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Cthulhu Project - The Dunwich Horror

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This is one of the artwork I made for Cthulhu Project for their trading card game. Based on H.P. Lovecraft's The Dunwich Horror. I hope you guys like it. Please don't forget to comment, fav and watch. =)

my other Cthulhu Project illustrations:
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love it! was never able to create a good mental image of the horror so i love seeing different interpretations

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"WILBUR! Where are you, I'm starving!"
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Love your artwork! I run a weekly YouTube Show "Danica Raven's BiteSize Horror" where the host reads short horror stories sent in by the audience and at the end of each episode we showcase Horror artwork. Would love to feature some of your artwork on the show (with credit and links to your websites ect). If you are interested drop me a message and you can check out our channel on youtube for context on what we do. Keep up the incredible work!!
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hi, I would love that. can you please put link of my instagram instead?… thanks!
Silver-Zephyr-Media's avatar
Thank you, will do!
It'll be in an episode coming out a few weeks from now but shall message you on here with a link when it's up. 
Thanks again and all the best
James Bailey
Director & Producer of Danica Raven's Bitesize Horror
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Great Dunwich Horror! Lovecraft would be proud of your work!
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I get a little scared.but very nice
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Ooh, I like the bloated feel of this one.
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You should do his brother :D
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maybe in the future
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I fuggin love it.
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glad you like it. Thanks!
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No problem do you got any R.E.Howard based art?
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It would be terrifying living within the Cthulhu Mythos. Walking around seeing Shoggoths and shit everywhere. Looking out your window to see Wilbur's brother walking around and stuff. Old Ones flying around, it'd be beautiful/awful.
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In the anti-NYC * "He", the sorcerer after showing the narrator views of NYC in the past, summons a vision of NYC in the far future, with all normal mankind EXTERMINATED and mythos monsters filling the red skies, with no normal buildings and with subhuman beast-men on balconies playing heathen instruments and howling animal chants.

Naturally the narrater screams out !

* Lovecraft was angry at NYC because a new suit, which he never got the chance to wear, was stolen from his rooms. He also wrote "The Horror at Red Hook" in his anger.
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I forgot to add that Wilbur himself had to use the magic powder to see his own brother flopping & lumbering about in that attic, to see how far along he was growing.
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You'd need the powder of Ibn Gnazi or whoever, and blow it at the unnameable monster, to see it. The TSR books state that while making the powder costs no sanity, making briefly visible someTHING by using it, might.
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