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Cthulhu Project - Great Race of Yith

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This is one of the artwork I made for Cthulhu Project for their trading card game. Based on H.P. Lovecraft's The Shadow Out of Time. I hope you guys like it. Please don't forget to comment, fav and watch. =)

my other Cthulhu Project illustrations:
Cthulhu Project  - Cthulhu Underwater by Serathus     Cthulhu Project - The Dunwich Horror by Serathus
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The Yithians are pretty much the only benevolent creatures in the Lovecraft creature mythos. They are archivists, seeking knowledge just for the sake of learning. They are my favorite Lovecraft creature and if I could choose to be any Lovecraft creature it would be a member of this race.
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No wonder Prof.Peaslee, once a victim of their mind-swapping future history research, woke up screaming after seeing his new form in a flashback dream. 
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I always liked these guys--like me, they were seekers of Knowledge!
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great to know. thanks
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Yes, BUT they knew their own future history, and were prepared against that day when they'd have to leap forward in time to new ,beetle bodies, and leave behind all their books (only minds could make the time-jump),computers,etc.

And I imagine not everybody was chosen to jump into the future. Schlubbs and the helpless bodies now inhabited by beetle minds (the Yith people can be classed as neutral. They don't care what lives they ruin in their mind-swapping et al) were left to the wrath of the Blind Ones .
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Not all species are altruistic...and when it comes down to survival, are we any better?
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I liked your Facebook. Great artwork.
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thanks a lot! =)
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Not exactly my style by impressive picture :)
Haven't seen anything from you in a while, nice to see you back :) 
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thanks Akernis! Yup, I haven't uploaded for quite sometime now. Too busy working. I will upload more this coming week.
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Glad to hear it :)
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lovely creepy thing
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I love the coloring, and the eyes look especially eerie as they stand out.
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