn every single cells. I have a feeling it will regenerate and grow back.
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Use incendiary rounds, purge by flamethrowers and firebombs, and then incinerate the remains once more in a furnace turned up at full power.
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that's brutal. =)
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Couldn't agree more!
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Whoa. Nice work.
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*Takes out Machine Gun*
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Whoa, that's gnarly! This guy is great! =D
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thanks! glad you likr him. =)
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Ian Vaner: "Cousin Richard! You've gotten so tall since I last saw you!"

Jokes aside, I'm curious if my monster commission(s) provided any useful practice for this piece.
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lols! i think the're brothers from different mother. =D

Yah, somehow Ian Vaner helps me conceptualize this mutant zombie.
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Zombies bore me for the most part. But this... this is a thing of beauty. It has the same basic idea; a monster that still wears the face of the person it once was - but a great deal more disturbing to look at. Not something you could fight off with your hands alone. If anything, it looks like a completely independent organism that just happens to be wearing a corpse. Which really, is NEVER an unwelcome sight.
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