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Kalithrien 'The Wolfhound' Swiftriver

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A customized blood elf commission from World of Warcraft. read her biography on Argent Archives…
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nice one jeck... excelente!!
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Temporarily unavailable?? :[
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yup. i have to send new version of the BG coz i used some assets on my previous company and the're too sensitive. so yah i'll update it when i have free time.
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Wonderful work, truly excellent :love:

There are so many fantastic elements her.

I love the green colour scheme :D

The grass and the trees looks really good, there is something quite neat and harmonious about the way it flows together with the rest of the picture.

The foliage background with the sun just manages to shine through really have a particular charm to it, so to speak.

About Kalithrien herself I can only continue to awe at you skills, not only purely in the sense of technique but in managing to hit so close to that I really like, even when it is not mine :D

I really adore her outfit, there is something really graceful about the build of the armour and the design. I am more one for symmetrical designs of armours but I can see it works great here in this way as well :)

Her anatomy is splendidly rendered and her body build is very elegant and striking.

I also love the little sparkle of light where the light catches her sword :)
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thanks a lot my friend! yes, she really have awesome outfit. glad you like this piece =)
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this amazing work has been featured in my journal: [link]

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thanks a lot! i appreciate it =)
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love the hair and the armor, especially down by her feet :)
Serathus's avatar
thanks a lot! glad you like it =)
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Thanks for sharing this creation with-us!
Amazing job!
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no prob! it's my pleasure =)thanks!
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Awesome looking character! Love the pose and colours! :D
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thanks a lot! glad you like it =)
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You're welcome! Hard not to like such fine work!
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Very nice ! This blood elf look like a witcher with this scars and armor. I sorry if i offended you. :)
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thanks! no worries =)
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I love the drawing. I'm guessing Rogue. The only thing I don't like is the tatoos on her arm. :( I really dislike tatoos and especially on girls, so for me that ruins what would have been a perfect drawing.

Aside from that setback, I love the colours, details, pose and everything else. Very nicely done.
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thanks! glad you like it =) same here, i preferred girls without tattoos
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