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Captain Black Hookbeard

Captain Black Hookbeard

is the legendary Pirate Captain in the world of Nu-Gaia. He is the greatest pirate in pirate faction.


please check out this awesome game that we made. it's about pirates, navy and organima. [link] it's still in beta version so please give us some feedback on what you think will help to improve the game. expect that i will post more artworks in the coming days for Men At Sea =D

Captain Black Hookbeard © by Men At Sea

here's the other characters in the game:

Lupus Ironluck

Serathus Heavensword

Scarr Skewerhand

Bad Scientist

Lucia Blackblood
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© 2011 - 2021 Serathus
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Heard he be in these parts. ! Kmow where he be ?
rockscorp's avatar
so the pirates are now commies?
LordoftheBling-XXL's avatar
this is dope man! u need to concentrate on the fabric folds more though
Kodomina's avatar
Awesome pose & muscle <33 How can u draw this muscle so well :la:
Great work !!
Serathus's avatar
thanks! im glad u like it =)
Kodomina's avatar
You're most welcome :iconnyuuplz: & It's my honor ^^~ Hope u can have enjoyable time with u friends & family this holiday :3
Serathus's avatar
thanks again! i wish the same for u =)
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That's a crazy weapon! :)
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Great piece of work!
Thanks for sharing...
Featured in Inspirations at
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thanks for the featured! =)
Carpetbagger-Captain's avatar
Ahoy! this work be nice! yarrr!!
Gusindor's avatar
Good archetypal "pirate," but also very original and creative. Oh, and awesome too. That hook-sword is epic. I notice it has a chain attached, can swing the sword out on the end of the chain?
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thanks a lot! yeah, he swing his hook with that chains attached. =)
WhiteRavenLord's avatar
Holy hell. Thats a big honking hook sword. O.o
WhiteRavenLord's avatar
If the sword wasnt epic enough, he has an awesome beard. And if anyone knows anything about beards, is that when they are that epic they must be respect or the gauntlet gets thrown down. XD
wikkhead's avatar
Nice one man! :D
Character's got a great consistent design and that hook shaped beard is just awesome! (lol at the little 'thingies' hanging from the beard)
Best of luck with the game. Keep up the great work! :D
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thanks a lot my friend! =) :thumbsup:
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